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Hurricanes v Reds

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by RugbyReg, May 17, 2018.

  1. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    When I saw him he had ice on a knee at did not look happy
  2. SOLE334 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    "According to stats he was the third most effective Reds backline defender tonight. Petaia didn't miss one of his 7 tackles (100%), Lance missed 2 of his 13 (85%) and Kerevi missed 3 of his 11 (79%). Then there was Stewart on 71%, Daugunu on 70%, Paia'aua 60% and Lucas 55%"
    Nature vs Nurture. Are these players 'cursed' with the cant#tackle#syndrome ? Or is there a flaw in their technique(body position and emotional management) when in the moment of executing a one on one tackle? One thing I believe in is, if you are willing to listen and you havent become too ingrained with bad defensive habits, then it is possible to be nurtured and guided back to the light of how to execute effective technique. This includes positional stance and keeping your emotions in check so you can read what the opposition is about to do and adjust accordingly.
    1. Kerevi's case. JB's try was his error for not trusting his inside man BLucas(he may have a legit reason:eek:). In BLam's try, he went too high on a huge man with power and was never going to win .Really needed to hit low and drive his powerful legs towards sideline there.
    2. Lance & Stewart. No worries with technique there. Perhaps just having an off night or not coping with the speed of Canes keeping the ball alive rather than the predictable one up , making tackles easier.
    3. Ben Lucas. Just not up to Super rugby standard Im afraid. Too old to learn new tricks. Should be immediately released to enjoy retirement in the green pastures :(.
    4. Daugunu. Small man on big man(BLam)uuummm he needed to rush him so he is not settle but instead allowed him to catch ball gather momentum and smack in to him. Unfortunately, Daugunu with all his electrifying speed and swerve, he has let in 5 tries in 2 games. Again having serious issues with the big poppas coming at speed. I Perese should have chatted to him about the art of rushing the big man before he gets his 12 cylinder engine purring.
    5. Paiaua is in the same mould of, little man needing to execute low tackles on the legs rather than going high.
    6. J Petaia. I must say I was a sceptic. I thought he held his own in a lacklustre Reds effort last wk against SUnwolves. His cover tackle on Michael Leitch to save a certain 5pointer was brilliant. Noticed he was slotting into the centres pushing Kerevi to the wing when defending in red zone. Where did he learn how to read and execute defense like that? League or GPS school? I thought he did a great job keeping the AB incumbent Nehe Milner-Skudder under check all night. Perhaps they should have swapped him with Filipo Daugunu?

  3. dru Andrew Slack (58)

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    Excellent work by the Reds last night. Congratulations to the team and to the coaching crew. Take a bow, Brad. But also, as usual, great work to the Hurricanes. Beyond reasonable expectations they had to work for that. They do have the winning habit.

    Very plesing to see at least one try completely from a set move. hats off the Brad.

    BPA looks Tupou like early on. Doing a mountain of work. Let's hope he can improve his throws.
    Some baffling scrum decissions again. This time not so much as the decission wasn't understandable, more that the ref changed his adjudication mid-stream. (Front row leaning in, "you've been doing it all night" - but allowed to settle as a practice.) Smith boys look solid.
    Agree with whoever said that Rodda looks like the hardest working forward in Aus at the moment. Glue the Red shirt on him.
    ASY is another for the future. Keep giving the bloke time.

    We can stop dissing Lucas. He is workmanlike but generally a steady hand. Yes there are better but recognise service given.

    Less said about Jono's kicking the better. I am really building in my impressions of Stewart. Did someone say he played loose forward at school? You can really see it. A real potential. Will he make a creative 10 though? Perhaps. One to watch.

    Petaia and Daugunu give some wide potential.

    Good to see Ready back, will need game time to sharpen up his Super skills. He sure will be missed at the Tigers this weekend.
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  4. jl75 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Well done to the Reds. Just trying to make sense of the TJ and ref episode again. If the winger doesn’t touch the ball the reds score. Originally the ref went to his pocket and then along comes TJ, has a chat they reviewed it and it’s classed as a knockon. So if he knocked it on isn’t that deemed as a knock down and a professional foul, especially when there’s a scoring opportunity there. Just confused how a ref can be persuaded. Just my thoughts.
  5. zer0 Dick Tooth (41)

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  6. dillyboy Jim Clark (26)

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    I hear there's a half decent half getting around in Qld clubland at the moment, I'm pretty sure he'd be keen for a game if asked.. ;)
  7. Ruggo Mark Ella (57)

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    No shame in losing games like that. Halves are a problem but it was a fantastic effort from the boys.
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  8. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Andre Watson wouldn't even let him speak
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  9. Up the Guts Mark Loane (55)

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    I remember when Andre Watson used to ping people for "lazy running," could use some of that these days.
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  10. Dan54 Mark Ella (57)

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    Actually the AR had already said something to ref.
    Why not concentrate on how well the Reds went last night? I thought they were bloody good, and whilst I am a Canes supporter and saw the dropped ball from them, I think at times it was because the Reds were flying up in defence so well. The young fellas stood up last night and kudos too them!
  11. Forcefield Peter Fenwicke (45)

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  12. Dan54 Mark Ella (57)

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    Yep jl, but the reasoning was he didn't knock it down he knocked it up and probably would of caught it if he hadn't been tackled without ball, and he could well of possibly scored the other end;). I actually think the ref got that one right, as it really just became a knock on!
    have to add the most spectacular thing I saw last night was Tupou's goose step, TJ did the right thing and went low, but that was a bit special seeing a prop step out of the tackle!
  13. TSR Peter Johnson (47)

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    Haha - that whole run was great. After watching Milner-Skudder get swatted Perenara must have thought he only hope was getting round the ankles. It is a joy watching a front rower that dynamic.
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  14. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Once he touched it he was fair game to be tackled. You can't avoid a tackler by juggling the ball.

    I think it should have been a penalty and yellow card. It stopped a Reds break.

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  15. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Let me guess: the ar lives in Wellington.
    Blokes have been yellowed for less.
    I am not a reds supporter, and I picked the canes.
    I want our losing streak to continue because it is the only chance that the sleep walkers in our game will do something but the nz officiating is utter crap, whether its deciding games or not.
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  16. Up the Guts Mark Loane (55)

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    To me it looked like Perenara used the old schoolboy smoke and mirrors trick of diving at the ankle tackle to avoid having to put the shoulder on. I don't blame Perenara either Tupou is insanely quick for someone that size.
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  17. bigmac Billy Sheehan (19)

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    That really takes the cake

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  18. Grant NZ Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Surely if he's fair game to be tackled he's close enough to catching the ball for it not to be a penalty?
  19. Zero_Cool Vay Wilson (31)

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    While I do think had we had a neutral ref (and more competent referee) we have more of a chance of winning that one. I do think all in all the Hurricanes were the better team on the day. That knockdown in every other game is a yellow card, far too many forward passes, knock-ons etc just ignored by the referee (that tended to favour the Hurricanes). While I don't think there was any deliberate bias the 'Canes got the 'bounce of the whistle'. But ultimately, the number 2 team in the comp was the better team on the day.
  20. Zero_Cool Vay Wilson (31)

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    Firstly, he's not 'being tackled', at best it's incidental contact that really had little impact. I'm not actually sure Daugunu actually held him even. But regardless of what's happened there have been too many instances of players going to make tackles who have 'knocked the ball down' that it's clear we largely ignore contact between teams. The rules are very clear, I think they are stupid, but they are clear. Except in New Zealand where apparently we don't give out cards or downgrade cards. or even just elbow people in the throat to score a try.
    My biggest issue with it is that last week O'Keeffe had probably the worst game I've seen from a referee in a while, then has a shocker again this week, and you can bet your house he'll have a big game next week.

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