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Where to for quality Rugby journalism???


Greg Davis (50)
[quote="barbarian, post: 688389, member: 1509"
Holidays is by far the most likely explanation. Been a bloody long season, and the journos hit the wall like the players (and get paid far less).

you think so !

nothing in print since october 19
no tweets
no TV on insiders
the EOYT being covered by some one never heard of
why would she voluntarily holiday now
would you if you have just broken/been part of the biggest story in australian rugby for some time ?
i don't know but i suspect she is gone or perhaps at least "persona non grata" around the Wallabies now


Ted Fahey (11)
Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask.

Is Israel Folau really that big in Australia, or that important for us (irreplaceable)? The other day there was an article (SMH, I dont read them anymore, only check article headlines for something important) about he is happy Cheika was appointed coach, then yesterday there was one something about an NRL coach he is excited about. Both articles about how they will influence him post 2015.

Do the media just love him? Is he like the Sonny Bill Williams to South African media, sports24 really loves the bloke.

Yeah I can't immediately name our second best 15, but still :)


Andrew Slack (58)
The SMH is a bogan left wing newspaper that only people with sub 80 IQ can understand. They will write anything that will get their rugby league following to buy their rag.

So they'll make up a story about Folau going back to loig. Their sales on the day then spikes.

Shameless. Taking advantage of people like that.



Ted Fahey (11)
Lol, can't be worse than sport24 regarding non-local news. I only liked them because I enjoyed Georgina Robbinson on Rugby HQ.

I should probably read this thread for quality suggestions that doesn't require a subscription

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Nothing in the papers on the overnight success of the Thunderbolts at Port Elizabeth.

3rd place. Beat Fiji for the second week in a row. In an automatic qualification position for Rio 2016. That success is newsworthy. Why is it not being reported?

14000+ tweets from Georgina Robinson (@geerob) until November 8, where she tweets "I'm in Tokyo". Subsequently there has been silence. Has her position as rugby correspondent been downsized by the SMH? November 8 until now is a decent holiday (possibly Long Service Leave).

Not a good sign if it is a downsizing move by Fairfax.

Rugby needs more people writing the good news about the game, not less.


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Maybe her job as kurtley Beale's publicist is keeping her too busy to write foe SMH.

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
Emu, you have to be a subscriber to be able to read that article. Can you give a summary of what he said or quote the most relevant parts. Cheers.


John Thornett (49)
Emu, you have to be a subscriber to be able to read that article. Can you give a summary of what he said or quote the most relevant parts. Cheers.
Not happy reading:
NEW Year’s Day cannot come quickly enough for everyone involved in Australian rugby.

It’s safe to say that in the 140-year history of the game in this country, there has never been a worse year than 2014.

That’s a harsh assessment in the year the Waratahs won their first Super Rugby title but, as it turned out, there was even less afterglow following the NSW triumph than there was after the Queensland Reds won their title in 2011. And it is a measure of how badly the year unravelled that not even the Tahs’ Super Rugby success can soften the judgment of 2014.
50% of the year in review was about Kurtley Beale. The Wallabies need a better scrum. Moore needs to be captain. ARU broke. Grassroots funding issues.
NRC was positive.
Happy times!


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Did anybody else read Mark Ella's column in today's Oz?

It would be interesting to know whether he writes it. Pretty downbeat view on the current state of the game here. Makes me sound like an optimist.