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John I. Dent Cup 2019 - ACT Premier Rugby

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by RoffsChoice, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Last round coming up in what has been an interesting season.

    Eagles v Easts
    Tuggies v Royals
    Wests v Norths

    I have a feeling Vikings are going to do Royals and meet the Eagles in the major semi.

    That’ll leave a minor between Royals and a rejuvenated Owls.

    In other news - Robbo has stepped aside from the Wests Head Coach role - who will replace him?

    And also heard a whisper Easts are on the brink of folding at end of season. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    Semi final results

    Royals 21 def Vikings 13.
    Uni-Norths 25 def Gungahlin 19.

    Royals straight into the GF in 2 weeks, Vikings to play Uni-Norths next week.

    Disappointing end to the season for Gungahlin with 3 straight losses to Royals, Easts and Uni-Norths after leading the comp towards the end.
  3. forwards4ever Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Go Uni-Norths!!
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  4. Green grass Herbert Moran (7)

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    Get out to Parliament Hill tomorrow! What a day it is going to be. We made light work of Dara last week and are a good chance again tomorrow. I knew we’d beat the Eagles last week, we wanted it more.
  5. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    apologies who won the ACT comp?
  6. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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