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Wallabies 2021

Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
Holmes will hold his own in the set piece but might be a little off the pace around the paddock. Hes good for 15-20 mins.

Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
Holmes will hold his own in the set piece but might be a little off the pace around the paddock. Hes good for 15-20 mins.
That might be a little unfair as he looks in good nick. I see he was only playing those minutes at the Force most of the time this year. Of course if in the 23 he needs to be ready for a full game if needed.


Tim Horan (67)
There's an argument for giving Bell more minutes. He was really good off the bench last Sunday.

That would be the driver of the option of putting Slipper to 18, Bell to 1 and Sio to 17.

"Really good off the bench" is a little stretch. But I do like the thinking and he did do fine.

Rugby Head

Watty Friend (18)

Very happy it's Holmes in the squad. He can do his job and do it well!.

SO if Pone's injury (not sure how long he's out) and Alaalatoas absence (not sure when that will be) overlaps, there will need to be a new no.18.


Do you
a) 1. Bell 3. Tupou ------ 17. Sio 18. Slipper (knowing that Slipper does just fine at THP)
b) 1. Slipper 3. Tupou ---17. Bell 18. Holmes
Holmes and Bell don't fill me with much confidence at set piece. Bell has been unreal in broken play, I feel his scrummaging still has a way to go. with Tupou packing down with him, you can certainly see he is being carried by Thor. I'd suggest flipping Slipper to the bench to pack down with Holmes, give Tupou 65 mins and get slipper onto the field just after half time. The Boks have a scary scrum....


Michael Lynagh (62)
So JOC (James O'Connor) due to return next week. So if Cooper succeeds this weekend could we be looking at say 10. Cooper 12. JOC (James O'Connor) 13. Kerevi.

Suddenly go from inexperienced backline to very experienced. Given 15 area of contention is it also time to bring back Beale and reunite the 3 Amigos of JOC (James O'Connor), Cooper and Beale. Would be funny if it happened as nobody would have ever predicted that. Heck after Thorn dumping Cooper I thought we would never see Cooper again in wallaby colours let alone see JOC (James O'Connor) and Cooper playing together for the wallabies.


Ken Catchpole (46)
McMahon? Cool.

Why is Isi out?
Could be training form, could be just wants to go home and see family, could be asking for and receiving an early release to go to Japan.

So many reasons.

I'm thinking a happy combination. He can get an early release and go to Japan sooner if thats possible. Plus Rebels and RA free up a well paid player early, saving some bucks on someone who is sitting behind 3 other 6/8s who aren't leaving.

Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
We have not seen McMahon at the highest level since 2017. Hope he still has it. If so he is a good addition but need a gun lineout jumper at 6.
Naisarani in the squad was wasted time unless he intends to return.

Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
McMahon and Cooper had a better winning record than the current crop. We have a tendency to discard our players too early or they leave looking for more money. Look at the Bok squad. It has plenty of 30s, some late 30s, that bring a lot.
We are worried to play Cooper at 33!
He may not quite have the speed and running ability he had as a kid but the top two inches will be much better.


Michael Lynagh (62)
It amazes me how people want overseas players to come back and save us yet they have a losing record when they played for the Wallabies too.

I am happy to take them, but don't expect miracles if they play.
The Ben Darwin analysis about cohesion makes me skeptical on how much benefit signing overseas based players will have