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Wallabies 2023 World Cup Positivity Thread


Steve Williams (59)
A place to talk up all the positivity. If you got nothing nice to say go else were this is where we get behind the team and back us to win.

Meme's accepted, banter from foes accepted.

I'll go first, won't the Kiwi's English and French be pissed off how we are luring into a false sense of security

LETS GO WALLABIES !!!! Here we come.



Steve Williams (59)
Fix the injuries problem, fix the discipline, and we can get into the semis, I reckon.
Just the semis we are going all the way :)

Wright to make a break in the final seconds to pass off to Qaude who hits Hooper on the wing for a try after the buzzer !! winner winner chicken dinner :)


Nathan Sharpe (72)
Yeah, with Wales loosing to Georgia this week our pool is looking very soft and the draw favours us for quarters, so the semis should be pretty achievable.
Georgia will be a good test too, they won't beat us but they'll probably have a better scrum and a pretty physical in tight.


Phil Kearns (64)
That Len Ikitau is only 24 years old. What a champion. Plays like a wisened old 13 who knows all the tricks. Surely the success story of the past two years.
There's quite a few success stories, something that gets lost in all the doom and gloom.