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Which Clubs are the Class of 2014 going to?

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
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The NSW Schools and Junior Club season has to all intents and purposes finished.

Queensland GPS have one round left, and the Juniors have State Champs coming but their season is drawing to a close.

The good news is that many Colts clubs start preseason training in Early November.

The Class of 2013 had a few lads play in Jnr RWC for Australia or Samoa, six had played in Sydney First Grade, with a couple going on to play in the NRC. Who from the Class of 2014 will match this?

With no Australia A team announced this year, it will be "easier" to manage the Sydney Colts Player Points Cap in 2015 because a number of players at Australia A standard (6 Player Points) will be playing as State Representatives only (4 Player Points).

As always, for many 2014 rep and 1st XV players, next year will be a dose of cruel reality. They will be playing with and against lads a year or two older and more hardened in that time. The older players will have the benefit of an extra year or two of gym work also - applied to an older body. The crowd on the sidelines watching the games will be numbered in the 10's not many 100's.

The step from school to Colts sorts some schoolboy stars out, and they will also discover that some of their contemporaries will be late developers in their Colts years and can catch up or even surpass them.

A number of the NSW Schoolboy rep players are already in the Colts Machine playing either a full season, or a moonlighting role when there was no school footy on. While some may change, it is fairly likely that the following 2014 Colts Schoolboy players would be registering with the same club in 2015:
Eastern Suburbs: Crichton (GPS, NSW, Aust), Adcock (ISA)
Eastwood: Craig (CHS, NSW, Aust)
Gordon: Wilkinson (CCC, CS)
Northern Suburbs: Finley (CHS, NSW)
Parramatta: Vatuvei (CHS, NSW, Aust)
Randwick: Digby (AAGPS), Fifita (AAGPS. NSW, Aust) - Announced in 2013 on Wicks web site, Rudolf (AAGPS, NSW), Serhon (AAGPS, NSW)
Southern Districts: Lealaiauloto-Tui (CHS, CS)
Sydney University: Masima (ISA, CS), Moore (ISA, NSW)
West Harbour: Vaitaiki (CHS)

Snouts connected to SRU report that there will only be two U20 Colts grades and a U18 Colts grade in 2015. This may restrict the number of positions on SRU colts programmes available for the Class of 2014, particularly those without "connections" or a rep rugby CV.

Do forum members have definite information on what clubs the Class of 2014 1st XV and Schoolboy rep players will be going to?

It may also be useful to record the movement of boys who will be choosing to play Fivekick.

Please try to limit the maybes or rumours particularly those with where you name specific players, because these forums are widely read, and inaccurate reporting or rumour mongering can be harmful on a number of levels.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Who will win the recruiting race for the Rockstars of 2014?

2013 results:
Here is where the 56 boys from Queensland in Q1, Q2, or CS at 2013 National Championships ended up:
School, 6

Norths, 1
Bond Uni, 3
Brothers, 4
Easts, 4
Souths, 5
Sunnybank, 6
GPS, 7
UQ, 7

Gordon (NSW), 1
Southern Districts (NSW),1
Yamba (NSW Country), 1
WA, 1
TBC, 1

League: (8)
Broncos, 2
Titans, 1
Ipswich Jets, 3
Norths Devils, 1
Burleigh Bears, 1

Here is where the 56 boys from NSW in N1, N2, or CS at 2013 National Championships ended up:
Easts, 1
Forbes, (NSW Country) 1
NZ, 1
Parramatta, 1
Tonga, 1
Wanderers (NSW Country) 1
Wests, 1
Gordon, 2
Manly, 2
Warringah, 2
Souths, 3
Uni, 3
Eastwood, 4
Norths, 6
Randwick, 8

School, 10
TBC, 3

League, 6

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
HSC exams nearly over in NSW.
Pre-Season starting at some Sydney clubs soon.

A. Crichton (AAGPS, NSW I) has jumped ship to the Rabbitohs.

Doug Ryan

Frank Row (1)
lotoaniu also CHS and CS at randwick as well as others mentioned

Sehorn and digby played a few games for the lower grade colts teams early in the year

Few other CHS players also headed to the galloping greens.
Keep an eye out for Jordan Ieremia.
Country player of the year, Played or was supposed to play CHS but hyper extended elbow prevented further progression. Going into year 12 next year in syds south west

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Shute Shield Club Colts Rugby is up to Under 20.

Some very gross assumption based mathematical approximations coming up to illustrate some very general points.

There are exceptions but most kids join Colts after School as Under 19's.
They therefore have a 2 year life in Colts.

In 2014 the colts clubs used 957 players across 18 games. To run a 3 team programme, to cover injuries and rehab etc, each club used about 80 players.

In very broad terms, each club therefore needs 40 new players each year to cover the players graduating to Grade after their second Colts year.

12 Clubs needing 40 players = 480 players.
The Clubs are going to desire the rock stars from Schoolboy rep teams.
ISA, CAS and CHS run two rep teams (114 players) and AAGPS run four rep teams (76 players) + CCC (23 players) = 213 players - 20% leakage to league, study, gap years, cbf etc = 170 players to Colts.
Colts clubs need another 390 players who did not represent their School Association from across the private schools and clubs each year.

Ignoring High, Grammar and TAS, AAGPS graduate approximately 2 x 1st XV's worth of players who did not represent their association (30 players). For CAS and ISA, it is 4 x 1st XVs (60 players), to give a total of about 100 1xt XV players probably heading to Colts.

About 300 players are needed to feed the Colts machine annually from private school 2nd XV's and lower, and non representative players from CHS, CCC schools, SJRU and other codes.

There are plenty of kids in School 2nd XV - 5th XV and SJRU clubs with the potential to feature in Colts if they apply themselves to improve their fitness, S&C, discipline, and skills, and there are about 300 slots available for them across Sydney Clubs. The lower down the packing order in School footy, the harder it will be for the boy to prove their worth to their Colts Club, but it is not impossible.

The reality is that many kids in 3rd XV and lower play rugby at school for social reasons and jolly good on them because rugby thrives on the social side of the game. For all sorts of reasons they are not really prepared, or able, to meet the time demands of Shute Shield Colts rugby programmes when they leave school, (or 2nd XV/1st XV programmes while at school). For those lads, NSW Subbies Rugby beckons if they want to stay active in rugby. Training demands are significantly less than Shute Shield Colts, and there is more emphasis on the social side of the game playing with old and new mates, for the love of the game.

For more discussion on this perhaps read some of the posts in this thread: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/co...y-rugby-to-colts-is-there-a-better-way.14776/


Watty Friend (18)
Interestingly most of the clubs seem fixated with just the top players, which they clearly need to pursue, but given the natural recycle in colts of 40 odd p.a. , you would think that clubs would have a second tier approach program to attract those boys in lower grades in to at least pre-season and trials, rather than let them drift off to subbies. In many cases there are some fine players in school 2nd XV's that that do very well in colts.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The figures above confirm that the 12 clubs (on average) need 300 players of 2nd XV (or lower standard) each year - 25 per club.

I concur that there are some fine players at 2nd XV and lower - late developers, bolters etc, that do very well at Colts level and into Grade, when exposed to quality training and S&C programmes, along with application and determination from the individual in question.

I think the clubs welcome all and sundry to their pre-season and trials. In this day and age, they can't afford to be too selective/exclusive. The targeted rock star invitees from Schoolboy rep teams still have to perform and, if they don't, they get no special treatment over the battlers from Joeys 3rds, Oakhill 4ths or Barker 5ths.


Watty Friend (18)

There's no doubt that they welcome those players, but I have seen little by way of approach from clubs to the non rep level players. I would be confident that a lot of very good players move straight into subbies because they probably think there is little interest in them from Shute Shield clubs. Shame really.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
There's no doubt that they welcome those players, but I have seen little by way of approach from clubs to the non rep level players. I would be confident that a lot of very good players move straight into subbies because they probably think there is little interest in them from Shute Shield clubs. Shame really.

Nearly all of the clubs have details on their web sites about Colts preseason training and/or information nights.

At some point the individuals (and their parents as the case may be) need to take some individual responsibility and contact the clubs without waiting for a personalised invitation.

Plenty of discussion about the issue on this thread: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/co...y-rugby-to-colts-is-there-a-better-way.14776/

I heard that Nick Duffy and Conor O'Shea going to Sydney Uni

I heard the latter to the wicks.
HSC is over. Wicks start pre-season training next week. Uni started pre-season this week.
The mystery should be solved soon about where these two will be next year.
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