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Southern Inland Rugby 2019


Bob Loudon (25)
The suggested draw dates has 2 rounds before Easter but 5 general byes, the last between round 14 and the first week of finals.

Finals back to a top 4 played over 3 weeks.

Personally I think it is too many byes, the clubs have been asked to discuss with their committees and provide feedback.

paul bristow

Charlie Fox (21)
I can see a place for the 5 byes with the rep and medal presentation. What was the 6th bye actually for Bandar.


Desmond Connor (43)
Cool your jets folks, clubs are voting on the draw.

I think it's a good thing to see the zone putting these ideas out to the clubs and having them organised. Ideally, the 2020 draw should be getting worked on during the season, with a draft draw being forwarded to clubs in preparation for the next year before the season is over.


Desmond Connor (43)
Can someone with a 'Draft Draw" either put it on the Forum or tell us what dates the Byes are on in relation to the Rounds of the Competition. I imagine Easter will be a Bye and the June Long Weekend Saturday and the Saturday after that for the Brumbies Provincial match will also be 2 more byes
Maybe 4 Byes could pass the 'Pub Test' but 5 or 6 Byes will test the players committment and be a possible disaster for the Competition
If you aren't selected for Rep Rugby next season it looks as though you might have plenty of Free time up your sleeve - lets hope those players don't move on because there isn't enough regular games of Rugby for them !

From memory, the draft draw saw the comp kick off two weeks before Easter.

Byes - Easter Long Weekend, June Long Weekend, week after June Long Weekend, before Finals Series plus two others intermittently in there to line up with Junior Gala Days which is when the "City v Country" games are scheduled for.

14 rounds of footy through there
something like......

April 6th Round 1
April 13th Round 2
April 20th BYE - Easter
April 27th Round 3
May 4th Round 4
May 11th BYE - City v Country
May 18th Round 5
May 25th Round 6
June 1st Round 7 (FSC v Monaro)
June 8th BYE - June Long Weekend SIRU v FSC/Monaro
June 15th BYE - Brumbies P v NSWC
June 22nd Round 8
June 29th Round 9
Juny 6th Round 10
July 13th BYE - City v Country
July 20th Round 11
July 27th Round 12
August 3rd Round 13
August 10th Round 14
August 17th BYE - Bill Castle Medal/Alicia Quirk Medal Luncheon
August 24th Finals 1
August 31st Finals 2
September 7th GF


Ted Thorn (20)
Thank You 'yourmatesam'
I see 6 Byes listed on the Draft Draw
I'll presume then that the 2 City v Country matches will be played on a Sunday to accommodate the Juniors Round of matches at a particular venue
Why can't the players play on the Saturday and back up on the Sunday ? - the fair dinkum players that want to have a crack at Rep footy will back up
What would be a reason for a July 13 Bye for a City v Country match ?? - The Rep season is over and I'm sure most players will want to get more regular Rugby at that time of the Year and play Club Football - if the powers of be decide that it must be played well this match has to be a Sunday - no reason for a General Bye whatsoever
Have the Bill Castle Medal Presentations at a venue in the Town where the first Finals are played in Week 1 - you don't require a Bye for this Presentation Night that's for sure
Obviously a 3 Week Finals series has been proposed and that is fair enough with an 8 Team Competition - although the 5 Team Finals series did throw up some surprises in recent years
I will go on record as saying that Tumut would have made the Grand Final after their Elimination Final win against Albury this year - they lost to Leeton on the bell in the Minor Semi but if they had won that match I reckon they would have been too strong for Ag College at Tumut in the Preliminary Final -IMO
City came from 4th or 5th a few years ago and qualified for a Grand Final which they probably should have won against Waratahs - who were considered one of their best teams ever - although that line has been thrown out everytime Waratahs dominate a Competition
A top 5 provides more interest to the Clubs so I wouldn't dump it completely unless their was a majority of Clubs wanting change to a Top 4 - It also gives another Club a chance to host Finals Football - If its a Top 4 next year and Waratahs dominate again as expected we will see Finals played at Conolly in Weeks 1 & 3 if Waratahs win their Major Semi in Week 1
In Summary - Far too many Byes in the Draft Competition Draw and the Draw therefore needs adjusting
Any updates on Rep numbers at Training yesterday at Conolly.
Rep football is important for the Competition and the Players but 4 Byes for Rep Footy is probably stretching things a bit too far

65 nominations. Around 30 attendees yesterday with available and non available players.
Great result, heaps of support from the players.

paul bristow

Charlie Fox (21)
Firstly, Mauler do you honestly agree that we should have 6 byes in a 14 round competition? Secondly what could be the purpose of the July 13 bye? All this is happening because we we can’t attend the Country Championships because we are part of the Brumbies franchise isn’t it? You say people don’t suggest solutions. Here’s a suggestion. Get Super Rugby out of rugby in country NSW and let us all operate on an equal footing.


Ted Thorn (20)
6 byes 2 byes no byes not my decision mate. Let the clubs decide. If you’re so worried about it get on your local committee or nominate for the zone board and put your ideas forward


Ted Thorn (20)
I realise it’s not your decision mate. As usual you don’t answer anything.

I don’t really care as long as it’s been decided by a majority of the club committees. I care what these people think because they have the go forward to do something about what they believe and are more than words on a forum.

Just quietly, there is a big difference between not getting an answer and getting an answer you didn’t like.
Thanks for the feedback pal


Desmond Connor (43)
I reckon Whistle Happy is close to the Money with his Views on what appear to be unnecessary Byes during the season
All you do is wait for the Clubs to decide
I agree here Reasoning, let the clubs tell the Board what they want, it's their comp after all. I like that there is some positive chat around at this stage of the season, it's good to see.

Too much attention on Rep Footy for my liking - most of our players " End Up" playing lower Grades in Canberra after being promised a 1st Grade spot - they might start in 1st Grade but usually don't last long
If the Clubs place too much emphasis on Rep Rugby the local Comp will suffer
I'd rather see players make it on merit anyway, if they aren't up to scratch, they generally move on to other things anyway.

I'm happy to be proven wrong but I reckon the most successful player from Southern Inland was actually a player from Wagga City - Ben Miller, played for Wests in the early 2000's and won two Premierships ('02 & '05 possibly) with them from memory out of a total of 6 years playing 1st Grade for them.

That's pretty impressive in my view.

It's a pathway, not perfect but neither in Country Week either.

paul bristow

Charlie Fox (21)
Why is the issue about pathways such a big deal. If the selected rep team went to country week couldn’t the players just enjoy the competition. 99% of siru players just want to play weekly rugby. Who cares about being poached to Canberra rugby.


Desmond Connor (43)
Why is the issue about pathways such a big deal. If the selected rep team went to country week couldn’t the players just enjoy the competition. 99% of siru players just want to play weekly rugby. Who cares about being poached to Canberra rugby.

I don't see it as a major issue Paul, probably just a point for those that are capable and interested that there is a pathway available.

In terms of playing weekly rugby, if that focus remains on the local competition, great. If the focus is on having a run and a few froffies at Country Week, I don't see why the zone would/should be on that train?


Ted Thorn (20)
Can’t please you blokes.
Always hear reps not adequate. Something new in the pipeline and now it’s dont worry about rep, not important.
Don’t know why I’m surprised though...
“We want change, but not that change”

Who is rep footy for, the players who want to be part of it or old blokes throwing darts from the sidelines. Perhaps ask a few of the guys involved and see if they think Saturday was worth it prior to passing judgement. Right now you lot are sounding like Ian Chappell running out the “back in my days” storylines.

paul bristow

Charlie Fox (21)
Back in my day rep anything was for the best. Not for those who ‘want’ to be part of it. Trouble is our best aren’t interested in being part of it. They’d rather be home playing darts.


Ted Thorn (20)
Back in my day rep anything was for the best. Not for those who ‘want’ to be part of it. Trouble is our best aren’t interested in being part of it. They’d rather be home playing darts.

So more opportunities for more players is a bad thing?

Heard it all now

paul bristow

Charlie Fox (21)
OK Mauler lets just agree to disagree. I think the rep program is inadequate and you think it’s fine and headed in the right direction. Like you said I’m only throwing darts from the sidelines. It will be really interesting to see how the clubs vote.


Desmond Connor (43)
A rumour going around is that a few Clubs are now undecided about a Womens' 10-A Side Competition because of their numbers situation

Let's see what happens with the season proper, I imagine it's a similar scenario to Thirsty Third's in many regards.