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National U/16 Championships 2013

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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    Country 22 v WA 31

    2 teams still looking for their first win. Both teams had shown glimpses of potential coming in but it is fair to say neither had played consistent whistle to whistle rugby.

    The first 8 minutes were an arm wrestle with the game being played between the 22’s. At 0-0 and with both defensive lines holding firm, it was no great surprise that WA elected to take points after being awarded a penalty 30m out. (3-0)

    Whilst the kick was readied, the referee took the opportunity to speak to the Country captain about repeated offsides. WA took possession from the restart and almost immediately the overly keen country defence infringed again and the resulting yellow card handed the momentum firmly to WA.

    WA pushed into the Country 22 where yet another offside handed Gold another 3 points. (6-0). The referee put the Country captain on notice that another yellow was imminent unless the steady flow of infringements ceased.

    Unfortunately the warning was not heeded. Another restart, another offside and another yellow card, this time to Country’s hooker .

    With the clear advantage WA pressed strongly, gaining territory with hard running before crashing through for a well worked try. With the conversion, the advantage was extended to 13-0.

    WA then made full use of their numerical superiority, moving the ball wide and, with good hands and strong running, twice found the left hand corner. 25-0

    From that point Country started to roll. With sustained pressure, and a full complement of 15 players on the park, they forced forward. A try in the left hand corner was an appropriate reward for effort. No conversion so 25-5.

    Country then moved swiftly back into WA territory, bullocking the ball down the left hand side of the field before moving the ball crisply right for another try. No extra points 25-10.

    Half time.

    With the weather turning foul, grinding rugby was the order of the day. 6 minutes in, Country narrowed the gap with a 5 pointer and a further 2 added with splendid conversion from out wide.

    WA struck back rapidly with 3 points to keep a healthy buffer.

    Country then began to push back into offside territory, gifting WA another 3 points and earning another warning from the referee.

    Both teams were playing tough, no compromise rugby in the wintery conditions with Country perhaps having the better of the going, stringing together multiple phases through the close in runners. They finally got their reward with a defensive lapse allowing a stroll through try. No conversion 31-22.

    With 3 minutes to play WA lost a player to the sin bin. Country continued to push forward, grinding their way in WA territory but to no avail with the clock running out with the final score at 31 -22.

    This was a thoroughly entertaining game between two tough, motivated teams. The difference probably came down to 2 factors. Firstly Country failing to adjust to the referee’s desire to keep the defensive line in place and secondly the superb effort of WA’s Nicholas Jooste, who made 6 from 7 kicks in very trying conditions.
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  2. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  3. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  4. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  5. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  6. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  7. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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  8. juniors spectator Stan Wickham (3)

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    There seems to be less interest on GAGR re the 16s Nationals than in previous years.the standard this year does not seem as high as previous. Perhaps there are less gaggerlanders in attendance?
    The main game tomorrow will be a tussle between schools and Qld red but the favourites would have to be Qld. Their forwards should dominate and if their centres perform as well as they have they will win by a whisker.
    An interesting combination would be the forwards of Sydney with the backs of schools!!
    Sydney should win over Qld white if their discipline holds and if all turn up.they seem to lose concentration at some point but rally at the end.
    Interesting talking to some parents of the NSW schools team.they have heard nothing about the Junior Gold cup??? Will it be composed mainly of club players in Sydney? Or are the schools just not promoting it??
    Otherwise an interesting week of 16s rugby.how does Queensland manage to train their players to compete so well for the ball???some good 7s in the making!!
  9. Top Cat Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Great report Delphy and a well deserved win by WA.

    Spectators may complain about the officials, and yes they do make mistakes, but Country lost simply because of lack of discipline and not sticking to the basics of the game.

    The infringements resulted in two players being yellow carded and off the field together most of the time. This cost Country big time but unfortunately even with a full compliment on the field the basics of rugby went out the window.

    At one stage the whole of the Country team except the right wing were on one side of the field chasing and following the ball as WA attacked. Two quick passes out and it was four WA players against the one Country winger. At this level you just can't go AWOL, but guess which player got taken off at half time..

    I have read the book 'How to play Rugby Union for Dummies' book but can't find the section that explains why it is best to grubber kick the ball to the opposition after taking it down the field 95m.

  10. Top Cat Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Here is the link to the first half which took 6 hours to upload four minutes of video :eek:

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  11. The Spectator Herbert Moran (7)

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    The standard would be higher if the best 16 year old players were chosen for the teams - remember that two outstanding 16s in Schools are n't playing - Hutch and Kennewell - they would have added some razzle dazzle. Might be similar for Qld. We all know boys who have some real talent who aren't playing which is a real shame and some boys who are there and are passengers.

    Agree with a true NSW 1 team - it would be a pleasure to watch. A NSW 2 team would also be handy. It is time for the nepotism and mini-fiefdoms to be broken down in Schools and Sydney Juniors to replicate the Schoolboys pathways.

    Re Gold Cup, a lot in SChools would either by "doing" NGS or don't really need to as they are playing 1sts for their schools.
  12. Ruck & Maul 101 Allen Oxlade (6)

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  13. Ruck & Maul 101 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I agree that there should be NSW 1 and 2 but am interested to know who you think should be there that isn't
  14. number 6 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Top Cat,

    Thanks for posting the link. Mind you as a NSW Country fan that was hard to watch. Schools looked pretty clinical in the backline, it was a shame the Country #9 Baker wasn't on the field during that time, I was looking forward to seeing how he was performing.

    Good luck with the rest of the tournament for whoever your boy plays for, if he's part of the School's side then it sounds like their game against QLD will be a cracker!
  15. Delphy Ward Prentice (10)

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    Top Cat, I hope my report wasn't seen as being critical of the officials.

    My impression was that the referee saw 2 patterns emerging that he didn't like. Firstly Country getting offside and secondly WA not making enough of an effort to roll away.

    Both sides got clear warnings. WA did enough to avoid sanction, Country did not adjust and got hammered.

    As long as the referee is consistent with the rulings and give fair warning, players know what they are working with.
  16. Colin Windon Herbert Moran (7)

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    Well done to both WA and NSW country for a competitive campaign. Both are great nurseries for Australian Rugby, one emerging and one historically a rich source of talent.

    Looking through the NSW and Sydney ranks (and possibly Qld with its northern NSW linkages) for this competition, there are many of these boys who head home to NSW country for their holidays.

    The boys and parents of NSW country should be proud of their efforts in this competition and also the contribution of NSW Country to the Rugby landscape over many years.
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  17. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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  18. George Smith Ted Thorn (20)

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    Championship Final: Qld Red 31 def NSW Schools 7
    Riverview; Warm 20 deg with a puff of breeze

    Today Qld Red dished out the same punishment that NSW Schools gave to their second Qld team (Qld White) yesterday. NSW were never in the hunt and struggled for everything all day.

    Schools started with their 19 lock (Gittoes) ,21 half Goddard), wing 23 (Cullen) and Qld with their two back up props 17 (Stowers), 18 (Flitroft)

    The Scoring
    Qld running towards the scoreboard started the scoring with a neat backline passing across to the left of the field then chipped kick downfield leaving Schools at ‘sixes and sevens’ for left winger Sam Edwards (#14) to score in the left corner.

    Soon afterwards Qld were back in the faces of the NSW Schools players and spun it right for their other winger to score, Dean Bender (#11) in the left corner. Eli Pilz (#9) converted. Qld were punishing the Schools team as they scored both times off missed tackles.

    Another error by Schools from a loose pass by their captain, Jack McGregor (#10) and Qld picked the loose ball up and ran 60m to score under the posts by Izaia Perese (#13). Pilz (#9) converted easily and the score was suddenly 19-0 after 25mins!

    NSW malaise continued. After Qld’s #14 was yellow carded for knocking the ball down in the red zone they couldn’t convert. Poor passing, lost line-outs and dropped crash ball, all in the attacking zone, saw NSW scoreless for the half.

    The second half was no different to the first. Schools switched their 5/8 and fullback in a bid to get a better attack. However, Qld applied unrelenting pressure through wide and hard running, especially by the blockbusting centres (Calvin Pritchard #12 and Izaia Perese #13) and soon they added another try. Their hooker Josh Webb (#2) scooted down the try line to score a spectacular try around the corner post.

    Through another 4 missed Schools’ tackles Qld attacked from 50m out and their left winger Sam Edwards (#14) scored his second try in the popular left corner. Pilz (#9) converted and the score was 31-0.

    Schools had their best scoring opportunity after 60mins of playing where they attacked several times Qld’s tryline only to be repelled. After an impatient/desperate loose pass by the #15 (Maddox) Qld scooted downfield and after a couple of phases found themselves 75m downfield and attacking yet again. Schools then regrouped and won a tighthead scrum that allowed their enterprising centre, Luke Lough (#12) to score near the posts with McGregor making the conversion. After another 5 minutes the ref called full time with the scoreboard showing Qld Red 31 defeated NSW Schools 7.


    The Qld centres , Calvin Pritchard #12 and Izaia Perese #13 were dangerous all day. They ran hard & fast, tackled hard and caused all sorts of issues to the Schools team whenever they were near the ball. Of the forwards, Angus Scott-Young (#5) played like his heritage and was unrelenting and tough around the pigpen.

    Many of the Schools’ star players couldn’t get into the game today. This was more due to the excellent work of Qld Red than just having off days. However, Nat Gittoes (#19) justified his starting run-on with a solid game all day. Jack Maddox (#15) tried valiantly both at full back and fly half (in the second stanza) which provided short sparks of hope rather than anything concrete.

    Qld Red played to the GaGr-land predictions of last night. They were too big, too tough and too fast for NSW Schools. They successfully shut out Schools for 95% of the game and never looked like being in trouble.
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  19. The Spectator Herbert Moran (7)

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    Sydney beat Qld White 27-7. Disappointing result for NSW Schools. Maybe time to push for NSW 1 and 2 and really put up a talent show to stop Qld dominance of carnival.
  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Full Results List
    MATCH DAY 1 September 30th, 2013
    POOL A
    Qld White 36 d NSW Country 8
    NSW Schools 40 d Western Australia 3
    POOL B
    Qld Red 57 d Victoria 24
    Sydney Juniors 37 d Brumbies 15

    MATCH DAY 2 October 1st, 2013
    POOL A
    Qld White 37 d Western Australia 15
    NSW Schools 33 d NSW Country 17
    POOL B
    Victoria 45 d Brumbies 5
    Qld Red 22 d Sydney Juniors 15

    MATCH DAY 3 October 3rd, 2013
    POOL A
    Western Australia 31 d NSW Country 22
    NSW Schools 30 d Qld White 7
    POOL B
    Sydney Juniors 20 d Victoria 15
    Qld Red 36 d Brumbies 8

    MATCH DAY 4 October 4th, 2013 – FINALS
    7th/8th Playoff Game
    NSW Country 20 d Brumbies 15
    5th/6th Playoff Game (DIV 1 PLATE FINAL)
    Victoria 36 d Western Australia 17
    Bronze Medal Playoff
    Sydney Juniors 27 d Qld White 7
    Qld Red 31 d NSW Schools 7

    MATCH DAY 2 October 1st, 2013
    National Indigenous 115 d Tasmania 3
    South Australia 50 d Northern Territory 7

    MATCH DAY 3 October 3rd, 2013
    South Australia 65 d Tasmania 0
    National Indigenous 62 d Northern Territory 0

    MATCH DAY 4 October 4th, 2013
    Northern Territory 38 d Tasmania 12
    National Indigenous 33 d South Australia 14

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