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Where to for quality Rugby journalism???

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
Apparently (according to the HT rugby wrap on the ABC) rugby now have players who fill the role of 'dummy half'.

Jeremy Paul gave an interview on local radio this morning and I am sure he was drunk, struggled to put together a coherent sentence.


Chris McKivat (8)
Not sure where to post this question: where can I find a timetable of pre-match press conferences that I may take my Uni Sport Information class? Something around the Wallabies v All Blacks at Suncorp and/or Gold Coast 7s.

Are media appearances published anywhere for the ARU?

I have attempted to contact the ARU, but no reply...


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
don't think they are published publicly but media get sent a copy usually in the week leading up to the test.


John Thornett (49)
This thread has been surprisingly quiet during the Beale fiasco but I do believe it needs attention. Pulver blamed the media (and us) for the situation and although he was completely off his head to say that at a press conference, everyone needs to look at their role in this. Let’s put aside what Beale has done (that’s discussed in another thread) and the incompetence of the ARU is dealing with this (another thread).

Why are there such conflicting reports amongst Fairfax and the News Ltd papers? Everyone is suggesting the other side has been duped. This isn't just a war between Beale and the ARU its now appears to have become a war between two newspaper companies with Greg Growden now weighing in.

In the social media space most people sit either in the Beale camp or the Di/McKenzie camp. Then there are some in the middle who would rather not think about it. This has become such a volatile topic that you can support an argument for either side by 'quoting' one of the papers. It’s become a frenzy and the papers are feeding it.

What is going on? Nothing adds up. How can journos be reporting such opposing versions?


Arch Winning (36)
p.tah it's certainly an interesting state of affairs. Personally I put more credence into the version that has names and dates and people willing to put their name to quotes. I don't hold so much stock in 'senior players' and 'sources close to the team', or 'Beale's manager'.

I'm uncomfortable that Wayne Smith's depiction of might be arguably true - that we've witnessed 'one of the most extraordinary pieces of spin-doctoring in Australian sporting history'.

As just one example, the SMH, when revealing inconsistencies with Patston's LinkedIn profile, ignored the entry where she drove a Mr Whippy van. Who on earth would've looked at that and thought 'yep, that profile sounds legit' and then go on about the LinkedIn profile as if it played a part in her recruitment? Do you think that if they reported that anyone would've realised it wasn't her real profile? I was stunned to learn via a conversation on twitter a week or two later that at no time had the Fairfax journos obtained a copy of her actual CV to use for these purposes.


John Thornett (49)
Cat_A unfortunately I don't trust many of these articles at the moment. I have met most of these journos and I can't comprehend that the people I met are the same people driving these agendas. I think the truth lies somewhere between these extremes. In the meantime they appear to be tarnishing their own credibility and playing a role in the demise of rugby in Australia. Given the financial challenges media face that seems a very strange thing to do.


Michael Lynagh (62)
As someone else wrote elsewhere on G&GR (if they want to say who wrote it, feel free), journos have sources, and for a rugby journalist in Australia, sources in and around the Wallabies and Tahs (if you are in Sydney) are gold.

Now, something like this saga breaks and you can take one of two slants: Patston's, or Beale's (or, even be balanced!). Here's the catch: Patston is just a staffer whose tenure looked shakey until she ended up quitting anyway, and Beale and company include senior members of the Wallabies and Tahs, and a player manager who manages some big names.

Now, whose side do you choose, while purposely neglecting opportunities with the other side?

I agree entirely with the sentiment of the above.

Remember, these journos aren't caring so much about death riding rugby, but more about having access to sources for their next scoop.

Just look at the whining article from Fairfax attacking Pulver when Rebecca Wilson got the exclusive post-tribunal interview with Beale ahead of them.


Arch Winning (36)
Agreed p.tah. Few have covered themselves in glory. What HAVE the consultants that Pulver brought in actually done, btw? (May be slightly off topic)

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
What's interesting is that the newspaper battle in this story is not being fought between Fairfax and News, but largely between two News' outlets - Rebecca Wilson at The Daily Telegraph, and Wayne Smith at The Australian..........

And to put it into perspective, only Wayne Smith is a dedicated rugby union reporter while Rebecca Wilson is a rugby league columnist..............

I purposely use the word "columnist" to describe Wilson as even she would admit that she's not actually a "journalist."


Nev Cottrell (35)
Media and journalism have several problems I guess. How they are addressed is another story.

One thing is for sure though.

The people who address the problem(s) will make money and new problems will be unveiled.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Agreed p.tah. Few have covered themselves in glory. What HAVE the consultants that Pulver brought in actually done, btw? (May be slightly off topic)

I reckon the consultants may have told Pulver to get some news out there - I fear the media channels were clogged with crap from the Beale camp because absolutely nothing useful was coming from the ARU. So many of those early stories could have been squashed by some simple clarification from the ARU - the details of Di Patston's role, the LinkedIn thing, the fact that no one had complained about her role - but the lack of a clear message from the ARU gave them oxygen.

Some of that info is coming out now, but the horse has well and truly bolted.

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Greg Davis (50)
still no georgina robinson !
someone on another thread postulated she may be on holidays, i suggested she could be the fifth casualty from the beale-patston affair. still nothing on twitter either since october 18

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Unusual to have complete social media silence in this day and age, particularly when she was previously so active.

After years of Growden's gossip column and negativity, Georgina Robinson was a breath of fresh air at the Herald. It would be sad if she was also collateral damage from the Beale Textgate.

If Georgina is gone, it probably wouldn't help to attract too many women into the Rugby reporting roles anymore than the Patston affair fallout is going to attract professional women into Rugby Administration and Management.


Larry Dwyer (12)
She lost me completely with the one sided shit she posted during the whole affair. She forgot she was a journo and thought she was Beale's publicist instead.

Pre-Beale debacle I used to admire her writing as much as I'd enjoy watching her wax lyrical to the camera. (And she's a Reds' fan.)

Sigh. I miss those days.