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Manly 2015

Discussion in 'Manly' started by Dave Beat, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Some match report links below.

    Find third grade interesting - on paper the team is good enough to win the comp. 5 of the players have had time in ones, and just as many have started in twos this year. Boys go out and have fun, carve it up, support the ball and your mates.

  2. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    First Grade
    Dane Maraki
    Vance Elliot
    Andrew Collins
    Ed Gower
    Ryan Melrose
    Harry Bergelin
    Kotoni Ale (capt)
    Daniel Alley
    Matt Lucas
    Sam Lane
    Chris Yarrington
    Reece Hodge
    Dennis Pili-Gaitau
    Richard Hooper
    Brenden Hartmann

    2nd Grade
    Mitch Lewis
    John Wunder
    Jerome Vaai
    Will Cocker
    Angus Phelps
    Brad Meaney
    Mitch Daniel
    Vinnie Baranyi
    Tim Donlan
    Shaun Treweek
    Sireli Tagicakibau
    Sam Vaevae
    Ellis Abrahams
    Alex Northam
    Tom Chesters

    3rd Grade
    Alex Brand
    Ben Carolan
    John Baranyi
    Jack Wesson
    Wes Bindczus
    Vaka Manu
    Ethan Uili
    Kava Utoikamanu
    Adam Crerar
    Cam Mason
    Jack Wilson
    Peter Squires
    Ryan Squires
    Rory McGahon
    Mike Howard

    4th Grade
    Sosaia Soane
    Dane Le Rougetel
    James Young
    Dan Dressler
    James Watson
    Mark Watson
    Josh Littlewood
    Manuel Castagnet
    Nic Smart
    Cameron Duffus
    Kevin Reed Jr
    Anthony Bergelin
    John Fakai
    Sullivan Jones
    Harley Attwater

    Colts 1s
    Alefosio Tatola
    Scott White
    Peau Baranyi
    James Gourley
    Kerry Simpson
    Rohan Hedge
    Matt Schofield
    Scott Williams
    James Tahifotu
    Mat Arnold
    Austin Osagie
    Tom Morgan
    Jed Ibbotson
    Ben Crerar
    Brad Clarke

    Colts 2s
    Mitch Beattie
    Cyprus Tutunoa
    Wes Thomas
    Van Stewart
    Kevin O'Connor
    Siaosi Talarico
    Rhett Connolly
    Liam Ryan
    Kerrod Binge
    Dante Otto
    Oscar Mason
    Tom Langrell
    Ryan Prentice
    Harry Binsted
    Louis Dowling

    Colts 3s
    Michael Nicholls
    James Campbell
    Erik Jnr Ah-Kam
    Jordan Kennedy
    Cameron Signorini
    Max Norrish
    Junior Amituanai
    Nick Kemmler
    Connor McGrath
    Laurence Gay
    Liam Hilton Butt
    Tobias Pack
    Inoke Fakai
    Mitch Andrews
    Dyllon Peppernell
  3. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Back to back derby's - Norths this week.

    First time this year we've leaked a 4 try bonus point - big effort in D this week.
  4. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    How many injuries DB? Forward back looked like a Manly 2nd grade pack from earlier in the year.
  5. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Just one Kotoni.
    Chris Cocca started back in 3s this week.
    Porecki is in Sth Africa.
    Bergo was away.
    You need to give credit were credit is due - Norths loosies were good today they had more vigor at the break down.
  6. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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  7. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Sad to report the death of Brian Cox a couple of days ago. One of nature's true gentlemen.

    Manly 1st grade player, Waratah, Wallaby, grade referee, junior referee with Manly RRA, committee member, long-standing timekeeper at grade games and father of two Wallabies Mitch and Phil.
  8. wamberal Simon Poidevin (60)

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    I am old enough to have watched Brian Cox play - very limited memory of him but I do recall him as being a very neat, precise, passer. And a good runner with the ball.
  9. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    I recall as a 10 or 11 year old he refereed a game in which I was player and my father told me that the ref was an ex-Wallaby. Impressed me at the time and just as much now.

    I wonder how many of our current generation of Wallabies will be refereeing 11 year olds or running touch for 3rd and 4th grade or keeping time at grade games?
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  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Maybe not Manly 2015 but MMM related news none the less:


  11. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Something different been a bit quite this year, and now we have 3 rounds remaining -
    Time to start building.
    Defensive chatter.
    Support the ball.
    Bring the Boots.
    Game plan, and play it - Highlanders brought it and showed it.
  12. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    While yesterday's win was quite good, the negative for me was that we let Norths in for a soft try just before half time and two fairly soft tries in the last 10 mins. We really should have put them away.
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  13. Johnno40 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    The same could be said about Norths , poor pass led to a intercept try to the Marlins , poor kick and a charge down another try to Malins ,I dont think either side played well.
    I hear there is a little unrest at the Marlins at the moment?
  14. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Interesting -

    I was disappointed that we didn't put another 30 points on the board.
    Norths had 10 points on the board with less than 10 to go,
    - poor kick or a prop being on the ball for the charge down.
    - poor pass, or a good read with the intercept.

    I never choose to guess about unrest in other camps just in case I'm off the mark - whilst I'm not at training, and not in the change sheds I could only guess there is some healthy competition.
  15. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Manly need little motivation as they prepare to head up Pittwater Rd to put right a major wrong from last year.
    Almost 12 months ago, the Marlins were undone by a committed, fast and enterprising Warringah side at Pittwater Rugby Park.
    Rats supporters partied like it was 1999 – which was roughly about the last time they beat Manly.
    The memory of that day has been stored away by the boys in blue and will be used as motivation next Saturday.
    And the mind games have already begun.
    "The Rats are awesome. They are the team to beat at the moment. They are killing good teams," Manly coach Damien Cummins declared with a straight face minutes after Saturday's 39-24 win over Norths.
    "Beware of the Rats."
    Turtle knows his team will need to play for the full 80 to see off our friends in green and that's why he was a little dirty Norths weren't put away.
    Manly led 22-0 and 39-10 before lapses at the end of each half let the Shoremen get closer than they deserved.
    "That irks me. The last five minutes of the first half they scored 10 and the last five they scored 14 – so that's 24 points in 10 minutes," Turtle pointed out.
    "I say to the boys coming off the bench that they've got to make a difference.
    "If you've got a soft belly in the last five minutes of each half, you'll lose the big games.
    "But for 70 minutes we were good. Our set piece was excellent. We got a lot of pay out of scrum and the lineout was very good.
    "We can be pretty pleased overall."
    The Marlins scored six tries in all – and the one that brought the house down was a charge down from prop Dane Maraki early in the second half.
    The beared front-rower chased the ball into the in-goal but it looked like a Norths players would win the race only for him to do a Steve Bradbury and leave the Great Dane to dive on the pill.
    "I think it was a case of the tortoise winning the race," he said at fulltime.
    "I didn’t think there was anyone chasing and then I saw a red and black blur go past and thought he had it…then it popped up.
    "I thought those days were gone. I was pretty stoked."
    As for Maraki's overall assessment of Manly's performance?
    "I think it was pretty good. We just have phases where we switch off which we're trying to eradicate.
    "We need to be better than that. We will go up there (Rat Park) keen for a bit of revenge."
    Apart from Maraki, fly-half Sam Lane, centre John Fakai, backrower Mitch Daniel and winger Richard Hooper were the Marlins' best.
    In a nice touch after the game, Turtle invited some young fans into the dressing-room to join in the Manly Boom Boom victory song.
    The coach even covered their young ears for the more risqué parts…
  16. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    It was meant to be the local derby warm up down at the village green. A game that we were expected to win but definitely a case where expectations needed to be left in the change rooms. The last time the teams met it was a high scoring affair with an expansive game and good ball control (Manly won 46-28).
    Early on our tries came from straight running and supporting the ball. When that happened it was great to watch. The first one came with inside centre Sammy Vaevae running onto the ball, breaking Norths open centre field and carrying it deep into the North’s half. He dropped the ball to onto his left foot and winger Sireli gathered the ball to cross for our first.
    It was then a case of a lot of dropped ball and the lead changing in a rather scrappy affair. North’s crossed for two tries off scraps where greater commitment for the ball may have shut down their play.
    However, again it was straight running with good support that gave us the lead at oranges. Chris Yarrington playing at fullback this weekend took a centre field bomb and spun between two defenders before some good passing had Timmy Donlan crossing under the sticks.
    The second half was played much like the first; plenty of ball not sticking and the statistician wouldn’t have had too many 7+ phases recorded. Whilst you would like say that we had the game under control, to be down 17 – 24 wasn’t in the script.
    Again it was a straight running Sammy Vaevae that bent and broke the line and he crossed adjacent to the posts. More straight running and supporting the ball saw Sammy’s second and the scoreboard showed the final score of 34 – 24 bonus point win.
  17. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    And some mermaids also came down on Saturday arvo - start about a minute twenty in;
    Some good genes in this side Ofahengaue, Hingano, Crerar, with some touchies thrown in.

    3rd grade
    was a close encounter and a game that should have been won, said that a few times this year. Ben Carolan had a huge game playing flanker, cover huge ground and crossed for 2 tries.
    It was also a very impressive scrum, but set pieces don't win games. Whilst 3s are out of final contention I reckon allot of the boys will end up getting game time through the finals - so they'll need to keep fit.

    4th grade
    Got the win and didn't get to see much of the game.
  18. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Very disappointing performance against the Rats yesterday. Played well for 20 minutes out of 80.
  19. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Strong 25 minutes and hmmmmm
  20. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Not many. I remember Warwick Waugh referring a few of my under 14s games for school. Got to play a few games with him towards the end of his rugby journey too. A lot better player than he was a ref lol.

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