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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2015

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The 2015 NSWSRU team management is not yet available for veiwing in the NEWS section of the NSWSRU website. This post will be amended with the positions filled when known.

    NSW SRU 1st XV
    Manager: John GUY, Hunter Valley Grammar School
    Coach: Brad GILL, Newington College
    Assistant Coach: Luke BOWER, Cranbrook School
    Physio: Narelle VERVERKA

    NSW SRU 2st XV
    Manager: Saxon BOWLES, Oakhill College
    Coach: Lachlan WHITE, Trinity Grammar School
    Assistant Coach: Hugo ENGELE, Trinity Grammar School
    Physio: Alastair BURGESS

    NSW SRU U16 XV
    Assistant Coach


    The 2015 NSWSRU Calendar & trials schedule is not yet available for viewing in the resource library of the NSWSRU website. Dates below gleaned from history, and CHS and CCC websites. Orange date = guessed, Black date is based on published information.
    <insert website link when published>

    Probable KeyDates
    (Some dates to be confirmed when more details are known. Teachers are creatures of habit, and the school sporting calendar is very tight and rather inflexible, so below are last years dates [adjusted forward by one day to align with 2015 weekdays] CCC and CHS dates confirmed)

    16 March CHS U16 trials at Newcastle Number 5 Sports Ground, Newcastle
    23 March CHS U16 trials at Granville Rugby Park, Merrylands
    30 March CHS U16 trials at Endeavour Sports High School, Caringbah
    18 and 19 May CCC Selection Trials at TG Milner Oval, Marsfield
    6 - 8 May CHS Selection trials at Conolly Park Wagga Wagga
    6 May ISA U16 & U18 Trials - St Pius X grounds at Oxford Falls
    31 May U16 and U18 Trials at Forshaw Park, Sylvania [2014 draw was AICES U16 v CHS U16 A, CCC U16 v CHS U16 B, CHS II v CHS I v CCC in 3 way trial]
    31 May ISA Training Camp at BMGS
    4 June U16 and U18 Trials at Cranbrook- CAS U16 North vs South, CAS II vs CHS II, CAS I vs CHS I
    14 June U18 Trials at Pittwater Park No 1 [2014 draw CHS II vs NSW Cnty, ISA II vs CCC, ISA I vs CHS I - 2014 was last year of NSW Country Schools - Replaced by ??? - possible 3 way trial?]
    14 June U16 trials at Pittwater Park No 2 [2014 Draw AICES U16 v CCC U16, CNTY U16 v AICES U16, CCC U16 v Cnty U16, ISA U16 v CHS U16 - No NSW Cntry Schools in 2015]
    14 June AAGPS U16 (Presidents) trials at Newington
    16 June U18 Trials at Knox AAGPS IV v AAGPS III, CAS II vs AAGPS II, CAS I vs AAGPS I
    19 June U18 Trials at Knox (Curagul) [ GPS III v CCC, CAS II v ISA II, GPS II v CHS II, CAS I vs ISA I, CHS I v GPS I, AICES U18 is back in 2015, No NSW County Schools for 2015 - Perhaps GPS IV vs AICES? ]
    20/21 June NSW SRU U16 Champs at Knox
    28 Jun - 5 Jul ASRU U18 Champs at Riverview
    26 August Waratah Shield finals at ??????
    3 - 5 October NSW JRU U16 Invitational tournament at TBA
  2. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    As kids relative skills, fitness, abilities, injury status, motivation and priorities change from year to year, previous representative selection is no guarantee of future selection.

    To get the ball rolling, based solely on last years selections from National Schoolboys Championships, the "pencilled in" selection discussion starts along these lines:

    So NSW I 2015 "Incumbents"
    1. LHP Harry JOHNSTON-HOLMES, Merewether High School/CHS
    2. H Jack NETTLETON St Augustine’s College/ISA
    3. THP Will McRAE, St Augustines/ISA
    4. RL Nathanial GITTOES, St Josephs College/GPS
    5. LL Tom PIRODDI, Newington/GPS
    6. BSF
    7. OSF Lachlan ANDERSON, Oakhill College/ISA
    8. No8
    9. Half Harrison GODDARD, Oakhill/ISA
    10. Fly Half Jack McGREGOR, St Ignatius/GPS
    11. Wing Sepesa TAROGI, Newington/GPS
    12. IC Luke LOUGH, St Augustines/ISA
    13. OC Joe WILLIAMS, Knox/CAS
    14. Wing Simon KENNEWELL, Newington/GPS
    15. FB Tom WRIGHT, St Josephs College/GPS

    NSW II 2015
    1. LHP
    2. H
    3. THP
    4. LL
    5. RL
    6. BSF
    7. OSF
    8. No8
    9. Half Joshua OXLEY St Stanislaus’ College/ISA
    10. Fly Half
    11. Wing
    12. IC
    13. OC
    14. Wing
    15. FB

    NSW II Bench

    NSW I Bench

    Combined States:
    Typically a further 10 or so NSW Players are independently selected after the NSW SRU Selectors have chosen their 46 players.

    The 2014 NSW Schools U16 representatives will be keen to try out for a gig in the "big show", as will those from the 2014 SJRU and NSW Country JRU Under 17's and the members of the various 2014 Junior Gold Cup U17 squads.

    2014 SJRU U17's
    1. Nicholas WHITE, Manly
    2. Cyprus TUTUNOA, Manly
    3. Tyrell THORSON, Eastwood
    4. Tim ANSTEE, Eastwood
    5. Lachlan MACMAHON, Warringah
    6. Jonathan CHAPMAN, West Harbour
    7. Bailey DALTON, Warringah
    8. Kirk STEPHAN-TUAVAI, West Harbour
    9. Sam REIMER, Gordon
    10. Michael YARHAM, Eastwood
    11. Denzel SINGLETON, Eastwood
    12. Koheleti VAITAIKI, West Harbour
    13. Sam TAPA, Eastwood
    14. Jayden STOKES, Eastwood
    15. Fraser TOOHEY, Warringah

    16. Andrew GRAHAM, Eastwood
    17. Daniel HARVEY, Eastwood
    18. Phillip ROBERTS, Eastwood
    19. Kyle COTTON, Eastwood
    20. Ben MURPHY, Warringah
    21. John-Louis JONES, West Harbour
    22. Brandon MARSH, Gordon
    23. Dan STEPHENS, Southern Districts
  3. Big For Nothing Frank Row (1)

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    Can anyone fill me in on what divisions are playing which this year? i.e CHS vs ISA
    Would be good to see GPS I play ISA I.
    Just read ISA thread and they have 9 returning ISA 1st XV players from last years team and strong ones too i might add !! Hope to see the match up
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    @Big For Nothing, Teachers are creatures of habit. For the last forever the NSW Open Schoolboys trials have been:
    CHS vs CCC
    ISA vs CHS, ISA II v CCC
    CAS vs CHS
    CAS vs AAGPS
    AAGPS vs CHS
    ISA vs CAS
    CCC v AAGPS 3rd XV

    No NSW Country Schools this year. No AICES last year, & maybe unlikely this year.

    ISA have a long history of promising lots but falling short when it counts. Usually they do reasonably well against CHS but typically fall short in their second game against CAS (who are playing their third game together). CAS manage the conflict between Saturday School competition games and CAS representative games by playing CHS and AAGPS in mid-week games.

    To get an AAGPS v ISA game up, the AAGPS team would need to be selected at least one week earlier. If Teachers are creatures of habit, then the AAGPS have taken habit to a new level and it would take a monumental change to get the AAGPS rep rugby programme changed to accommodate another game, and an extended rep season.
  5. rugboy Darby Loudon (17)

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    My understanding is AICES will be back in the fold this year. Given no country team it is the only pathway a number of boys now have.
  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    AICES representative team would do well to get regular competition games for their players who are not already playing club or colts, possibly trying to enter a team in SJRU Open competition, or the U18 Colts competition. Whenever I have seen them, they have looked woefully short of match practice and confidence in their combinations, structures and team patterns.

    Do the AICES schools have any regular inter school sport?
  7. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    There's no regular AICES competition if that's what you mean. St Luke's play in the Peninsula Cup, which is a local mid-week competition. AICES is also broken up into sub-associations based on geographic and/or religious denomination.http://www.aices.com.au/

    The situation is complicated, for example Kinross is an AICES school, but because they play rugby in the ISA their students have to represent ISA.

    According to their website, they have trials on 15 May 2015 and seem to be participating in the NSW schools tournament at Knox. Go to the drop down box at the bottom left corner of the home page and click on rugby union for information.
  8. Big For Nothing Frank Row (1)

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    Understand where your coming from and agree in terms of not wanting to change, however ISA did defeat CAS last year so it would be interesting !!
  9. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Last year was a particularly strong cohort for ISA, and IIRC they only just beat CAS. Over the years ISA has rarely troubled CAS, even in the years that Augies were all conquering.

    ISA seem to be a little to reliant on just two Schools to supply nearly all of their rep teams, and I think this is a weakness when playing at the level above School 1st XV. They are not blessed with the depth of skilled representative level players that CAS and AAGPS seem to have.

    With only two representative games (v CHS (& CCC for the ISA 2nd XV) and CAS), it is hard for the ISA team to work on developing their combinations, game plan and structures. An additional game or two would undoubtably benefit the ISA teams, but with many of their players already heavily committed to rugby (some doing school and club, some doing school and Loig) when and where would you fit those additional games in, and against whom? There are some pretty logistical issues for ISA to overcome just to get their team together with players from Orange, Bathurst, Bowral, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Northern Beaches as well as the same footprint of CAS and AAGPS.

    The main purpose of these games is to allow the NSW Schools RU Selectors an opportunity to select the NSW I and NSW II representative team for the National Championships. The fact that some punters take bragging rights over the games is a side effect.
  10. rugboy Darby Loudon (17)

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    AICES could be compared to CHS and CCC in its make up. AICES would have about 70 odd schools so not feesible to have inter schools completions like GPS,CAS,ISA spread throughout NSW. For the purpose of Rugby CSSA also folds in with AICES. CSSA is a completely different sport organisation for Christian Schools. Some AICES schools have regular Interschools sport within their regions such as Hills Zone while others compete in cross competitions with CHS and CCC schools like Peninsula Cup and MISA.
    AICES will always struggle with the same reasons as CHS and CCC, that being no centralised competitions, vast drawing areas and no significant rugby culture. Added to the diminutive size of AICES compared to CHS and CCC it's hard for them to be competitive with the "big" rugby associations. The priority is to provide a legitimate pathway for rugby players which has become even more important with the demise of Country Schools.
  11. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    But the AICES players need more games as a representative team to provide a legitimate chance for its players to present the best possible in front of the NSW Schools RU selectors - "The Pathway".

    Currently CHS get 4 trial games: against CCC, ISA, CAS and AAGPS, and they typically improve their performance from game to game as the players get more comfortable with the other players in their squad, and the coaches game plans, and the squad gets its starting line up and bench fine tuned.

    AICES do not get that luxury. They are down to play 2 games. Of all the associations that need "help" through more time together and more games, it is them.
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  12. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    But do they want more time together and more games? Most of the schools in the association are quite small, and being co-ed 50% of that small number are girls (who can play rugby, but not with the boys). Add to this that for most of them, rugby isn't a priority, in fact for many of the schools not only isn't rugby a priority but competitive sport in general isn't a priority. As far as I can see their pathway is there to provide the odd genuine sportsmen and sportswomen in their schools an opportunity to represent. In most sports they go on to CIS, but there is no CIS in rugby as all the associations have separate teams. In league for example there's only CCC, CHS and CIS (who comprise boys from GPS, CAS, ISA, AICES and any other private school grouping)

    The demise of Country Schools removes an opponent with whom AICES could compete on a reasonable level.
  13. rugboy Darby Loudon (17)

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    Granted. IMO the difficulty is a balance with giving them games without handing them hidings. As QH mentioned the best game, competition wise was generally country schools, without them it makes finding appropriate opponents more difficult.
  14. Gary Owen III Syd Malcolm (24)

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    SJRU U18's and Country U18's both applied to join the schools carnival this year. Unfortunately this application was denied, but a game vs GPS 3rds/4ths is being organized. This may be an option for AICES to get another game also.
  15. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    According to the AICES website, they will play CHS 2 on Sun 14 June and ISA 2 on Friday 19 June.

    ISA 2 seems a replacement for country schools in the draw.

    Pity CHS don't pick 3 sides any more. I suspect CHS 3 would be a better match for AICES than CHS 2.
  16. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    The below is for all CCC boys interested in trialling for NSW@ Schools in 2015:


    SELECTION FORMAT: Individual nominations only.
    NOMINATION: Online "Expression of Interest" must be submitted by the due date 7.5.15.
    AGE: U/18 Under 18 in year of competition. Player cannot turn 19 in the year of competition.
    AGE: U/16 Under 16 in year of competition. Player cannot turn 17 in the year of competition.

    ELIGIBILITY: Students must be enrolled in a CSSS affiliated school. Players must attend trials to be eligible for selection. Any player attending the NSWCCC Trial must be available, if selected, to represent NSWCCC at the NSW All Schools Rugby Trials and/or any other event at which the selected NSWCCC team is participating.

    DATE: Monday 18th - Tuesday 19th May 2015
    VENUE: TG Milner Oval, Vimiera Road Marsfield
    CLOSING DATE FOR NOMINATIONS: Thursday 7th May 2015
    COST: $25.00 per player GST free. To be paid online

    WHAT TO BRING: Appropriate gear for game conditions, Mouthguard is compulsory, Medication eg Asthma inhaler, Strapping tape, Water Bottle, Lunch, Jersey

    9.30am Registration
    10.00am Warm Up
    10.30am - 12.00pm Skills session – ARU and CCC coaches
    12.00 - 1.00pm Lunch
    1.00 - 3.00pm Games

    9.00am Warm Up
    9.30am Games
    12.30pm Announcement of NSWCCC team
    1.00 - 2.30pm Training for NSWCCC teams

    TEAM SELECTIONS: A team of 22 players will be selected for both the NSWCCC Under 18s and NSWCCC Under 16s teams. Selectors should also select a full side of shadows. All selected team members and shadows should be announced on the day and be posted on the NSWCCC Website ASAP after the NSWCCC Selections.

    More info at: https://www.csss.nsw.edu.au/nswccc-rugby-sport-specific-information.aspx
  17. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    Just for all info - this was the 2011 U12 NSW Primary Schools Team (PSSA) , be interesting to see from this team who makes this years U16 NSW schoolboys team -

    The 2011 NSW PSSA Rugby Squad was;

    Alexander Apthorpe Holy Trinity, Inverell – Polding,
    Rory Lynch St Aloysius, Cronulla – Mackillop,
    Oregon Kaufusi Barnier Public School - Sydney West,
    Mac Williams Mosman Public School - Sydney North,
    Nicholas Frost Berowra Public School - Sydney North,
    Alan Davies St Finbars, Glenbrook – Mackillop,
    Bailey Lamb Gwynneville Public School - South Coast,
    Liam Cornish Waverley – CIS,
    Ben Hansen Knox Grammar – CIS,
    Triston Reilly South West Rocks - North Coast,
    Samuel Villata Beelbangera Public School – Riverina,
    Zac Lomax St Anne's Temora – Mackillop,
    Jesse Stevens Assumption Bathurst – Polding,
    Harry Haywood Balgowlah Heights - Sydney North,
    Tre Finau St Patricks Griffith – Mackillop,
    Max Cutrone Knox Grammar – CIS,
    Hugo Traine South Coogee - Sydney East,
    Sam Abbey Holy Family Parkes – Polding,
    Dominic Easy Holy Spirit Ryde – Mackillop,
    Jaiden Burke St Patricks Trundle – Polding,
    Jaemon Salmon OLF Carringbah – Mackillop,
    Will Harrison OLR Kensington - Mackillop
  18. Shane Smeltz Fred Wood (13)

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    Harry Haywood unfortunately broke his foot at the beginning of the U16 ISA trials.
    Dom Easy is in ISA U16s team.
    Oregon K should make CHS U16s unless he is injured. Final trial this Friday.
  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    First cab off the rank is CHS. No breakdown as to 1st XV or 2nd XV yet.

    2015 NSW CHS Opens 1st and 2nd XV Squad
    Squad edited as per programme from Trial match vs CCC on 31 May

    CHS 1st XV
    1. Harry JOHNSON-HOLMES, Merewether HS
    2. Ryan CONNOLLY, Hunter SHS
    3. Aistan FIDOW, Griffith HS
    4. Tom LANE, Hunter SHS
    5. Alex HILLS, Newcastle HS
    6. Matt FISK, Brisbane Waters SC
    7. Luke MILHAM, NBSC Freshwater Campus
    8. Sam MUSGROVE, Sydney BHS
    9. Cody HEMI, Illawarra SHS
    10. Jayden WRIGHT, Hunter SHS
    11. Ethan NICZCZOT, Hunter SHS
    12. Koheleti VAITAIKI, Homebush BHS
    13. William LATU, Illawarra SHS
    14. Tyrell NALEBA, Westfields SHS
    15. Taulago LALAGA, Whitebridge HS

    CHS 2nd XV
    1. Evander FILEMU, Endeavour SHS
    2. Jacob BRISTOWE, Westfields SHS
    3. Cameron MANNING, Newcastle HS
    4. Damian JOHNSTON, Yanco AHS
    5. Jacob NIELSEN, Kooringal HS
    6. James FINCH, Goulburn HS
    7. Jaeger COLLINS, Newcastle HS
    8. Angus CLARK, Nowra HS (from Shadow List)
    9. Sam REIMER, Killara HS
    10. Netane MASIMA, Luemeah HS
    11. Steven GIBSON, Westfields SHS (from Shadow List)
    12. Reece MACINTOSH, Matraville SHS
    13. Jono LALLY, Wagga Wagga HS (from Shadow List)
    14. Dylan PEPPERNELL, Narrabeen SHS (from Shadow List)
    15. Jordan ASANOSKA, Illawarra SHS

    16. Samuel IUTA, Sylvannia HS
    17. Samuel MATENGA, Kogarah HS
    18. Sama MOLOLO, Randwick BHS
    19. Jacob KATAFONO, Sydney BHS
    21. Matt CLARKE, Kooringal HS
    22. George PAVLOVIC, Miller Technology HS (from Shadow List)
    23. Alex POHLA, Narrara Valley HS

    Originally nominated but subsequently withdrawn or injured.
    Ngangarra BARKER, Hunter SHS
    Leroy BARTLETT, Newcastle HS
    Kieran HAYMAN, Hills SHS
    Jordan IEREMIA, Hoxton Park HS
    Storm PASFIELD, Endeavour SHS
    Lachlan ROSE, Pittwater HS
    Leighton TALI, Hills SHS
    Zachary TRINKLER, Newcastle HS


    Congratulations to these folk. Stay fit, train hard and listen to your coaches.
  20. tragickingdom Herbert Moran (7)

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    The AICES trials both U16 and Open are held tomorrow with teams named after 6.00pm
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