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2017 Schools Debating (NSW)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ca1cu1us, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. don't h8 just deb8 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Don't forget that it's one competition. A win in 1sts is simply worth more points than a win in 2nds, but both contribute to the singular trophy.
  2. ThatWasTheJoke Peter Burge (5)

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    h absolutely, I think Archdale will clearly win
  3. ca1cu1us Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Topics for tonight's reps debates are:
    1 That the government should pay compensation to victims of crimes committed by ex-felons
    2 That the government should offer LGBTI+ only schools
    3 That we should offer dictators immunity in exchange for their resignation.

    Haven't been able to find anyone who is at the GPS/CAS debates. Can anyone else get info from that venue?

    Apparently Archdale/CHS has the 1sts debating topic 2 with archdale affirming and 2nds debating topic 3, again archdale affirming.

    Edit: Archdale have apparently won both debates against CHS.

    Anyone have GPS/CAS results?
  4. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    GPS 1sts beat CAS 1sts in a 2-1 split. GPS 1st speaker and CAS 2nd speaker were the best by far. The other 2 speakers in GPS were disappointing compared to past speakers, although the general consensus seems to be that this team was dubiously selected anyways. I don't like criticising schoolkids, but CAS 3rd speaker (from Cranbrook I believe) needs to go. Had zero contribution to his side's case other than contradicting the few good points 1st and 2nd speaker had.
  5. Al92 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Hi all,
    Whilst the insights have been enjoyable, please remember refrain from using this space to attack individuals. Aside from the fact that I know most, if not all speakers from reps lurk this thread at the very least and don t deserve to come across such public shaming of them, this is conduct that has been cracked down on my forum mods in the past and rightly so. Reps or not, this is still school level debating.
    Speculation and banter are fun but do no good if this thread gets locked.

    As per OP, be nice.
  6. bozo_at_oxford Bob McCowan (2)

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    It would appear that Tuamasaga is just another salty CAS debater, disappointed at the fact that he is a part of an association that has failed to have any meaningful success since the days of Bo Seo. Of course, this would be compounded by the fact that the CAS 2nds, were, quite frankly, obliterated by a reshaped GPS 2nds team, which took a convincing unanimous decision on the Aff of the Dictator Debate (of which the GPS 1sts were on the Neg). Coached by former debating w√ľnderkind Jimmy Stratton, GPS is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with this reps season.

    Bring on next week says I!
  7. ThatWasTheJoke Peter Burge (5)

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    Archdale 1's beat CHS on LGBT
    Archdale 2's beat CHS on dictators

    God, what has this descended into
    a) don't attack individuals
    b) don't be a pretentious gimp

    Can't be that hard right?

    "general consensus is that GPS was dubiously selected". From reputable sources I've heard the GPS team were clearly the best (ignoring SHS kids) and bagging out Dan Yim is probably not the most convincing strategy.
  8. bozo_at_oxford Bob McCowan (2)

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    Look, I may have been a bit pretentious in my last post, but, Tuamasaga deserves to cop a bit of what he hands out. Like ThatWasTheJoke said, making stupid claims which suggest that the person who was literally ranked the top speaker in Australia was disappointing is idiotic and quite frankly, representative of the intelligence the Association he presumably represents possesses.

    Were the Archdale-CHS debates unanimous/close?
  9. MiscDebater Frank Row (1)

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    From what I know, CHS firsts lost in a 2-1 split (couldn't tell you the adjs) which was close-ish. CHS seconds lost unanimously.
  10. MiscDebater Frank Row (1)

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    Also, although it is one of this forum's most glorious traditions to critique the overrated Stratton wannabee Dan Yim, he is a rather successful Stratton wannabee as far as they go, and having seen him debate, I would suggest it might be a little disingenuous to claim any feeling of disappointment towards his quite abundant knack for debating. No need to have a go, but even sillier to have a go out of patent jealousy.
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  11. Shortrep Peter Burge (5)

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    GPS Premiers

    1sts: High
    2nds: Grammar/High
    3rds: Grammar
    10A: Grammar
    10B: Grammar/Shore/Sydney Boys
    9A: Grammar
    9B: Grammar
    8A: Grammar/Scots/Shore
    8B: Scots
    7A: Riverview/Scots
    7B: Grammar/Kings
    7C: Grammar
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  12. ThatWasTheJoke Peter Burge (5)

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    Archdale winners?

    I know Barker won CAS again
  13. Shortrep Peter Burge (5)

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    From looking at the spreadsheet on the website, it appears that MLC won both in seniors and the overall shield.
  14. Shortrep Peter Burge (5)

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    Final GPS 1sts Debating Table

    7 Wins - High
    5 Wins - Grammar
    4 Wins - Scots, Joeys, Riverview
    3 Wins - Newington
    1 Win - Kings
    0 Wins - Shore

    Interesting to see a bit of a resurgence at the end putting Newington in a respectable position. They could potentially have a good season next year with 2 Year 11's in the 1sts this year.

    Any early predictions for next year? I don't know about Shore and Kings, but each of the other teams have at least one speaker returning to 1sts next year. The Grammar/High co premiership in 2nds also bodes well for them going into next season, along with both having returning speakers to firsts.
  15. ThatWasTheJoke Peter Burge (5)

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    Joeys should sink, Shore rise a bit, rest stay reasonably stable. Although a King's renaissance was all the talk a few years ago (2015 GnG!), that doesn't seem to have eventuated. Iggies hasn't recovered from its former glory, Scots remains strong. Grammar/High depends quite bit on scheduling and whether world's speakers are taken out, but it could go either way at this point, a co-prem for the first time in a decade wouldn't surprise me.

    Also second round of Reps should finish right about now, keen to see results.
  16. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    MLC have a fantastic team. I think they were extremely unlucky to lose the ISDA final to PLC.
  17. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    CAS 1sts lose to CHS in a unanimous decision, as was expected. Extremely messy debate which highlighted both teams' deficiencies in economic knowledge. CHS 2nd and 3rd speakers were particularly good, as was CAS 2nd speaker. I believe CAS had a different 3rd speaker to last week (from Knox so I assume their original 4th speaker) who was not much better than the 3rd speaker from last week. I don't know what the selectors are doing putting a state squad 3rd speaker in the CAS 2nds. I expect CAS to lose to an embarrassing degree against Archdale, who I assume would have easily brushed aside GPS.
  18. HoneyBadger Frank Row (1)

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    Archdale beat both GPS 1sts and 2nds, both split decisions. But wouldn't call it 'easily brushed aside'.
  19. MiscDebater Frank Row (1)

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    In Tuamasaga's rush to complain about CAS again (are they a disaffected CAS parent?? An Archdale supporter who deeply dislikes CAS??) they didn't mention the topics for reps debates, which were (or similar):
    1. That adolescents should be able to make autonomous medical decisions.
    2. That parents should be able to choose their child's gender.
    3. That we support the weakening of labour laws and protections in times of economic crisis.
    CAS v CHS 1sts did the labour laws topic and the 2nds did the gender topic -- in both debates CAS was AFF (and in the 2nds debates, CHS also won unanimously).

    Having watched the firsts debate, Tuamasaga's appraisal is rather hyperbolic. The debate was hardly extremely messy, becoming essentially a debate about the relative effectiveness of supply-side and demand-side injections in times of economic decline. CHS team had relatively good economic knowledge and CAS did rather well, considering none of the speakers study economics. There was some confusion from AFF about the nature of bailouts and stimulus packages, however that was probably the most messy the debate got. As for the omission of CHS 1st speaker, the artist formerly unknown (on this forum) as John Bivell, I thought he did quite a good job setting up the NEG's case and his economic analysis was central to the debate.
    CAS 3rd speaker, whatever Tuamasaga might say, was probably the best speaker on that team, and certainly not as bad as represented, having probably the most effective knowledge of economics of the AFF side, and being the only speaker to critique the effectiveness of existing labour laws and regulations. I don't know what Tuamasaga's vendetta is against CAS 3rd speakers, but they might try to be a little more accurate in their criticism after the final debate tomorrow.
  20. #1 Rugby Fan Bob McCowan (2)

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    MLC has great depth! Their Senior teams for ISDA (A's) and Archdale were pretty different, and both did incredibly well this season. A credit to the girls. Also to note a significant amount of debating at this level is luck of the draw given topic choices and strengths of teams, side coin tosses, etc.

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