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Highlanders Vs Western Force - Rnd 5 2014

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by ChargerWA, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. ChargerWA Mark Loane (55)

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    Sooo, can the boys back it up this week? The Force have had some success against the Highlander away in the past.

    Barring injury I would prefer to see the lineup unchanged. I think everyone earned the right to have another crack this week.

    The only place you might consider tinkering would be 13, but there really doesnt appear to be anyone putting themselves forward over Rasolea. But Chris Tuatara-Morrison must surely be gettting close to getting a crack after 2 years in the setup. If Foley doesn't give him a crack soon they might as well cut him.

    I tipped the Force last week, not yet decided if I am going to let it ride again this week. Normally a recipe for snake eyes.
  2. teach Trevor Allan (34)

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    Could be a cracker. Highlanders had a great start against the Blues, playing for the Gordon Hunter Memorial trophy, and a narrow loss against the Chiefs. I think if they come out firing the Force could be in for a long night. The Clan will have the students in The Zoo stand in full voice urging them on. University is back and the buggers haven't yet pissed away all their money.

    They have a potent attacking backline and their defence looks pretty good. Lineout looked to be pretty good. Penalty magnet Hoeata might be true to form though. The youngsters in the squad, and there are a few of them, may make the odd error, but I think the timing of the bye worked out perfectly for them. 2 tough games and then time to have a think.
  3. Moono74 Banned

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    Should be a good game and good conditions at FBS. The Force need to play the same team that took down the Rebels. Don't stuff round with a winning formula..even if it's only 1 game old.

    Highlanders are a good team and we will be in for a tough game. Have to watch out for Ben Smith and Aaron Smith. Sorry, how stupid of me.let me translate..thats Bin Smuth and Eron Smuth ;)
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  4. Bairdy Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    This will be a close game, if past results (19-18 to the Force home in 2013, 21-14 to the Force away in 2011) are anything to go by. Highlanders will have watched the replays of our first two matches, and look to dominate possession and the scoreboard in the first 20, and get off to a good start.

    I can't envision this match being decided by more than 9 points either way, but can never be too confident, even with such a comprehensive win on the weekend. The forward packs are about equal: we might have the edge in the backrow but Hardie, Christie, Manu etc. are certainly no mugs. Meanwhile, the Highlanders have the advantage in the backs.

    I will say, though, I wouldn't mind Adam Coleman starting alongside Steenkamp/Wykes, with the other on the bench: his 40 minute cameo was decent without overexaggerating; made good metreage with his carries, looked nimble jumping in the lineout (even stealing one off Hugh Pyle) and made 7 tackles. Plus, we could use a big bopper in the second row instead of two loosehead locks.

    In any case, the Force need to back it up or risk being put away if their attitude isn't right.

    Force by 4!!
  5. No4918 John Hipwell (52)

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    Will tip home advantage to get the Highlanders home. The Clans form is arguably better having pushed the champs and beaten the Blues.

    No one expected anything from these two sides so hopefully they come out and make it an entertaining game.
  6. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    Force left yesterday same 23 as sat night aswell as MMM.

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  7. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Is it usual to travel that early in the week for a NZ game?
  8. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    There's only one hour less time difference for Perth to NZ to Perth to SA.

    I'm guessing they're treating it like a South African tour and want to minimise the effects of the plane travel and adjustment to the different time zone by travelling early.

    The dumb thing with the draw is that the Force aren't playing their two NZ games in consecutive weeks but are instead coming back to the Perth to play the Chiefs next weekend.
  9. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    yeah I think it has to do with the fact we have to fly over there play 1 game then fly back (both games against NZ sides)

    We don’t usually leave till the Wednesday. I guess they are trying something different so there isn’t the compressed load of flying.

    Just shows again how disadvantaged the force when it comes to travel and the draw.
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  10. brokendown Ron Walden (29)

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    flying over for this game (have a function to go to in the wairarapa the following weekend-so what the hell)
    will probably be the lone Force supporter in the stands!
    will be a hard slog for the Force boys against a much improved Highlanders outfit
    looking forward to some cooler weather after this unrelenting heatwave in Perth
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  11. Bruwheresmycar Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Nah you're wrong this is just the start of our 2 week NZ tour. Next week is effectively an away game, Perth is Waikato 2.0.
  12. teach Trevor Allan (34)

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    You are in luck. Should be a pleasant 18-20 degrees dropping to about 12.
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  13. brokendown Ron Walden (29)

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    sheer luxury
  14. Moono74 Banned

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    Cow bell sales have gone through the roof.
  15. Bruwheresmycar Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I'll be taking my chainsaw.
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  16. qwerty51 George Gregan (70)

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    Real light pack named by the Highlanders, if the Force pack bring their same game from last week's 1st half they'll win in Dunedin again. I hope so just for maybe another classic post-match interview!
  17. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    Force Unchanged

    1. Pek Cowan
    2. Nathan Charles
    3. Kieran Longbottom
    4. Sam Wykes
    5. Wilhelm Steenkamp
    6. Angus Cottrell
    7. Matt Hodgson (c)
    8. Ben McCalman
    9. Alby Mathewson
    10. Sias Ebersohn
    11. Nick Cummins
    12. Kyle Godwin
    13. Junior Rasolea
    14. Luke Morahan
    15. Jayden Hayward
    16. Heath Tessmann
    17. Tetera Faulkner
    18. Ollie Hoskins
    19. Adam Coleman
    20. Brynard Stander
    21. Ian Prior
    22. Zack Holmes
    23. Marcel Brache

  18. teach Trevor Allan (34)

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    Highlanders v Western Force, Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin – Saturday 15 March, 7.35pm (NZ Time).
    1 - Kane Hames
    2 - Liam Coltman
    3 - Chris King
    4 - Jarrad Hoeata
    5 - Joe Wheeler
    6 - John Hardie
    7 - Shane Christie
    8 - Nasi Manu (co-captain)
    9 - Aaron Smith
    10 - Lima Sopoaga
    11 - Kurt Baker
    12 - Shaun Treeby
    13 - Malakai Fekitoa
    14 - Richard Buckman
    15 - Ben Smith(co-captain)
    16 - Ged Robinson
    17 - Matias Diaz
    18 - Craig Millar
    19 - Josh Bekhuis
    20 - Elliot Dixon
    21 - Fumiaki Tanaka
    22 - Hayden Parker
    23 - Phil Burleigh

    Unavailable due to injury:
    Brad Thorn (rib – 1 week), Patrick Osborne (ankle – 2 weeks)
  19. teach Trevor Allan (34)

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    They may be a little lighter, but with the inclusion of Hardie it may be a little stronger than the one that faced the Blues. Wheeler may not be a Brad Thorn but his extra height may prove useful.
  20. Forcefield Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I wonder whether the bye the Highlander had will be beneficial or not. The 'Landers might be fresher, but will the Force be more match hardened?

    Man for man, I'd say we had the edge, but it really depends on which Force team and which Highlanders teams turn up.

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