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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2009

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by The Chosen, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. TOCC Guest

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    regards U20's, even if its just a mini-tournament between the australian and new zealand provinces that is more then enough, discard south africa to save costs.
  2. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Report from The Southport School - Aust A v NZ -
    NZ - 47 Aust A - 7

    The NZ team are not small - they are big - very big and have the athleticism of back and the strength of forwards.
    They opened the scoring in what would have been the first minute with a great try to their No15 Norman Goodes, converted by No10 - Lima Sopoaga. Keep an eye out for this kid - he is very ,very good. He set up many plays that resulted in tries and there weren't many that didn't have his hand print on them. He got a double himself and kicked a number of goals. His kick pass to his winger over a crowded three quarter line was a gem.
    NZ kept the scoring all the way through the first half with tries to No 4 Otenili Moala – a great runner with the ball, No 11 - Charles Piutau, Conversions and a penalty to Sopoaga with the half time score 27 - 0. If it wasn't for the bulldog tackling of Matty Lucas at 10 and Mat Garland at 11 the score would have been humongous. Curtis Browning was good, did a lot of work but became a bit too loose for mine, considering the ferocity of the NZ forwards, we needed more in the engine room.

    The second half was a bit more even however as NZ relieved some of their cattle for a rest, the Aus team made some changes but still just didn't commit to the breakdown. Again the NZ backs showed their class and whenever they spread it they looked like scoring. Ruka Hanlon came on for Lucas and immediately the Aust attack went forward and he set up a beaut try for O'Sullivan. The NZ backs held no respect for the Aus centres who gave little in defence.
    In all, the Aus performance was lacklustre to say the least. It lacked commitment and drive and it seems some players are a bit out of their depth here or were just overawed by the NZ players. Strange after standing nose to nose at the haka, then went to butter.

    Player notes for Aus A;
    No 1 - Sio - handled it well, always at the front, did some great work at the T/R/M
    No 2 - Marias - total workaholic as usual
    No 3 - Heather - totally unfit for this level, sadly lagged behind far too often
    No 4 - Hamilton - good in the lineout - won some very good ball
    No 5 - Cummins - as for No 4 - a good pairing
    No 6 - Browning – very good game, a tad too loose at times but was always working away. Showed he is not daunted at all at this level-
    No 7 - DeGuingand – nothing too impressive, not a lot of commitment today at the breakdown but seemed to be there most of the time.
    No 8 - Setu – total brain failure at one stage gifted a 3 pointer – seems to be back to his lazy days but seemed to be present when needed but just didn't make a big impact as he can do when he puts his mind to it
    No 9 - Lucas – clearly the best of the Aussie team, made tackles that a no 9 should have to make. A tad slow in passing from the breakdown however and the go forward stalled as a result. Nevertheless - a great game - my MOTM for the Aussies..
    No 10 - Godwin – no-where near this level, no spatial awareness, doesn’t have the penetration for a good 10 and seemed to do his own thing to the detriment of the outside backs – ball was scarce as it was and let too many opportunities go by. Made two woeful kick decisions that wasted good ball and gave the NZeders attacking opportunities, one of which resulted in a try.
    No 11 - Garland – one of the better games I have seen him play, great defence – unfortunately the inside backs didn’t think they should pass the ball – could have done a lot with some ball. Made a couple of poor decisions in the 2nd half but there wasn’t much option either. Tried very hard. Great defence - stood his ground in the face of some pretty solid attackers.
    No 12- Auva’a – great first half, very solid defence and was missed when he came off.
    No 13 - Apparently he had a good tournament in Sydney but showed nothing here today– killed the attack, no penetration and was scared at the tackle the NZ backs loved him.
    No 14 - Law – a reasonable game albeit a short one. Like Garland didn’t see any pill in the first half worth working with, good defence but with a massive No4 such as Moala running at you there isn’t much else to do but have a go which he did.
    No 15 - Moraghan – seemed a little lost today considering what he can do – really tried to make an attack but the defence was just too good, did nothing wrong but needed to spark a bit more - looked flat at times but the three quarters just didn't mesh with his style of play. Backed up well and really didn’t get too much in return.
    No 23 - Gilmore – came on for Auva’a – didn’t do too much – seemed lost but tried hard and made some hard hits and runs.
    No 22 - Eseika – came on for Law, scary in defence, seemed overwhelmed by the size of the NZ players.
    No 21 - Hanlon – came on for Lucas, lifted the attach demonstrably, a great sniping run from half way set up the only Aus try and he unselfishly passed to O’Sullivan for the touchdown. Very good go forward play.
    No 19 - O’Sullivan – very good presence, backed up very well, solid at the breakdown, make a couple of errors but seemed to make a difference. Very mobile player.

    For NZ, their No 10 Sopoaga is a gem. He controls the game very well, reads the play well and is a master distributor by hand or foot.
    No 6 - Tupe – very good at the T/R/M – solid worker, One of the better NZ forwards
    No 4 – Moala - a very young Ian Jones – will be a star – great loose work – runs brilliantly with the ball
    No 5- Luata – very good lock, combined well with his partner.
    No 7 - Cane - a very mobile player and always seemed to making a nuisance of himself to the Aussie pack.
    No 13 – Galo – a very destructive 13 – scary at times in attack and really intimidated the Aus 13.

    Best for Aus would have to be Mat Lucas for his never ending defence in the first half – for a little bloke he hit the big guys hard and others of larger stature should hold their man hoods cheap whenever in his company. Moraghan never gave up, Mat Garland defended very well and made a good break, Curtis Browning never gave up and will be a very good 6 in years to come I feel.

    It is going to take a massive effort from the Aussie team Friday night to overcome this awesome NZ team. I predict a 20 point win to the NZeders but gee I hope I am wrong.
  3. TOCC Guest

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    dam, thats a flogging
  4. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Whisperer how did Curtis Browning, Matt Garland and Liam Law play? Who were the Australian decent players?
  5. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Curtis was good - always there - a bit loose but did a lot of work. For his age he is not overwhelmed at this level.
    Matty Garland - good game, great defence, didn't get too many opportunities in attack. Tried very hard
    Liam Law - didn't see too much of him, replaced for the 2nd half. Again - no ball in attack.
    For the time he was on, Mat Lusas was the best for Aus. Moraghan improved in the 2nd half, Browning good
  6. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Yeah heard about Lucas in Sydney I thought they might have gone for him for the actual Australia team but shafted to the A team. Did very well in Sydney. Sounds like a trashing. The 8 to play on the bench will be announced tonight.
  7. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Sorry to double post some news just came in. Just heard that Joe O'Regan, Kyle Godwin, Waita Setu, Matt Lucas, Scott Sio and Joe Welsh are the reserves.
  8. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Thanks for that excellent report whispers. I didn't think we had the cattle across the park for Oz A to beat a good NZ team - and there are are lot of deficiencies in the Oz 1st XV also - although, perversely, there are more fine players in individual positions in the Ones than I can recall, for some time.

    There would have been a lot of Oz A lads who didn't live up to their promise in the national championship and even to their form against Tonga a little while ago, but those games were at an easier level of rugby and even though I have watched a lot of schools rugby, I realise you can never be sure if a lad can step up in class - especially in the engine room.

    It's the same for senior players isn't it? How many times have we seen a top club player not being able to take his game to the Super14 level yet another team mate can, or a good S14 player not be able to take his game to big test matches yet a S14 team mate of the same ostensible ability can?

    Don't agree with that, but that is neither here nor there. I saw all 4 games he played in the national tournament and wouldn't have picked him in the Oz Schools Ones team. He was only in the Qld II team and that looked right to me as Hanlon, the Qld I no.9, performed better than he did during the week and I thought that the NSW I scrummie Stirzacker was better than both of them.

    Glad Lucas had a good game yesterday. He's a brave rooster just like his brother.
  9. Geronimo

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    I think you will find Lee that he may be better than you rate. His brother played for my ARC team and hence I have watched him also. In Sydney, (I am told) he played behind a well beaten forward pack as distinct from the QLD 1 forward pack. Ruka is a good player (and from here at TSS) but his passing leaves a little to be desired. I watched Lucas at the 16's last year and he was very much with the pace. I also watched the game on Monday and I thought the only area that was scratchy was his work behind the breakdown where the Aussie forwards were well beaten and ball was loose with NZ forwards coming through everywhere. His defence was outstanding. Curtis Browning in my book was the only forward to maintain the rage with the possible exception of Ross Marais (I may be biased) but I thought he went OK
  10. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    I missed the Australian Championships thru being overseas & so I can't really comment on the Qld halves.
    However I have had the priviledge of watching Nick Stirzaker since he was a 10 year old- my son having beeen in numerous teams with him.
    He is one gutsy player and his technique/talent has developed into what is a very classy p-layer. His speed seems to have picked up this year and it was no surprise to me that he was the No.1 half-back picked. Wish him all the best for Friday- sounds like he will need it!
  11. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Yes in Sydney the QLD 2 forward pack was very disappointing in fact one of their bench players was probably their best players in the forward pack. It is mainly due to the poor selections which occurred. I certainly do rate Matt Lucas higher than Ruka Hanlon. However Stirkinzner I do not know or anything, he did look like the traditional type of halfback when I saw him play in Sydney. I was impressed with his performance.
  12. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    All thru the Bris GPS season Ruka has been the standout 9 - he is the best in attack, while mat is a great defender - but a tad slow in his delivery at times.
    If you want a go forward attack - Hanlon is far away the better but geez Lucas covers some grounfd in defence.
  13. Green and Gold

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    who do you reckon from aus a will make the tour?
  14. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    :fishing :fishing :fishing :fishing :fishing :fishing :fishing
  15. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    will be at Ballymore this evening - wearing the usual TSS cap, taking notes and will do a report.

    Word is that "rugby people" (read authorities )- are not happy at all wrt selections so far - considering the number of talented player overlooked by the 'teachers' and are sitting at home otherwise unoccupied.
  16. chief John Solomon (38)

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    You could certainly say that Whisperer, I know for one that I think that fact that there are only 3 QLD players in the backs, is very disappointing. Because I could think of a better combination in the centres. Time will tell, and we do indeed have Felsman on the bench to hopefully cover up for the possible mishaps which could occur today.

    Ladies & Gentleman, a lot of people will be there tonight. I know for a fact numerous teachers and students from the GPS schools will certainly be occupying seats. I think its gonna be tough, but I'm thinking NZ by 8.
  17. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    I'm leaning more to 20 points myself - that half to 13 combo is incredible. Funnily enough - I didn't think their wingers although of pretty reasonable size weren't all that procative on Monday and didn't go anywhere but their wing spot.
  18. Geronimo

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    After taking the arvo off and watching the game from the hill on monday it is hard to disagree with you RW. I would like to see a more abrasive effort from the aussies this time and I would also like to think the top team is indeed a significant level above the "A" team. I am looking for a closer game this time with the forwards commiting themselves and the backs to get in the face of the NZers and not let them have the space they so well used on Monday. I don't know anything about the southern members of our team but I am looking for the QLD members to put their stamp on the game. I have been told that we have some big boys in our side so size at least should not be a problem. Hope the heart is as big as well.

    Just on the side, I like my new avatar. Who gives you that and can I keep it?
  19. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Australian Schools lose 28- 24

    A bit disapointing. Blaming a bit on the coach didn't bring on the impact players earlier players got fatigued. I just have to add the referee tonight had a shocker. There were 3 instances where he could have bought out the cards but he kept them in. Poor refereeing by him, and I have seen him in Premier Rugby in QLD today was the first time i'd seen him card. Poor Poor refereeing.

    Outstanding players: Liam Gill, Chris Feautai, Hugh Roach, Paul Alo-Emile
  20. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Damn that's close.

    Feauai? No bad for a 15 y.o. is he? Gill - not bad for a fetcher of only 86kgs. PAE - not bad for a 120kg lad; carries his weight well.

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