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Wallabies v Wales, Principality Stadium, Sun 27th November, 2.15am AEST

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Jim Clark (26)
I agree Marce, just don't expect too much in his first start. If he goes OK that will suit me, anything else is unexpected.
I reckon he just needs to feed the players outside him consistently and kick in general play well. If he does that he will get a solid pass mark. With Hodge outside him he should, in theory, provide an experienced head to take pressure off him. Then with Ikitau, Mark, Jordy and Wright running about Donaldson just need to to get them quick quality ball.


Rod McCall (65)
with a touch of Edmed
I was just about to edit, I completely forgot about him! Point is that Gordon/Donaldson has a bit more glue than Tate/Donaldson. In this compromised position we are in I can understand them going for a known combination. Gordon, McDermott, Donaldson and Lolesio were all going to be in the 23 so it's a bit of a 'shuffling the deck chairs' to suit.


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
That team does look bad, who are we kidding. Not too different from the one that lost to Italy.

Wales are gonna pump us, we’re going to watch Hodge drop 3 passes minimum. Maybe give away a YC high tackle.

With a virgin 10, it is not unreasonable to stick a unit outside him with experience, who can also slot in at ten


Jim Clark (26)
Out of interest, who else would you have picked from the Reds to be in the squad? Wilson is my pick but interested in what you think.

Maybe Uru. Who I see as directly competing with Hanigan. Uru will likely overtake Hanigan in the next year or two if he keeps his current trajectory going. He just needs to tighten up a couple parts of his game.

Also perhaps Daugunu however he needs a bit more smarts to his game. We have pretty decent wingers coming through at the moment.

The only other one I would have liked to have seen for development is Isaac Henry who I think has a high ceiling. Bad couple of years with injury and at 12 he is, at most, 4th or 5th in line for the wobs at 12.

I like Mafi too but obviously out of calculations with his neck.
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Steve Williams (59)
I think Gleeson would have got 10 minutes all tour if it wasn't for injuries, he is clearly a project player but did boss the Aus A games

He is the only backrower left standing likely to run into a brick wall, rinse and repeat - and in the balance of the backrow, it is the trait we needed
To be clear I wasn't making argument for or against his selection there, just saying that it's not a pick that necessarily enhances cohesion.


Bob Davidson (42)
Agreed - I personally thought Uru played better in the Aus A series + his form at the QPR Final was immense, but his injury ruled him out being selected.

Hopefully Uru can put on a bit more size over this off-season as I don't think Australia has seen a better ball runner at 6 since that 1-3 year period of Elsom at his best.
Also interested in how Liam Wright develops over this season. Very talented but caught between being too slow for 7 and too small for 6.
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John Eales (66)
Does anyone want a stab at scores? I am thinking close win 15-13.
Wallabies go in to half time three tries down due to that little zippy 9 bullying Gordon all game and getting an intercept.

We admirably claw our way back into the game till Hodge misses a penalty to win it from 50m out.

We all discuss how good our 2nd half performance was despite us losing another game. 6 more players injured.
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Herbert Moran (7)
But Donaldson doesnt play 10 for the Tahs

huh? Yeah he does - Harrison was toe to toe with him before he got injured but it's been exclusively Donaldson since then
Actually, Harrison was always in front at 10 until he got injured. Donaldson rarely got a go thanks mainly to Pennie. If he had I would say Donaldson may have represented the Wallabies earlier. Not saying Donaldson is the answer to our dilemma at 10 but he definitely deserves a shot.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
I've said it before but people forget Harrison and Donaldson were the 10s over Lolesio in the u20s. Lolesio only benefitted professionally quicker by being at the Brumbies from 2020 onwards which was a much better setup to develop professionally than the Tahs at the time.


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
Actually, Harrison was always in front at 10 until he got injured. Donaldson rarely got a go thanks mainly to Pennie. If he had I would say Donaldson may have represented the Wallabies earlier. Not saying Donaldson is the answer to our dilemma at 10 but he definitely deserves a shot.
Injury didn't help as well


Colin Windon (37)
It's pretty clear that Rennie really doesn't rate McDermott. Gordon hasn't been good and he's still being picked ahead of McDermott. I doubt the final penalty last week would have counted for much. 3 or 4 backs ran into that maul and did exactly the same thing as Gordon swimming past the ball carrier. It happens almost every maul where others join late and this time it was penalised. The yellow card the week before far more matched the discipline question.

Lolesio's organisation of the backline has been pretty non-existent. We generally rely on White for that but I think it's the primary reason he's now on the outer. He's had a bunch of chances and I think it has become pretty clear that Rennie invested the time in the wrong person. It's still pretty surprising that Rennie has opted for a rookie to start though.
The crucial penalty he gave away last week was tackling a man in the air when it was 10-10 and Ireland were under the pump

Dude is a handbrake
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