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SRT-T R1: Crusaders v Brumbies

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
Agree TSR. Expectations on Tom Hooper should be realistic right now too, but he has shown a fair bit of controlled aggression in games I've seen him play.


Trevor Allan (34)
Lucky that was a held up maul to the Brumbies there. How does the touchie miss the knock on by the Crusaders winger? It was literally right. In. Front. Of. Him. FFS.

waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
Why the tap? they score off scrum or lineout ffs & it's damn near game over at HT. shit, even the three would've been a better option.

Edit: I can live with 19-7 at HT but as above 26-7 or even 22-7 is preferable.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Geez there been a bit to be improved in this game. Let's hope the packs sort out scrums, and both teams hold the ball so we don't get them so bloody often. Apart from a few bit's of solo acts this has been pretty even and not too flash.