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Waratahs 2024


Herbert Moran (7)
Have not had a chance to post about the Tahs win on Friday night until now. While I have no doubt that every player gives 110% week in and week out, there was something different about how they played on Friday night. For me, the forwards were enormous, not since Jacques Potgeiter have I seen forwards throw themselves at the defence with no concern about self-preservation. Hanigan, Swinton, Tompson-Stringer were sensational running hard and hitting hard. Edmed kept them in the game but Harrison showed class. I thought Jorgensen had his best game of the season and as for the rest of the team they were all very, very good. Just reward for Harrison having been injured so long and can't wait to see what he brings as he gets his confidence up. Feel a bit for Edmed as he is a good player but lacks that turn of pace that can split the defence to keep them guessing. As much as people don't like Donaldson, I think his move to the Force has been telling for the Waratahs the season. Those games that we lost by 5 points or less we may have one as I have always thought there was more chance of Donaldson being about to spark the attack than Edmed. Let's see what happens for the rest of the season.


Ward Prentice (10)
I'll watch Waratahs tonight at the stadium, and Easts tomorrow - I reckon Wilson and Bowen will tear it up. Shame other Wilson not playing FB for Easts.
Teddy Wilson did indeed tear it up for Easts on Saturday in their win over Gordon; Waratahs certainly have great depth at #9 - Bowen was also very strong.


Ward Prentice (10)
Easts will only need 25% possession to get them home. The forwards can have a day off.
"The forwards can have a day off." - that certainly wasn't the case.

Think I counted 5 or 6 Waratahs - Fergus LW was strong, Teddy Wilson was the spark, followed by Jack Grant who replaced him and scored a great try. Jack Bowen controlled well, Harry Wilson solid.


Billy Sheehan (19)
Easts are a great club with so I many wonderful players. Hence why they haven’t won anything since 1969. Waratahs should recruit more. I am sure wound turnaround there record. Ie. more easts less wins makes sense


Michael Lynagh (62)
What were people expecting? He's 21 and is a big unit who is pretty athletic. I'm pretty happy with how he's going.
I have a sneaking suspicion there were plenty of people confusing reporting about Emmanuel Meafou and Miles Amatosero and got it in there heads that it was going to be an older and more experienced player arriving, one who was on the fringe of making the French national side.