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Michael Foley should do the honourable thing and resign

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by ChargerWA, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. ChargerWA Mark Loane (55)

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    The time has come. With a winning percentage of 29% including the anomaly season in 2014 with 9 wins, the start of season 2016 proves comprehensively that Michael Foley does not have the skills to recruit, train and coach a side to win at this level.

    With some genius having signed up Foley till the end of 2017 the Force do not have the financial resources to pay him out. I submit that he should do the honourable thing and resign.
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  2. liquor box Ken Catchpole (46)

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    The problem is that if he is the type of person who quits then he would be an even worse coach.

    People at this level always believe they can win.

    That being said he should quit
  3. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    After Foley returned with the Tahs after their triumphant tour of SA in 2012.(was it 6 or 9 straight losses?)
    He suggested that maybe they should re task him to be the forwards coach the following year.When the Blazers had finished their review,and decided that he could keep his job as head coach.
    Foley did the only sensible thing & got a new gig with the Force.
    After all,no one wants to report to absolute fools...
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  4. Gnostic Mark Ella (57)

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    I wouldn't hold your breath, he'll have a spread sheet to show you how the Force have actually one their games.

    It never ceases to amaze me how shite the Australian Rugby management is at all provinces.

    1. Force - sign Graham with no real results or background as a head coach. They then sign Foley after he (with Hickey and Link) led to the almost total collapse in the supporter base. What has changed with Foley? He got very poor results with the Tahs considering he had Wallabies in almost every position. Then they sign him to an extended contract. Now they need to be bailed out by the ARU.
    2. Brumbies - under Police investigation and needing the PR of ACT government and ARU bank type "guarantee". Enough said.
    3. Reds - sign Graham after his brilliant showing with the Force and still doesn't have any results worth putting in a CV to get the head coaches job. Then they re-sign him only to help him out the door three weeks into the new year. Massive financial loss after being the only financially viable province for many years.
    4. Tahs - they have never recovered from the Link/Foley/Hickey risk free rugby plan that might have seen them make the finals but nobody was watching by then so it didn't matter. They have made a nice paper profit in the last year or so, but one year out of how many.
    5. Rebels - how many bail outs have they had? Yes they are trying to play some decent Rugby and could well finish 2nd in the Australian conference but IMO that is nothing to crow about. The standard has been very poor this year. How is the support base "growing" in Melbourne. About the same as the Force static at best.
  5. dru Steve Williams (59)

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    Whatever the background, Aus rugby is not being served well by this coach.
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  6. Nulla Frank Row (1)

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    Gnostic - You have articulated it well.
  7. TOCC Guest

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    3 years in a row if my memory serves me correctly.
  8. Brumbieman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    To be replaced by whom?

    People think the lack of playing quality is the issue in Aus; it's not.

    We have, in the competent coaching column, IE a coach who could successfully coach a Super rugby level team.


    Larkham, only just too, it would be interesting to see how he went if he had Foley's playing squad.

    Of that list, shit management and lack of foresight has lost two of the top three to us, with one of them GOING TO FUCKING ENGLAND TO COACH THEIR FORWARDS HOW TO BASH OUR'S UP!
  9. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    To be replaced by anyone. Foley really needs to go. Beyond laughable now.

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  10. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    does the ARU have a plan for coach development, i assume that there are still all the coaching courses in place, but a true mentoring plan to develop talent and keep it in the country and bring it through to NRC and then Super level. after last nights game against the Highlanders what struck me most (part from the Rebels lack of speed) was the gulf in skills between the playing groups, this is the most urgent problem i see.
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  11. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    He should give notice, and allow the franchise time to find an adequate replacement.

    He should not just cut and run, he should do the honourable thing which is to admit he is not up to it, but offer to bridge the gap.
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  12. Ozee316 Ward Prentice (10)

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    The force can recruit internationally. There are some good coaches floating around. Gibson at the Waratahs has served a long apprenticeship at the Crusaders and Waratahs but we still don't know if he has the goods as a head coach. Larkham either. Reds and Force need to have a Global search. The coach of the Melbourne Rebels is good Hugh McGahn.
  13. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Judging by his refusal to demote either Paddy Ryan or Angus Ta'avao, he fucking doesn't.
  14. TOCC Guest

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    Why is it just on the coach, the board have something to answer for as well.

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  15. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Agree with that TOCC. there doesn't seem like there are a great deal of quality rugby coaches on the market at the moment either. If the NRC were a couple of years older it may have put a few names forward.
  16. brokendown Ron Walden (29)

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    you are talking about the Reds aren't you TOCC?
  17. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Not too sure that there would be too many from down our way.
    - Jim Williams, Peter Playford, Darren Coleman?
  18. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    wrong sport, wrong country, it's Tony McGahan, i can see why you made the error, and i agree he seems to be doing an OK job so far. ask me again in about 10 weeks or so.
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  19. Gnostic Mark Ella (57)

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    I have harped on about it on another thread, but with regard to the ARU's funding of development programs in this country.
    1) For years many have called for a "front row/scrum school" to provide consistent technical training to scrums throughout the country at all levels. Just have a youtube search of Mike Cron and you will see school boys getting in depth coaching in technical aspects not just a meet and greet saying how great it is to see you all. So where is it? Instead we get coaches who have never been properly developed themselves, whos only qualification is being a former player in Cam and Andrew Blades.
    2) Referees - since Stuart Dickenson retired we haven't had a test referee from Australia. Andrew Leeds may get some games but is there abybody below him in serious development? Where is the plan. Without high levels refs we cannot get a high level game.
    3) Training in general at the elite level. Apart from the prodigious talents at each side how many players actually develop skills in which they were weak when they came onto the elite scene? I cannot think of one, excepting Beale's defence. AAC left Australia still unable to pass effectively from both hands, a cardinal sin IMO from a player who played more than 100 times for the Wallabies. Folau still cannot kick effectively under pressure. These are base skills that should have been addressed. I find it amazing that the old amateur players could kick the old leather ball further and more accurately than the modern boys can.
    4. Coaches - we have many good coaches in the country that need development and mentoring to make the step up to become effective head coaches. Coaches like Michael Foley, who was at one time the premier forwards coach in the country. I do think at the time of his signing Deans was seen as a candidate to fill this mentor role, pity they didn't look deeper and find there was nothing underlying the surface success in an established world's best system. I fully expect Foley will be discarded after the Force failure, and perhaps rightly as he really hasn't learnt (but then who was there teaching him?) just as Mooney was. It is a gross waste of talent in a shallow pool.
  20. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Our biggest single deficiency is in kicking.

    To put it mildly, we stink. Out of hand, from the ground. Chip kicks, box kicks, kicking for territory, we cannot do it.

    It is bizarre given that the major winter code is built around kicking. Is there something we could learn from the AFL?

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