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Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
They're only poor decisions in hindsight. I think they were perfectly reasonable in the moment. As you said, they have to act decisively and ultimately they took the wrong option.

It's pretty clear that a big part of that play design for it to be successful is for the defence to commit to the front pod because of the maul risk. Against a depleted defence it is even more likely to work because it needs less people to commit.

Absolutely. I guarantee BR would be also criticising Latu if they had mauled off that front pod and driven over for a try with Latu marking the blindside because "it was the obvious thing to do".
BH defend Latu as much as you like, his job at that time was to defend the blindside and he didn't. No amount of justification will alter that.


Steve Williams (59)
Beale kicking the ball away in the last couple of minutes did not help, particularly when we had a narrow lead. At least get it to the sideline and force Wales to throw. Fucking hell, just knock it on yourself because we had them on toast at scrum time.
THE most egregious bit about that sloppy loss. For those who know me..........


Mark Loane (55)
Illegally sealing off rucks is a bit like crooked lineout throws or handling the jumper in the air. Happens far more often than how often it is called.


Colin Windon (37)
It is dragging on, but some good analysis there. Poor technique by Valentini in that situation, growing up I was taught to tackle with either shoulder to protect my head. There are instances where you get wrong footed and get your head in the way, but that wasn’t the case in that circumstance. The dummy runner making contact with Slippers head, surely that’s obstruction too. The sealing off? To me that’s like scrum penalties, a bit of a lottery. You wonder if we sealed off all game too and the person making the video only highlighted the welsh doing it. But yes, some hypocritical refereeing there


John Solomon (38)
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The Nomad

Dick Tooth (41)
Just googled the logo in the top left corner
May have just been advertising rather than the author I guess.
Edit: it is them - bunch of videos on their you tube channel. But it’s mostly targeted at NH refs
Quite a few Brisbane based clubs and schools have been using something similar for the past few years.

You send them the game video and you get back an analytical break down of the game right down to individual involvement. Effectively does all your player tracking for you, gives you individual stats and involvements to the pont where you can just watch what one player did over the course of a game. Superimpose that over GPS data and you get a lot of information.

They are good at breaking down a game of rugby , didn’t realise they look at he refs as well .