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WA FMG Premier Grade 2021


Dick Tooth (41)
Round 6 Results
Wanneroo 87:8 Curtin Uni
Coastal Cavaliers 23:31 Perth Bayswater
Kalamunda 64:7 Southern Lions
Nedlands 33:22 Associates
Palmyra 26:29 West Scarborough
UWA 89:19 ARKs
Joondalup 24:48 Cottesloe

Wanneroo Divaz 49:0 Kala Kweens
West Scarborough 5:36 Cottesloe

Palmyra v Wests was a cracker of a game.
Jack McGreggor played extremely well at #10 for Paly.

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Paly v Wests surely the match that would have been played at Perry Lakes back in the day.

I really feel like something's been lost without a WA 'home ground'


Dick Tooth (41)
Ladder after 5 completed rounds.
Broome Street teams struggling to make the top 6.



Dick Tooth (41)
Round 7 Results
Southern Lions 41:22 Curtin Uni
Wanneroo 19:23 Nedlands
Associates 28:32 West Scarborough
Perth Bayswater 20:7 Joondalup
Cottesloe 24:14 Palmyra
Coastal Cavaliers 7:25 UWA
ARKs 15:34 Kalamunda


Dick Tooth (41)
Fantastic to see 21 WF player group/Academy players line up with FMG Club Rugby in Round 7.

Glad that Michael McDonald returns from a long injury.

McDonald returns through club rugby
May 21, 2021
There’s another exciting round of fixtures this weekend in week seven of the Fortescue Premier Grade season, with a total of 21 players representing the Force for their respective local clubs.
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Dick Tooth (41)
Round 8 Results
Southern Lions 20:23 Perth Bayswater
Cottesloe 25:18 Wanneroo
Kalamunda 18:48 Associates
Palmyra 26:10 Joondalup
UWA 73:0 Curtin Uni
West Scarborough 51:5 Coastal Cavaliers
ARKs 24:59 Nedlands
Some big scores despite the wet/stormy conditions.


Dick Tooth (41)
Club rugby Mental Health Round
May 28, 2021
A total of 17 Force players will be in club rugby action around the grounds tomorrow afternoon for Round 8 of the Fortescue Premier Grade season.
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Dick Tooth (41)
Cottesloe 55:5 ARKs
Curtin Uni 0:78 Nedlands
Coastal Cavaliers 15:79 Associates
Kalamunda 34:24 Perth Bayswater
Palmyra 48:22 Southern Lions
West Scarborough 10:18 UWA
Joondalup 22:64 Wanneroo

A blue sky, Winter's day in Perth gave rise to some big scores.
Made things very tough for teams in the lower half of the ladder.



Dick Tooth (41)
Round 9 club rugby action
June 11, 2021
The stage is set for another big weekend of community club rugby, with 14 Force players in action around the grounds tomorrow.
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