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Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

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Will Genia (78)
Staff member
Yes Cheika has to live by his results. But this is a once in a 4 year tournament. What about the fans and their hopes which may not be achieved because of poor selection. Just say "Oh well, Cheiks jobs on the line. If you don't like it don't watch"?

No one is arguing against it being a bad selection decision on paper.

It is a once in 4 year tournament. I don't think that really changes anything.

I doubt anyone would think that we should make the RWC squad selections based on a popular vote because fans only get to watch it every four years.

I think people are getting too caught up on this selection. If Horwill hadn't made any squad this year no one would have batted an eyelid. He was selected and from most people's perspective played pretty well and deserved to get selected for the RWC. He didn't, but this same thing happens every single RWC in every single participating country.

There are always going to be controversial selections. It's the nature of sport.
What fits into a coaches plan isn't necessarily known to fans. Access to the players in terms of what coaches and fans see is also substantially different.


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
OK, it is his fault
WALLABIES scrum coach Mario Ledesma has dismissed concerns over Australia picking two specialist hookers in their 31-man squad, saying Argentina did the same in the four Rugby World Cups he played in.
The 42-year-old former hooker is comfortable with the decision to have just Stephen Moore and Tatafu Polota-Nau as the rakes for next month’s rugby showpiece.

“We (Pumas) played 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 with two hookers and a prop that can play hooker and that’s the case over here,” Ledesma said on


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
I am fucking luvving this,you are going to lose some skin when you play against our boys this year.
Bring it on!!!!!!

Yeah, they are going at it



Phil Kearns (64)
TWAS, that's a straw man.

I don't think anyone is arguing that Cheika must be right because he's an expert. I certainly haven't intended to say that.

He's *more likely* to be right, which is the reason we choose experts, rather than holding a random lottery.

I have often thought that we should select our national parliament by lottery. What could be more Australian than that?

However, the Wallabies are far more important and AFAIK Cheika is generally thought to be the best person to take charge of the team, and of course selections.

All the experts on threads like this are pretty laughable really, huffing and puffing but blowing nothing down, except smoke up each others' bums.


At yesterday's training session, Carter was there, but I don't remember seeing Horwill


John Eales (66)


Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
If that's the case that's very sad. James, from a rugby purist's POV I feel you have more to contribute. However, if you disagree and reckon there's no more petrol in the tank, well who am I to argue.

Train Without a Station

You mean vindicated.

How would that vindicate Cheika's decision to pick a player who's never performed at international form and has no recent form to warrant selection?

Because Horwill In his 30s says "fuck it" after getting shafted for a parachuted in Douglas, it make cheika's call a good one?

Train Without a Station

Well Carter hasn't made a single mistake in a test match this year, so he's certainly got that going for him.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Australia are planning to use prop Scott Sio as a possible third hooker during the Rugby World Cup.

The Wallabies raised a few eyebrows last week when they named only two specialists in the number two berth - captain Stephen Moore and experienced hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau.

Scrum coach Mario Ledesma admitted to the media on Wednesday that Sio would be the man to step in during the short-term should the Wallabies need him.

"If we have an injury that lasts only one week, we'll make the prop play,” Ledesma told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"If it lasts longer, we just have to get the other hooker [James Hanson from the train-on squad] who has been training with us every day.

"He is working as a prop, and a little time here and there we will be working [on hooking]. But I'm real comfortable with 'Taf' and 'Squeak' [Moore] and if they get a serious injury, the third hooker will come.”
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