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The new Wallaby jersey

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
Supporter jerseys should never be made In this lightweight polyester spandex material

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They often put out a cotton version as well, but they're usually so hideously ugly you wouldn't want one.

Like this (in real life it was the worst shade of sickly yellow I've seen for a while)



Tony Shaw (54)
While I'm not a huge fan of the material they use these days it's the fit that annoys me. Supporters jerseys don't need to be super slim and tight fitting. Just give us a more relaxed fit please!


Ken Catchpole (46)
The ARU should have a rule / law About the jersey. As a guide that sponsors must meet if they want to dress the team. This guide should indicate what kind of yellow tonality should be, what kind of green tonality and some limitations on design. The sponsor who wants to dress the team must respect that guidance. Right now, every company does what they want about the Wallabies jersey design and the tonality of colours, use any tonality of yellow and no tradition or respect for the jersey.

The NZRU doesn't allow the 3 strips of Adidas on the ABs jersey, they can print their three strips in any NZ jersey like NZ 7s , the Maori side or the U20s but cannot on the ABs jersey.

Canterbury went to crap later in their sponsorship. Don't forget the "bro" bra

That was the worst Canterbury design, especially the white shit. But their others were ok.

and the abortion that is the tahs "supporters" jersey

truely tragic, the "marketing" department should be ashamed of themselves

That's not the fault of Canterbury. I like the design, it isn't the best but I like it. Canterbury does a fabulous job with Marrons and Kangaroos jerseys:






Ken Catchpole (46)
Looking forward to seeing the Olympic 7s design

This is the GB 7s jersey:


I don't like Adidas because they are very close to NZ. I prefer his biggest rival, Nike. It is not impossible, they are the sponsor of Brisbane Broncos and the Pumas.


Lord Logo
Of all the jerseys in my collection, my quins adidas jersey is just the best though. The cut is not too tight, it's masculine and highlights your shoulders and the awesome design helps. But Just saying, if I was to manufacture jerseys I would copy the template design of the adidas jerseys. Way ahead of Kukri, Canterbury, BLK, Kooga.

One thing CCC have improved in is providing oversized jerseys for supporter wear, this isn't always the case with semi-pro clubs who have pro-fit ones they order universally for supporter wear and on field wear, but alot better than when they first introduced it.


Cyril Towers (30)

So here's the new one


Not bad really. Better than last years, but I'm still not a fan of those weird wavy things.

That's not the fault of Canterbury. I like the design, it isn't the best but I like it. Canterbury does a fabulous job with Marrons and Kangaroos jerseys:


I have to say, CCC really do a great job and now that the Kangaroos jersey has no sponsor (taking years off playing any tests will do that) it looks better than ever.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I like the jersey and the training jersey too.

But if I had the option between buying an Aussie 7s training singlet compared to the new Wallabies one, I'd take the 7s style everyday.




Peter Fenwicke (45)
Had a look in the shops at lunch. A lot of the training stuff is a lighter shade of grey than what they appear to be on the internet.

Still not sold on the green though

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