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NSW club rugby thread

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by naza, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    Probably the best game played all season. Good old fashioned gutsy victory by the Highlanders. On the back of scrappy defence, a strong scrum, playing field position and converting the few opportunities they had. Randwick made breaks all day and ought to have won by plenty but Gordon showed plenty of ticker.

    How good is that Randwick winger ? The next Lomu. Deadset ! Sign him up.

    Gordon by 2 points over Randwick. So that means Easts are 39 points better than Randwick. Sounds about right.
  2. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    Easts with a glorious win again the dirty filthy cheating pricks from Eastwood. 27-15 FT.

    Shows what a good coach Chris Hickey is. Eastwood pushed a team with a lot more talent through good intangibles and excellent support at the breakdown. They pilfered plenty of pill. Still, I'm loving how my mighty Beasts are going. This is their year ! And Billy Johnston is a superb hooker - someone needs to sign him up. He's got all the skills.
  3. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    How the fuck do you plan for intangibles? :nta:
  4. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Been to Johnstone's house while I was in Lismore one time. Nicest guy and works fucken hard has the experience of winning a premiership with the Gold Coast in QLD Premiership. The guy deadset trains 3-4 times a week on his own without having a professional contract he was contracted with QLD for a while though.
  5. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    That's good to hear, I didn't know his background. He's very mobile for a 110kg+ bloke and his set piece work looks very sharp. Shits all over Al Manning.
  6. brokendown gunfighter

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    how well did Will Brock from Perth play?
  7. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    Pretty ordinary Gunny. Hoping Tim McGann's injury clears up soon because Brock isn't much of a presence out there.
  8. Ash Michael Lynagh (62)

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    I was more amazed at how poo Ben Batger was. Very well outplayed in every facet by De Bartolo.
  9. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    DeBartolo is the new Peter Hewat. Mercurial, enigmatic, unpredictable. Don't ask him to tackle anyone or get his jersey dirty and he'll deliver for you. If this were the 80s, he'd be David Campese.

    Batger has gone downhill hasn't he ? He's deadset got nothing. No wonder the Brumbies didn't want him.
  10. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Is it just me or is the standard of club rugby slipping? Seriously that game was so bollocks I skipped through it on the hard drive unless a try was on. And clubs like Easts/Randwick/Uni want to run Australian rugby? We're all farked if that ever comes about!
  11. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    No, its always been that way. Hence why it was such a great idea to eliminate the ARC. SACK O'NEILL NOW !

    Personally I prefer watching club rugby to S14 and winter Saturdays at 3pm always sees me tuned in to the ABC.
  12. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    I saw him on the TV in the Rd 2 game and he looked impressive didn't he?

    I was on an errand in Manly on Saturday afternoon and I noticed that Manly were playing just before I saw this miracle parking spot; so I pulled over and walked to near the gate at the Oval and looked through the fence. (Not that I am cheap, but I wanted to get home to see the Crusaders at 3.30. Actually, I am cheap.)

    There were the Galloping Greens and there was the big bloke - Ratu Nasiganiyavi , who is actually an Aussie being born here. They made a couple of plays to him in the corner near where I was before I had to leave, but he got ball and tacklers together, both times.

    The 20 year old is a pretty impressive unit and on the TV looked pretty fast for his build (120 kgs, 195cms). His dad played for Qld IIRR but I've never heard anything about the kid before except one comment last year that a big Fijian lad in Randwick Colts was another Wendell Sailor and running over folks; so it must have been him. His arse and thighs are as big as Wendell's.

    I wonder why the NSWRU haven't spotted him before this - and why he hasn't got any gigs in Schools or U/19 teams?

    The TV commentators said that they were told that he wasn't fit yet - well geez, he looked OK 25 metres away from me. FFS get him in the Academy, or Sevens team - or something.

    Isn't it pitiful when a bloke talks up his own team so much? It's embarrassing.

    The Warringah Rats had a magnificent win on Saturday - or so I heard, since I was looking through the fence at Manly Oval at the time.

    With 5 minutes to go they were down 7-12 at home and hanging on for a loss bonus point against Norths by trying not to make any more mistakes in the game and blow the point`. Then they decided to run in 3 tries in 5 minutes to win 24-12.

    Two of them were to Peter Owens - farque, we finally get one back - one of which was started by Ross Duncan, a star in the MARC. Then scrummie Sam Hutcherson went over on the bell to take away a bonus losing point from Norths. What a terrible shame.

    Er, the Rats play the Beasts next Saturday at the cabbage patch.

    Gav makes Peter Hewat look like Matt Burke. Has some good games but not enough of them.

    Tried to record the Shute Shield on my daughter's recorder but stuffed it up and missed the game.


    How is Adam Byrnes going? With all our locks crocked or leaving us in NSW he may get the call for a Waratah's gig. he looked OK in the NSW A games I saw, but that was a while back. What about Zipper, the Joeys centre/winger from last year?

    Mathers from Eastwood any good - or still too polite?
  13. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    Mathers ? Doesn't have the size for it from what I've seen or the aggro to compensate.

    Byrnes hasn't had the presence and impact you'd expect for a guy of his reputation. His lineout work is superb though and he's a legit 201cms. Probably worth giving him a taste of S14 with the Tahs this year. I don't see anyone else in club rugby who looks like a Super 14 lock.

    I think Shute shield is on Diwana as well these days.

    That Ratu bloke is a talent. I hope NSW aren't going to wait on the announcement of the next coach before snapping him up. League clubs will come sniffing soon enough too. I don't know where the Greens got him from. But if I were the next NSW coach, I'd sign up the Randwick talent scouts ! They always seem to pluck them from nowhere.

    Your Rats got Sam Harris back as well. Seemed to be making some breaks for the Rats. Won't do anything against the Beasts though. Easts by a THOOOOOUUUUSSSAND !
  14. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Don't waste your bandwidth downloading it Lee - even if its free! Utter tripe.
  15. Turban

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    Ratu Nasiganiyavi, I'm pretty sure he is the big guy who played down at my club last year. He's a great fella but was apparently black marked by the Force academy for playing club rugby when he wasn't suppsed to. He was devestating on the wing for sure, nobody in club rugby can get their arms around him cos he's just that big.

    Made a few breif appearences in the MARC but got injured.
  16. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    That would be him. The Perth Spirit spelt his name differently and left out the "Na." at the start of his name.

    I can't remember him in the MARC, but your comments explain why.

    Maybe the TV commentators mentioned that he wasn't fit because he was out with his MARC injury for a long time and was just coming back, but it's still a bit strange that somebody of his talent isn't tied up.

    Or, maybe he's just had two dynamite games - 2 tries in Rd 1 and the impressive display on TV in Rd 2 - and I am getting too excited.
  17. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    his old man was Isei Siganiyavi and went without the Na. Part of that aweseome 1989 QLD team
  18. Turban

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    He showed enough in his few minutes on the field in the MARC. Smashing into a few people and looking very dangerous. If the Spirit had used him better he would have been noticed. As it was he became a bit of a short-term cult hero, I think he only played 2 games, one off the bench and then one were he started but got injured, but there was huge crowd support for the guy. Plenty of people, myself included, were yelling out "Put Ratu on!" and even more people were nodding and cheering in agreement. Watching him in club rugby here was brilliant and he was certainly a favourite at our club while he was there!
  19. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Naza, noticed you didn't put yesterday's scores up so I'll help you out:

    Eastern Suburbs 12 v Warringah 19 - Lee will be very happy with that
    Gordon 52 v Eastwood 8 - that's a bit of an upset isn't it? Or have Gordon finally decided to start paying their players?
    Randwick 62 v Penrith 19 - I was hoping Penrith would show more fight this year than this so that they can remain in the comp..
    Northern Suburbs 15 v Sydney University 17 - close one for the bar stools
    Parramatta 22 v Southern Districts 18
    West Harbour 38 v Manly 24 Woodhouse has turned the club around pretty quickly, amazing what happens when Matt Williams is given the arse..
  20. naza Alan Cameron (40)

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    Yeah, I was too busy distracting people with my rabid one eyed Tahs fan act.

    Hard to believe we went down to the Rats. I can only assume weather was a factor.

    Saw the Pirates v Marlins game on TV. Weather was too shit to stroll down to Concord and check it out live. Manly deadset have nothing. They have zero firepower. Pirates have firepower and have improved their fitness, defence and discipline on last year. They've finally learnt to be as cynical as other teams at the breakdown. Makes a big difference having a bit of class at flyhalf and fullback. They've a strong scrum, some height in the lineout finally and a dozen guys with Maori sidesteps who can offload the pill. The comp needs a good West Harbour outfit and I'm glad my 2nd team has improved.

    I have no idea how Gordon put 50 on Eastwood. Eastwood's defence is solid and they are a royal pain in the arse contesting the breakdown. Obviously last week's battle against Easts left the Woodies completely exhausted and they had nothing left to give against Gordon.

    Its a good comp this year. Uni are looking vulnerable. Norths, Warringah, West Harbour, Randwick and Easts nipping at their heels.

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