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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Michael_Pooper Frank Row (1)

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    Too true RL!

    The other half told me she'd seen some people hauling in around 20 bottles of tomato sauce. Next thing you know I'll be wiping my ass with all the Waverley programs I've received over the years.
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  2. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Not quite, approx 3-4 are not doing the HSC out of a squad of 50. Which is probably the same ratio as other schools.
    It would be horrible if all the year 12 boys from all the schools had their golden moment taken away, let's hope and be positive that all will be well.
  3. WTF? Alfred Walker (16)

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    Genuine question, how do you do year 12 and not do the HSC? Is there a provision in schools to be there just for sport purposes only? If so, I had no idea!!
  4. Number 7 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Neither did I until I found out last year that my Godson + a number of his cohort didn’t do the HSC at their GPS school, many of whom were coincidentally in the 1st or 2nd XV. I’ve subsequently found out that it goes on at a few of the GPS schools. It kind of goes against the “we develop well rounded students” ethos that they all espouse on their websites IMO.
  5. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Fair question WTF, things are a bit/lot different then the good ol days.
    These boys, like others in other schools, will get their HSC by completing year 12 but doing subjects that are not Uni related, ie they are not doing an ATAR, does that explain it?
  6. formerflanker Bob Davidson (42)

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    Spot on.
    Students can "do their HSC" by studying the compulsory English course and then focussing on vocational subjects like Hospitality, Construction and Business Services.
    There is no need to apply for an ATAR for university entry: a Certificate II is awarded for the vocational subjects and provides a pathway towards those areas of work and further education in those subject areas.
    Additionally, at least one school in the past had students studying University College subjects whilst in Years 11 and 12, allowing a "back door" entry to uni without having to compete for a high ATAR.
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  7. The Ballkid Herbert Moran (7)

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    Any updates about what is going to happen with the upcoming season / trial games in wake of coronavirus??
  8. Referees_rule Frank Row (1)

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    News just in, Trinity has cancelled all pre season trials. At this stage 5 CAS rounds will still be played, but no trials.
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  9. Onside Stan Wickham (3)

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    Message from Barker Headmaster Tuesday 17th.
    Today I met with the Heads of the other CAS schools to discuss the continuation of the sport program for the remainder of Term 1 and into Term 2. CAS schools resolved to suspend ALL competition and inter-school play until May 31. This decision also includes IPSHA, ISA and District sport.
    The planned sport trials for Saturday 21 March are also cancelled.
    We regret the disappointment that this necessary decision may cause to our community.

    Barker will continue to run its mid-week sport training program for the time being. There will be no Saturday sport commitments or weekend co-curricular activities for the remainder of the term.
  10. Mr Huge Frank Row (1)

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    Pretty sure all CAS parents have this by now, CAS schools resolved to suspend ALL competition and inter-school play until May 31. This decision also includes IPSHA, ISA and District sport.
    Looks as though the CAS/GPS "trial" rounds are cactus, and R1 and R2 which are in May. With SJRU putting a ban on everythingincluding training until the end of April, season looking shaky.
  11. MarkG94 Frank Row (1)

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    Waverley college 16As predicted

    1. Aj preketes - nsw, roosters
    2. Jasper doyle
    3. Metui fuka - nsw
    4. Pat hogget - roosters
    5. Jesse sonego
    6. Baxter senior - nsw, roosters
    7. Ethan halatokua - nsw
    8. Lucius cappadona - roosters
    9. Tom martin - nsw
    10. Nick quinn - dragons
    11. Ronan schocher
    12. Max harrison
    13. Miles minto
    14. Tj speedy-coe - nsw, roosters
    15. Dane towns - nsw, roosters
  12. The Ballkid Herbert Moran (7)

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  13. Waverley Till I Die Frank Row (1)

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    Yes I totally agree, I have Tom Martin as front runner for captain this year
  14. Waverley Till I Die Frank Row (1)

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    Team looks strong but I reckon Waverley boys will feed them
  15. Waverley Till I Die Frank Row (1)

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    Waverley College 1st XV Predicted Lineup
    1. Max Farmeary (15C)
    2. Jim Waterhouse (2XV)
    3. Ben Dunning (2XV)
    4. Clem Halaholo (16A)
    5. Charlie Barber (2XV)
    6. Will Baker (1XV)
    7. Asolelei Fretton (1XV)
    8. Davvy Moale (1XV)
    9. Klayton Thorn (1XV)
    10. Emmanuel DiBartollo (1XV)
    11. Aaron Dimovitch (16A)
    12. Ronald Volkman (1XV)
    13. Jordan Swann (1XV)
    14. Christian Smirnotis (16A)
    15. Harjot Mand (16B)
  16. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    You just burnt yourself, I just heard the bell ring, go back to class!
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  17. Barker3peat Frank Row (1)

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    What happens to M Amestero of Waverley? Didn’t he have another year?

    I imagine no comp this year, but Barker 1st XV boys are still training just in case there is a chance of games ahead!
  18. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    the 4sqm rule is going to kill off any training now surely.
  19. Barker3peat Frank Row (1)

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    We have trained most of this week.

    I imagine everyone else is doing the same. CAS games will be better, no injured players from trial or rep games.
  20. Running_rugby_1954 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Rules still don’t apply to Barker eh?
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