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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2014

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    No berries, just a carrot.

    A NSW Schoolboys Jumper coloured carrot.
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  2. aka_the_think Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Any speculation on teams? I don't want to go out on a limb and make any claims yet, as all my crystal ball-ing will be made erroneous shortly (when the teams are uploaded).
    At this stage, from what I've seen, the following individuals have to be up there, feel free to add players as I haven't watched enough of the tournament to know:

    ISA - I will admit to not having watched much of these guys, but from what I know/saw.
    James Lough - St. Augustine's
    Johnnie Walker - St. Augustine's
    The 5/8 from Oakhill.
    Whoever played #13.

    CAS - Again, I don't know everyone, but I know the following will be good chances:
    Nic Burkett - Barker College
    Steve Kirkby - Barker College
    Hugh Summer-Hayes - Cranbrook
    Connor Watson - Knox
    Lucas Price - Knox
    Lachie Swinton - Knox

    GPS - Based a lot on school games and what I saw today.
    Angus Crichton - Scots
    Theo Strang - Scots
    Guy Porter (assuming he's not injured) - Scots
    Max Henrie - Scots
    Jum Woodhill - Shore
    Harry Emery - Shore
    Sepesa Loga-Tarogi - Newington
    Simon Kennewell - Newington
    Vunipola Fifita - Newington
    Hosea Fotukava - Riverview
    Evan Pritchard - Riverview
    Beau Peterson - Riverview
    Jack Hayson - Riverview
    Jack McGregor - Riverview
    Henry Hutchinson - Riverview
    Bill Freeman - Riverview
    Tom Wright - Joeys
    Connor O'Shea - Joeys
    Not sure about any Kings' players - I would say Kane but unfortunately he's injured.

    Who's the CHS 2nds #8 - he was huge!
  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    8. Lukhan LEALAIAULOTO-TUI (John Edmondson HS)

    I'm pretty sure that the Will Skelton Lookalike from CHS II plays colts 3's for the Hobbits.

    A big lad but seems new to rugby. With more time in the game, understanding and developing the more technical aspects, he has the potential to be a very good player.
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  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Results Summary (with Historical Comparison [FWIW])

    Sunday 3 June 2014 (3 way round robin - Half games only)
    CCC def CHS 2 : 17-5
    CHS 1 def CHS 2 : 12-5
    CHS 1 def CCC : 17-7 (2013 CHS I 56 CCC 7) [2012 CHS I 34 CCC 3]

    Thursday 5 June 2014
    CAS II 26 CHS II 26 (2013 CAS II 36 CHS II 26) [2012 CAS II 38 CHS II 10]
    CAS I 28 CHS I 19 (2013 CHS I 25 CAS I 10) [2012 CAS I 29 CHS I 0]

    Sunday, 15 June 2014
    CHS II 55 NSW Cnty 10 (2013 NSW Cnty 25 CHS II 19) [2012 NSW Cnty 24 CHS II 10]
    CCC 27 ISA II 24 (2013 ISA II 38 CCC 38) [2012 ISA II 15 CCC 14]
    ISA I 41 CHS I 24 (2013 ISA I 43 vs CHS I 22) [2012 CHS I 20 ISA I 19]

    Tuesday, 17 June 2014
    GPS (White) 17 GPS (Blue) 33
    GPS 2 65 CAS 2 17 (2013 GPS II 31 CAS II 0) [2012 GPS II 36 CAS II 25]
    GPS 1 36 CAS 1 25 (2013 GPS I 29 CAS I 14) [2012 GPS I 35 CAS I 12]

    Friday 20th June 2014
    CAS II 38 Country 10 (2013 CAS II 72 AICES 5)[2012 NSW Cnty 64 AICES 5]
    GPS (Blue) 31 ISA II 24 (2013 ISA II 31 NSW Cnty 19) [2012 CAS II 29 ISA II 21]
    CCC 24 GPS (White) 17 (2013 GPS III 50 CCC 21) [2012 CCC 17 GPS III 14]
    ISA I 35 CAS I 33 (2013 CAS I 39 ISA I 12) [2012 CAS I 47 ISA I 7]
    GPS II 24 CHS II 7 (2013 GPS II 67 CHS II 0) [2012 GPS II 38 CHS II 7]
    GPS I 22 CHS I 20 (2013 GPS I 57 CHS I 5) [2012 GPS I 47 CHS I 3]
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  5. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Apparently the NSW Schools website has had a fit. The various conveners have been asked to publish the below as widely as possible. I was forwarded this email last night. However, These teams will be in the papers this morning and all team members have been contacted by phone.

    NSW Schools Rugby Union U18 Teams 2014
    Attached are the NSW Teams and Shadows for the Australian Schools Championships to be held at St Ignatius College Riverview from the 29 June to 5 July.

    Players listed in the NSW 1 and 2s are to attend a medical at the NSW Rugby Union Headquartes Moore on Sunday 22 June at 9:30am.
    Shadow players are not required at the medical.
    Position, Name, School/Association
    1. LHP Phil BRADFORD , Hunter Sports High/CHS
    2. H Ed CRAIG , Epping Boys High/CHS
    3. THP Vunipola FIFITA , Newington/GPS
    4. RL Tobias RUDOLF , The Scots College/GPS
    5. LL Tom PIRODDI , Newington/GPS
    6. BSF John WALKER , St Augustines/ISA
    7. OSF Lachlan ANDERSON , Oakhill College/ISA
    8. No 8 Angus CRICHTON , The Scots College/GPS
    9. Half Harrison GODDARD , Oakhill/ISA
    10. Fly half Connor O’SHEA , St Josephs College/GPS
    11. Wing Sepsa TAROGI , Newington/GPS
    12. IC Luke LOUGH , St Augustines/ISA
    13. OC Henry HUTCHISON , St Ignatius/GPS
    14. Wing Connor WATSON , Knox Grammar/CAS
    15. FB Guy PORTER , The Scots College/GPS
    16. H James WIDDERS-LEECE , Knox Grammar/CAS
    17. LHP Hosea FOTUKAVA , St Ignatius/GPS
    18. THP Will McRAE , St Augustines/ISA
    19. L Andrew VATUVEI , Sarah Redfern High School/CHS
    20. BR Hugh SUMMERHAYES , Cranbrook/CAS
    21. Half Stephen KIRBY , Barker/CAS
    22. IB David SMERDON , Barker/CAS
    23. OB Sione AFU , St Augustines/ISA

    Position, Name, School/Association
    1. LHP Meline LAIMANI , Newington/GPS
    2. H Evan PRITCHARD , St Ignatius/GPS
    3. THP Jacob SEDGMAN , The Scots College/GPS
    4. RL Nathanial GITTOES , St Josephs College/GPS
    5. LL Will FINLEY , Lisarow High School/CHS
    6. BSF Nick BURKETT , Barker/CAS
    7. OSF Dechlan MOORE , St Andrews Cathedral School/ISA
    8. No 8 James LOUGH , St Augustines/ISA
    9. Half Nick DUFFY , St Josephs College/GPS
    10. Fly half James DAY , Oakhill/ISA
    11. Wing Billy FREEMAN , St Ignatius/GPS
    12. IC Joe WILLIAMS , Knox/CAS
    13. OC Simon KENNEWELL , Newington/GPS
    14. Wing Tom WRIGHT , St Josephs College/GPS
    15. FB Jack McGREGOR , St Ignatius/GPS
    16. H Matt SERHON , Newington/GPS
    17. LHP Harry JOHNSTON-HOLMES , Merewether High School/CHS
    18. THP Francis BROWN , MacKillop/CCC
    19. L Beau PETTERSON , St Ignatius/GPS
    20. BR Jun WOODHILL , Shore/GPS
    21. Half Harry ROWE , Hills Sports High/CHS
    22. IB Will McDONALD , St Josephs College/GPS
    23. OB Jayden WRIGHT , Hunter Sports High/CHS

    Shadows 1
    Position, Name, School
    1. LHP Jordan LOTOANIU , Bass Hill High
    2. H Jake NETTLETON , St Augustines
    3. THP Alex MASSIMO , St Gregorys
    4. RL Lachlan SWINTON , Knox
    5. LL Andrew DAVIES , MMC Warriewood
    6. BSF Jack HAYSON , St Ignatius
    7. OSF Jake PIERCE , Knox
    8. No 8 Brett VAN ZYL , Knox
    9. Half Theo STRANG , The Scots College
    10. Fly half Sam RENTON , Cranbrook
    11. Wing Jordan THOMAS , St Augustines
    12. IC Ned YEOMANS , Kinross
    13. OC Layton TALI , Hills Sports High
    14. Wing Ben FONTAINE , St Augustines
    15. FB Kirt ANTHONY , St Edwards Gosford
  6. 10to12 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    thanks Cattle Dog. Glad I didn't stay up waiting. Looks like some strong teams. Now for an all NSW final
  7. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Once again G&GR breaks the news. Well done @Cattledog. The Emus showing the way.

    The Terrorgraph only has the scores from yesterday in its sports section.

    @10to12, taking on the Banjolanders will be a real challenge. At the U16's they have had the edge on us for the last couple of years, although this doesn't always translate through to the Opens, where we have the advantage of two years of post U16 players to choose from whereas QLD players usually only have one year of schooling left after they show up at U16's, unless they repeat Y12.

    A good omen from last years Nationals was the Final between NSW I and NSW II, so lets hope for a repeat this year.

    Congratulations to all the boys selected. It was an absolute belter of a day of footy yesterday, even if it piddled down in the middle of the ISA v CAS game.

    Commiserations to the connections of those boys not nominated. This is a pretty strong cohort of boys you are in so there is no disgrace in not being selected.

    There is still the Combined States team to be announced on Monday, and I would expect that a fair number of the Shadow boys will get a guernsey in that team. Lastly, Rugby is a cruel and fickle sport, and History tells us that least one boy will not make nationals due to an injury.

    For the number spotters:
    AAGPS, 23
    Newington, 6
    Shore, 2
    St Ignatius, 6
    St Josephs College, 5
    The Scots College, 4

    ISA, 9
    Oakhill College, 3
    St Andrews Cathedral School, 1
    St Augustines, 5

    CAS, 7
    Barker, 3
    Cranbrook, 1
    Knox Grammar, 3

    CHS, 6
    Epping Boys High, 1
    Hunter Sports High, 2
    Lisarow High School, 1
    Merewether High School, 1
    Sarah Redfern High School, 1
    CCC, 1
    MacKillop, 1

    Edit: Typo in the Selectors list previously circulated has been corrected in the numbers above.
  8. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    U16 a poor indicator as the house divided frequently puts the wrong tail on the right dog.
  9. Rugby Mum 2 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Just as an aside, is it surprising that Scots didn't have more selections? Nothing nasty in this comment just saying that they are such a dominant GPS side it really does surprise me.
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  10. Peej Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Well deserved by augustines 12 in my opinion. Well rounded player who performed very well throughout the games and in the view v augs game was one of the standouts.

    Any substantial height amongst second rowers in this squad? Real opportunities for some timber amongst super rugby squads with Douglas, Pyle leaving and not great amount of quality big men in grade at the moment.

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  11. random2 Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    I think if Stiles (10) and Smith (8) were not injured they would have been picked, Girdler (6) also picked up an injury yesterday although don't know if that's the reason for his non selection
  12. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Did any kids get selected this year without trialling?
  13. Wood Rat Alfred Walker (16)

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    selectors have been watching significant and not significant matches all year, each of these will have been a trial. I heard enough poorly advised parents encouraging their progeny to do it themselves to realise the situation manufactured over the last two weeks gives an indication of an ability to perform at a higher level. but seeing a players performance as part of a team may only be gleaned from watching them in different situations.
    I have noted some but that wouldn't worry you as they weren't numbered 1-15
  14. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    The selectors must have got it pretty right given the muted reaction.
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  15. aka_the_think Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    To the contrary IS, I think people have succumbed to sheer shock in response to the absolute madness of some of these selections.

    I don't want to elaborate.
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  16. Whose That Guy Herbert Moran (7)

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    Please elaborate
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  17. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    Don't tear up your tickets yet IS

    If you are working on quotas based on performance/dominance.

    CCC maintained their 1 as they have since the mid '80s. there wont be much nurturing of this nursery if they don't get a little more encouragement

    looking at the form guides over the past three years, the gap between the associations is nowhere near as pronounced previous two years
    CAS and CHS should be disappointed at not having better representation than they have this year.
    the CHS II and GPSII was an unremarkable game of football played at a different level to those that book-ended it. If these were the only trials you would not go past the 1sts of either association for selection.

    from what I have seen in the paper, entitlement seems to have been dismissed as a concept lately
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  18. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Some great rugby at Curragul today in the 16's trials

    Pres 1 def Pres 2
    ISA def Country
    CAS def AICES
    CHS def CCC (15 - 5)

    However, the last game was the match of the day.

    There is massive quality in these two teams.
  19. Brainstrust Watty Friend (18)

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    Couldn't agree more aka. Some good ones and some that are either highly political, or some that just didn't recognise the ability and efforts of some of the players. There are a number of players that must be surprised by their selection and a few that would be confused by their omission etc. Regardless good luck to both teams.
  20. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    What will be interesting, will be where these guys end up next season. Which clubs will gain the most, where do these players feel they will gain a better crack at higher honors, will some be lost to league, how many clubs will be recruiting at the tournament, and most of all, what will the clubs offer these player to attract them to the respective clubs? only time will tell.

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