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The best XV of players from any school



Not exactly from the last 30 years but there's plenty of talent there

Others have had a go at this before. Food for thought.
Pete King said:
Chatting with a few mates over the weekend about waverley's horror season and turned to talk of better times, this is a side of wav graduates. few omissions there dave brown.​
Maybe other cas schools can name heir sides?​
15 Ryan Cross​
14 Michael Cleary​
13 Morgan Turinui​
12 Luke Ricketson​
11 Tom English​
10 Cyril Towers​
9 Brad Burke​
8 Stephen Hoiles​
7 Jed Holloway​
6 Owen Finegan​
5 Troy Jaques​
4 Tim Kava​
3 Sam Talaki​
2 Adam Freier​
1 Steve Finnane​
Take the speculation about the best ever XV to the thread below.


Jono Lance, Luke Morohan, James Slipper and Rob Simmons.. all involved in last weeks France Test not only went to the same school but played 1st XV together in 2007


Bob McCowan (2)
good side but i'd replace Jed Holloway with a bloke Tim McGann the 1stxv #7 in 1998 & 1999, for whatever reason he didnt kick on after school but he was probably the best schoolboy player in the country in 1999 and one of the reasons the star studded 1999 Wavs 1stXV lost to Knox was the fact that McGann was injured


Bob McCowan (2)
NSW CAS 1ST XV - Current Super XV Contracted Players

1. Jono Owen (St Aloys)
2. Adam Freier (Waverley)
3. Ben Alexander (Knox)
4. Hugh Pyle (Barker)
5. ?
6. Nathan Charles (Knox) I know he's a hooker - but there's no one else!
7. Chris Alcock (Barker)
8. Stephen Hoiles (Waverley)
9. Patrick Phibbs (Waverley)
10. Cameron Shepperd (Barker)
11. Tom Kingston (St Aloys)
12. Tom Carter (Knox)
13. Ryan Cross (Waverley)
14. Lachlan Mitchell (Knox)
15. Pat McCabe (St Aloys)

Unlucky - Rory Sidey, unless of course, you rate him over Carter.

No stand out fly-halves, so Sheps makes a move from the back to no.10.

I had Nathan Charles at starting hooker, but moved him to the side of the scrum to fit in Adam Freier.

Nick Stirzaker @ half back (Knox) Phipps was a joker.


Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Ha ha! Joeys can take an enormous amount of pride from their contribution to the fabric of Australian rugby, starting with the first Wallaby captain. Moran distinguished himself in the fields of medicine, social leadership and military service, fields where rugby has excelled compared to other sporting codes; Moran was one of the very best.

Please put this thread over in the Schoolboys lot. And Moran at 6.
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Frank Row (1)
St Paul's Bald Hills (Brisbane)

8 - Troy Coker (Early/Mid 80's)
14 - Ben Tune (Early/Mid 90's)

Coach - Richard Graham (was a student teacher in mid 90's and then went off to Nudgee to teach)

Coker was in 87 & 91 RWC Squads for the Wallabies, Played in England for a while but dont think ever for Reds (could be wrong)

also, a bloke by the name of Jamie Washington went here but never made Wallabies or even reds but ended up playing for Japan somehow in the 90/00's

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Took a bit more research than I can usually be bothered with, but I've finally come up with an all-All Black Christchurch Boys High School XV from the 46 players available:

Ben Franks, James Burrows, Owen Franks, Brodie Retallick, Luke Romano, Adam Thomson, Matt Todd, Jack Finlay, "Curly" Page, Andrew Mehrtens, Tony Steel, Dan Carter, Anton Lienert-Brown, Darryl Gibson, Fergie McCormick

Only one cheat required (pretty sure Gibson played wing at some point) as I obviously couldn't leave Merhtens or Carter out but in my defence I did cut Aaron Mauger in doing so, and a few other quality players (& Richard Loe) besides:


May give Wellington College (only 33 candidates so could be tricky) a burl next.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
Nudgee College

3. Duncan Hall ('42) - Kangaroos (22 Caps), QLD Maroons (24 Caps), Rugby League team of Century

The Duncan Hall you have stated is Duncan Hall Senior, who did not go to Nudgee. Duncan Hall Jnr did go to Nudgee and played for UQ, Qld and Australia. I would rate him above Hugh Mac and definitely the #5.

Also Mark Loane would be far in advance of RB for #8.

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Finnane went to Vaucluse High and was in the first Schoolboys team. Peter "Charlie" Crittle was a PE teacher at the school at the time.

Finnane went to Waverley up until Year 10 (4th year in those days) then Vaucluse High Year 11 and 12.

Not in straight

Vay Wilson (31)
Help me please, can anyone put positions against the ones missing

Shore Schoolboys

Wally Barnier Shore School 1980 Prop
Hugh Brakell Shore School 1997 ?
Greg Burrow Shore School 1980 Prop/hooker
Jack Clancy Shore School 2013 5/8
Robert Clarke Shore School 1981
Michael Cripps Shore School 1979
David Dix Shore School 1985 Lock
Richard Dowsett Shore School 1983
James Freeman Shore School 1994
Peter Gilmore Shore School 2009
Michael Hawker Shore School 1977 5/8 Centre
Michael Hercus Shore School 1997 5/8
Charlie Horder Shore School 1969
Ian Humphris Shore School 1984
Gordon Irons Shore School 1979 Prop
Geoffrey LeMessurier Shore School 1973
Michael Mathers Shore School 1973 Lock
Jock Merriman Shore School 2011 half back 5/8
Angus Pulver Shore School 2012 half back
Luke Rixon Shore School 2016 wing/ fullback
Rory Suttor Shore School 2016 Lock
Dash Swift Shore School 1997
Phillip Waugh Shore School 1996 - 1997 6/7

Should also be able to list a team since Schoolboy era, as some CAS people are doing on this thread

Not in straight

Vay Wilson (31)

1 Al Baxter Wallaby #785 64 Caps 2003
2 Greg Burrow Touring Wallaby 0 Caps1986
3 Tony Miller Wallaby #393 41 caps 1952
4 Michael Mathers #613 2 Caps 1981
5 Garrick Fay #540 24 Caps 1971
6 David Codey #634 13 Caps 1983
7 Phil Waugh #766 77 caps 2003
8 Mac Hughes #398 14 caps 1953
9 Brian Cox #388 9 caps 1952
10 Neville Emery #350 10 Caps 1947 (Son Phillip would not be out of place either)
11 Owen Crossman #193 15 Caps 1923
12 Allister Murdoch #711 2 caps 1992
13 Michael Hawker #611 25 caps 1984
14 Dudley Suttor #129 3 caps 1913
15 Mike Hercus 48 Caps for US Eagles 2003 (No idea if he can play 15, but assume he would be ok)

Have dropped Jika from Thenextbigthing's team. He only had 6 caps for England. Clearly out capped by Mac Hughes and Jika was listed as a flanker not a NO 8.

Surfs Up

Bob McCowan (2)
Sydney High have 22 Wallabies, 2 tourists (Magro and Jones-Hughes) and 2 other test players (Jones-Hughes and Wing). The 5th highest of any school in Australia. Heavy on backs - reflecting the running game
1. No clue
2. Peter Johnston
3. Keith Gordon
4.Peter Crittle
5. no clue
6. Kieth Cross
7. John Thornett
8. Alan Skinner
9. Chris Whitaker/John Bosler
10. Mick Cremin
11. James Holbeck
12. John Brass
13. Phil Smith
14. Stan Wickham
15. Duncan McCrae
In reserve Magro, Stcherbina, Wing, Jones-Hughes,
Coach Bob Dwyer, Managed by Alan Gaffney
Ref Dick Byres