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Wallabies v Portugal, RWC Pool C, Mon 2 Oct 2.45AM


Nev Cottrell (35)
Well who really cares, but we've got one more game.

Time to give the likes of Nonggorr, Kemeny, IFL, Perese, Gleeson some time.

1. Schoupp
2. Faesslar
3. Nonggorr
4. Frost
5. Phillip
6. Leota
7. Kemeny
8. Gleeson
9. IFL
10. Gordon
11. Vunivalau
12. Foketi
13. Perese
14. Petaia
15. Kellaway


Ken Catchpole (46)
I wouldn't be too disappointed to see Kerevi pulled this week - he just hasn't be anywhere near as effective trucking it up since his injury, and isn't distributing the ball at all. A decent part of the reason the backs have looked so ineffective all WC imo. I suppose he may be more impactful against Portugal, but eh


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Hey, it's not all doom and gloom!

Wallabies can pick up 0.65 ranking points if they win by 15 or more!
What are we, about 10th in the world now?
How low do we need to go to get a special encouragement grant from WR (World Rugby)?
Edit - 10th it is!


George Gregan (70)
Have we replaced Jorgensen yet? I haven't heard anything.

Why bother? There are enough warm bodies to fill a 23, and pretty much everyone else has probably take one look at proceedings and... well...



George Gregan (70)
1 Schoupp
2 Faessler
3 Nonggor
4 Philip
5 Frost
6 Kemeny
7 McReight
8 Gleeson
10 Donaldson
11 Vunivalu
12 Foketi
13 Perese
14 Mark Mark
15 Kellaway

16 Uelese
17 Slipper
18 Pone
19 Arnold
20 Leota
21 McDermott
22 Gordon
23 Petaia



Colin Windon (37)
He's going to have to roll out a full strength squad for this game, rack up as many points as possible in the unlikely scenario Fiji drop another game...

Also, this Wallabies team could plausibly lose to Portugal if they run out a B squad.

If Fiji get 5 against Georgia - a match that occurs the day before ours, i think we a mathematically elim, right?


John Eales (66)
It'll be very interesting to observe how the team on the park approach this game and their general demeanour. My hope is that they rip in hard and tear Portugal a new one. I want to see some emotion, a bit of passion. The worst outcome would be a limp display where we win or lose by a couple of points. That would then tell me that this group have lost hope and that would be very sad to witness. They don't deserve that.