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Waratahs 2022


George Gregan (70)
Unfortunately rugby does not attract the same millionaires it use to. I mean James packer goes to rugby school (cranbrook) but invests in a league team….

Lots of millionaires go to rugby schools. A few of them used to go to games and talk stock trading portfolios. ;)

Not a lot of it translates into support. Some of the Premier Clubs have generous benefactors but most of us just struggle along.


Jim Clark (26)
About Russell Crowe, I don't understand why he doesn't support the Wallabies. He's half Kiwi and half Aussie like thousands in Australia. He supports an Aussie NRL team (Not the Warriors) but he supports the All Blacks in RU.

Something is wrong about Rugby Australia, Wallabies are similar to Warriors, even Kiwis rather to support an Aussie side before to them
Most Kiwis I know support Aus in RL and NZ in RU.

I suspect if the Wallabies had been dominant over the past 20 years they would be Wallaby supporters not NZ ones.