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The best XV of players from any school

Steve Jones

Stan Wickham (3)
My second attempt with these changes in mind.
1. Andrew Viliamu ('03)
2. James Charalambous ('05)
3. Fletcher Moore ('99)
4. Tom Hockings ('03)
5. Leon Leckner ('99)
6. Jake Schatz ('07)
7. David Pocock ('05)
8. Steve Sasa ('99)
9. Dom Fuller ('03) (Australia Schoolboys, Australian under 19s 2004,2005 and Australian under 21s 2005 and 06??, a few QLD caps aswell)
10. Quade Cooper ('05)
12. Matt Brandon ('03) Playmaker, not a winger!
13. Anton La Vin ('03)
14. Aiden Toua ('07)
15. Karmichael Hunt ('03) - Played Fullback all year in 2003, played 12 in 04

Scary Team!
KH was playing Broncos 1st grade in 2004

Steve Jones

Stan Wickham (3)
It's a tough one for ACT and I'm sure someone can improve it but I'll kick it off..

Current ACT XV:
. Guy Shepherdson (Canberra Grammar)
2. Saia Fainga'a (St Edmunds College)
3. Jack Kennedy (St Edmunds College)
4. Peter Kimlin (Canberra Grammar)
5. Henry Vanderglas (St Edmunds College)
6. Colby Fainga'a (St Edmunds College)
7. Julian Salvi (Marist College)
8. Jack Lam (St Edmunds College)

9. Matt Henjak (St Edmunds College)
10. Matt Giteau (St Edmunds College)
11. Tyrone Smith (St Edmunds College)
12. Robbie Coleman (St Edmunds College)
13. Anthony Fainga'a (St Edmunds College)
14. Lewis Holland - Aus Sevens (St Edmunds College)
15. Josh Dugan - NRL (Marist College)

Patchy, but not a disgraceful current side given Canberra's playing numbers.
Definitely would add Ricky Stuart to that side. He was a gun rugby player in Canberra schools rugby comp.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Definitely would add Ricky Stuart to that side. He was a gun rugby player in Canberra schools rugby comp.

There are a couple of other names I would have thought worthy..... Gregan and Larkham. Both went on and did a bit after their school days!

Anyone wanna do Cranbrook 1st 15 best ever

If you look back through this thread someone has had a crack at a Cranbrook XV.

The Front Rower

Sydney Middleton (9)
The Scots College, Bellevue Hill:

14. Phil Crowe
13. Bill McKidd
12. John Solomon
11. Jim Hindmarsh
10. Brock James
9. Ken Catchpole
8. Tim Gavin
7. David Brockhoff
6. Stuart Pinkerton
5. Warwick Waugh
4. Tom Bowman
Maybe for 3, add Daniel Botha