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CAS Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. HeresToRugby Chris McKivat (8)

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    I suppose there's the thing. All schools have people playing out of position at the moment with injuries. The ones Joeys had out from Scots (week before) and after 6 minutes versus Waverley wouldn't have changed the result but certainly had an effect on the size of the win.

    I haven't seen so many injuries in recent memory from all schools so it's pretty hard to predict who's going to win what competition as each week goes by.
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  2. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Hasbeen and herestorugby,

    It wasn't the same team who played Joeys. there were 5-6 out and some playing in foreign positions.

    I am not suggesting they would monster Iggies but at full strength they would be a good bet eg look at the Joeys and New results.

    Herestorugby is obviously spot on, injuries etc can/do have an effect, but that depends on who and how many are out.
    If any team losses 1-2-3 main strike weapons, it can change everything depending on the strength of the opposition.
    I did think the 2 boys who came on for joeys v waves played really well, but losing 2 extremely capable boys is very tough.

    The only predictions we can make are based on who is available today, and might be coming back.

    I assume most peoples predictions are based on what they seen so far, and teams with their strongest outfits.
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  3. PickN_go Frank Row (1)

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    WLF, Any update on the Waverley injury front? Will all players be back on board this week.
  4. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    And estimating the depth of the players at the school is a factor to cover for injuries, i.e I assume the Barker win prediction is predicated on available depth in the current crop of players. If that were not true, then on any logical analysis so far Waves would be the logical winner
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  5. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    No not yet PickNgo, Waverley has a team app which is absolutely fantastic.
    You get updates/news etc each week, and it spoon feeds all parents.
    I assume all the schools have this or something similar, so to answer your question, we will receive an update on ALL the team selections by age and team, any time now.

    So far all the waves age groups have come out except the 16's and opens.

    I will let you know when these come out, it will either be tonight or certainly tomorrow at the latest!

    What school do you follow, and does it have this Team App?
    If not perhaps push the idea!
  6. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    You are on the money.

    The waves also has very strong depth but last week v Iggies it was an experimental team make-up, and interesting to watch, and had the very last pass of the day stuck, 2m out from the Iggies line, it would have been a Waves win. That's how close it was.

    Anyway, I can sense a strong underlying faith by the Barker folk, which is sooo good. Others have said that the Barker v Waves game at Barker could be a championship changer, not just the last game, Know v Waverley at Death Valley.

    This is what we need, and I think all want, a number of challengers!
  7. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Didn't barker get pumped by joeys seconds ?

    How did joeys Jude Gibbs go? Was barker full strength against joeys?

    Either way no one should be taking barker lightly.

    I gather hardaker is out . but most of the big guns are back. so aloys will def need to bring their A game, and hope Waverley backline is quiet

    Tipping Waverley win by 20+ simply on the back of their forwards
  8. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Ok PickNgo and SDW,

    The APP update re team selections has just come out for ALL ages and teams, so here is the 1st XV Waves team v Aloys this week.


    W McCormick
    W Johnston
    F Wright
    L Moretti
    H Whiteman
    F O'Sullivan
    J Ellis
    L Cornish


    M Bell
    L Rayner
    P Baldwin
    B Donaldson (c)
    L Wallace
    B Howard
    D Andrews

    B.Hardaker is out as expected, I am told to rest his arm, back soon.

    NO excuses now, this is a strong side and the pack is back!
  9. Mr Touch Finder Peter Burge (5)

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    Not that anyone cares or anything...

    Knox also had 6 players out for this Joeys game.

    Every team struggles with injuries week in week out, thats just the game of rugby!

    Each week the best 15 players from each school get to play, sometimes a school fields a stronger 15 albeit due to injuries.

    My point is that you can't blame losing a SCHOOLBOY game due to injuries. You either win, loose or draw. Cold hard facts, the team that scores the most points wins on the day. You just have to accept that and move on.

    Im glad Knox and Waverly played the GPS schools in trial matches. The games tested the boys and it sure will be a highlight of their schoolboys days.

    But it still is anyone's game. You can not look to hard at the results.

    Kings beat Waverly
    Knox beat Riverview
    Waverly beat Shore
    Knox beat Kings
    Waverly beat Joeys
    Newington beat Knox
    Waverly beat Newington
    Scots beat Knox
    Riverview beat Waverly
    Joeys beat Knox

    Out that the teams that both schools played;

    Waverly beat Newington and Joeys
    Knox lost to Newington and Joeys

    Knox beat kings and Riverview
    Waverly lost to Kings and Riverview

    Both schools have quality sides that play to their strengths. It just comes down to what team turns up on the day.
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  10. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Absolutely correct Mr TF,

    It will always boil down to the game at hand and who is on the team.
    The only games that the Waves lost was when key players were out, and as you say, for what it is worth, in the first trial v Riverview at QP, and both teams had a few out, the Waves won 67-12.

    The only consistent point is that when the Waverley side has been at full strength, it has won well.

    What was the Knox v Kings score?

    I also agree that playing the top GPS schools has been terrific, and absolutely everyone I have spoken to outside this forum - regardless of association is in full agreement, the interest level has been tremendous.

    We do now need a firmer comp/position on what this future may look like.
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  11. CatchnPass Vay Wilson (31)

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    "New imported backline"? Imported from where? Warrawee? All bar one have been there since year 7
  12. CatchnPass Vay Wilson (31)

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    By this logic the best team must be Knox who beat both Riverview and Kings. Much as I would love this to be the case, I suspect the result simply exposes flaws in the logic.
  13. Eyes and Ears Arch Winning (36)

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    Didn't Waverley play Riverview twice and Waverley won by plenty in the first match?
  14. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Yes Eyes and Ears, 67-12 but it was the very 1st game of the season, and both sides had quite a few out.

    All that matters now is our respective comps, but I think its the best preseason since the bloody silly, and limiting, home and away format was developed, not long ago.(Boring)
  15. Mr Touch Finder Peter Burge (5)

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    Kings lead 13-0 at half.

    "Kings were a worthy team. Their performance in the 1st half should have put them 20 points in front. However, this Knox team showed that they have something special. They can be solid in defence, and can put on the razzle-dazzle when they have the opportunities. In the end – they had won this titanic battle."

    - From match report
  16. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    RE Barker v Joeys 2nds I think the big cattle were out that day Sonny Dill if I remember correctly but Rod would know - I did not make the match
  17. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Thanks Mr T.
  18. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    In the Barker forwards, Reimer and Northcot were out against Joeys 2nds and Kitchener was out in the backs. No excuses Joeys deserved to win as Barker were like a stunned bunny in headlights in the 1st half. Joeys lead 21 nil at the break. 2nd half Barker turned up and scored 24 points but Joeys added 11 for a deserved win. 35/24 FT as I recall.
  19. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    without Reimer & Northcot. say no more . that is like playing a Waverley without Moretti and Cornish

    in schoolboy rugby, it's the high work rate forwards, with a bit of size that win matches, by setting a good platform

    I think Knox v Barker is going to be one of the great match-ups of 2017 . where is that being played, and when? I might make a rare trip to the dark-side ;)

    PS Rod, what is the ETA on your new grandstand . is it like Shore's ?
  20. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Um RS, I cant confirm re Northcot and Kitchener but your match report from Barker 1s V Joeys 2nds references Reimer as playing. Are you sure you don't mean the Barker 1s V Joeys 3rds game that Reimer was missing from?

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