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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2015

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The "Incumbents" are not automatic selections for the following year, but having satisfied a group of selectors once when they are in Yr 11 or even in Y10, there is a good chance when they are a year older, that they will be able to do the same a year later when those under the selectors microscope are the same age as them or a year younger.

    I have added the positions of the "Incumbents" for 2016 above by editing the OP.

    I note that if the initial filtering is correct, 2016 may be one of the most "inexperienced" squads we have sent to National Championships in recent times, with only 6 likely to back up for their second tournament next year.
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  2. sidelineview Banned

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    I'm happy to discuss this issue and am happy to be corrected.
    I didn't claim CAS I was the same standard as GPS I; I can't see where I wrote that. You've drawn a false conclusion to anxiously proclaim GPS is superior in rugby to CAS. There was no need to become insecure about that fact: I agree with you. Current and historical results support that view.

    However, CAS did win the U16s Championship last season. That's a fact Jack; there's no use anyone looking for excuses regarding that result. The better team on the day won the Final. What that exactly means for the future regarding next year for CAS and GPS rugby is open to discussion.

    But if GPS were under strength last year in the U16s age group or there were reasons why they couldn't field a full strength team, lets hear about it. It wont change the result or the record books but it could provide an interesting insight. CAS had a particularly strong playing group and GPS may have been down in collective standard compared to the norm of previous years. That does happen, but it doesn't really matter; GPS still lost.

    However, that result does not mean that CAS rugby is as strong as GPS rugby across the board, particularly with this season's and historical results thrown in. I wouldn't throw a blanket over it like that to make such an unrealistic and bold claim.

    I suspect things change in Year 11 and 12 because of the 'scholarship factor' with GPS schools as compared to CAS schools. Maybe there are other factors
    that can be considered, such as numbers of players available. I wouldn't claim to be familiar with those relevant facts and I'm sure this debate has been rehashed many times.

    However, I do know that CAS won the U16s Championships last season and agree that ISA should play GPS I in the opens.
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  3. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Several issues there sideline view, but I'll address only one of them: there are no scholarships for sport in GPS

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  4. sidelineview Banned

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    But there are other scholarships for students who happen to be good athletes?
    I don't expect a reply; I have read many postings regarding this matter and it is meant for another thread.
  5. George Grant Ward Prentice (10)

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    ^^ begging for Lee or Huge to link the other forum about scholarships ..

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  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    2015 Combined States Selections from NSW (in School alphabetic order)

    Jordan IEREMIA, Hoxten Park High School, CHS - Was Shadow NSW Schools
    Ryan CONNOLLY, Hunter Sports High School, CHS - Was Shadow NSW Schools
    Joe WILLIAMS, Knox Grammar School, CAS
    Netane MASIMA, Lumeah High School, CHS
    Alex POHLA, Narrara Valley High School, CHS
    Andrew GRAHAM, Oakhill College, ISA
    Austin LATU, Patrician Brothers, CCC - Was Shadow NSW Schools
    Will HASKINS, Shore School, AAGPS - Was Shadow NSW Schools
    Michael FENN, St Ignatius’ College Riverview, AAGPS
    Sam MUSGROVE, Sydney Boys’ High School, CHS
    Ryan LONGVILLE, Trinity Grammar School, CAS - Was Shadow NSW Schools

    Congratulations to those selected for Combined States.

    A couple of lads may need to be "called into" the NSW shadow list.

    Going on past history, Hugh's Law says that at least two players from the Shadow List will be called up for duties at National Tournament.
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  7. Not in straight Vay Wilson (31)

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    HJ, pardon my ignorance as I am fairly new in the world of schoolboy rep rugby. But what is the purpose of this team? Who does it play?
  8. Eyes and Ears Arch Winning (36)

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    They are the 8th Div 1 team at the National Championships at Riverview next week.
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  9. sidelineview Banned

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    Just mentioning a well worn topic of discussion Georgey.
    I'm surprised anyone is still sooking over the CAS win in the U16s Championships last year.
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    See post 226 in this thread for some background on Combined States.

    They play in National Schoolboys Div 1 to make the team numbers up to 8 which makes for a good "square" draw - 2 pools of 4.

    They typically end up playing off for a place in the bottom 4 with NSW 1, NSW 2, Qld 1, Qld 2 usually but not always in the scrap for the top four places. Positions 5-8 are usually but not always ACT, Vic, WA and Combined States.

    There is no shame in being selected for Combined States, and plenty of their players have been selected for Schoolboys/Schoolboys A (Barbarians now) and/or make careers for themselves in professional rugby.

    Before Vic and WA were in Div 1 in their own right, and the Div 2 Championships were held at a different location and time to the Div 1 tournament, the Combined States team was usually a Div 2 "Presidents" selection. Now it is primarily 50/50 NSW and QLD players with an occasional dark horse from the other states.
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  11. Not in straight Vay Wilson (31)

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    Thanks HJ & EandE
  12. Deerhunter007 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Both NSW teams look solid, hopefully see them match off against each other in the final again come Saturday.
  13. Happy to Chat Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Smug comment from South of the border and I grant you the pleasure of thought after last year. I think an interstate final however would be more interesting.
  14. Happy to Chat Nev Cottrell (35)

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    May the best team win
  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Revised NSW Squads

    NSW Schools 1st XV
    1. Harry JOHNSON-HOLMES, Merewether HS, CHS
    2. Tom HORTON, St Joseph's College, AAGPS
    3. Harry CHAPMAN, The King's School, AAGPS
    4. Tom PIRRODI, Newington College, AAGPS
    5. Ryan McCAULEY, The Scots College, AAGPS
    6. Nathanial GITTOES, St Joseph's College, AAGPSS
    7. Charlie SMITH, The Scots College, AAGPS
    8. Lachlan ANDERSON, Oakhill College, ISA
    9. Harrison GODDARD, Oakhill College, ISA
    10. Jack McGREGOR, St Ignatius' College, AAGPS
    11. William (Viliami) LATU, Illawarra SHS, CHS
    12. Daniel ENGLAND, The Scots College, AAGPS
    13. Simon KENNEWELL, Newington, AAGPS
    14. Sepesa LOGA-TAROGI, Newington College, AAGPS
    15. Tom WRIGHT, St Joseph's College, AAGPS
    16. Dylan WOODS-BRUDENELL, The Scots College, AAGPS
    17. Jack MORRISON, St Ignatius' College, AAGPS
    18. Teu ATIOLA, Newington College, AAGPS
    19. Max GIRDLER, The Scots College, AAGPS
    20. Mila HINGANO, St. Augustine's College, ISA
    21. Joshua OXLEY, St. Stanislaus' College, ISA
    22. Nicholas WILKINSON, St Joseph's College, AAGPS (from N2 Bench)
    23. Blaise BARNES, St Josephs College, AAGPS

    Manager: John GUY, Hunter Valley Grammar School,
    Coach: Brad GILL, Newington College
    Assistant Coach: Luke BOWER, Cranbrook School
    Physiotherapist: Narelle VEVERKA

    NSW Schools 2nd XV
    1. Cody WALKER, Kinross Wolaroi School, ISA
    2. Jack NETTLETON, St. Augustine's College, ISA
    3. Will McRAE, St. Augustine's College, ISA
    4. Tom LANE, Hunter SHS, CHS,
    5. Lachlan SWINTON, Knox Grammar, CAS
    6. Dylan PIETSCH, The King's School, AAGPS
    7. James DONATO, St. Stanislaus' College, ISA
    8. Harry McLENNAN, Trinity Grammar School, CAS
    9. Theo STRANG, The Scots College, AAGPS
    10. Jayden WRIGHT, Hunter SHS, CHS
    11. Jake PRINDIVILLE, The Scots College, AAGPS
    12. Koheleti VAITAIKI, Homebush BHS, CHS (from N1 Bench)
    13. Daniel BOARDMAN, Xavier Catholic College, CCC (from Shadow)
    14. Tyrone TAUKAMO, Newington College, AAGPS
    15. Tim CLEMENTS, St Joseph's College, AAGPS
    16. Maxwell STEWART, St Edward's College, CCC
    17. Sama MOLOLO, Randwick BHS, CHS
    18. Opeti HELU, Newington College, AAGPS (from Shadow)
    19. Nick BROWN, The King's School, AAGPS
    20. Lachlan SIMPSON, St Joseph's College, AAGPS
    21. Matthew LONG Newington College, AAGPS
    22. Patrick PELLEGRINI, Champagnat Catholic College, CCC
    23. Ethan NISCZCOT, Kurri Kurri High School, CHS (from Shadow)

    Manager:Saxon BOWLES, Oakhill College
    Coach: Lachlan WHITE, Trinity Grammar School
    Assistant Coach: Hugo ENGELE, Trinity Grammar School
    Physiotherapist: Alistair BAXTER

    Team Rehab ?
    12. Luke LOUGH, St. Augustine's College, ISA - NSW 2nd XV
    13. Jack HAWKINS, The Scots College, AAGPS - NSW 2nd XV
    19. Zac VON APPEN, St. Augustine's College, ISA - NSW 2nd XV

    NSW Schoolboys playing in National Schoolboys Division 2 Teams

    Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team (National Indigenous)
    4. Cameron DAVIS, James Busby High School
    5. Jake BUCKLEY, Southern Cross High, Ballina
    6. Tyson FULLER, Dubbo College, Senior campus
    7. Jaxon PETTERSON, St Ignatius’ College
    10. Jakobi ROBINSON, Kinross-Wolaroi School
    12. Harrison STEWART, Cranbrook School
    13. Zachary STEWART, Endeavour Sports High School
    15. Dylan GRANT, St Joseph’s College
    19. Tyrell CHARTERS, Endeavour Sports High School
    20. Toby AFFLICK, Yanco Agricultural HS
    21. Allan MCKENZIE, St Gregory’s College

    2015 Northern Territory Schools
    11. Barton PICONE, Oakhill College
    20. Liam ROBSON, Oakhill College
    23. Zac CAMPTON, Oakhill College
  16. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    Be careful. I get hammered for anti qld statements all the time, when I agree with you that it is just balanced comment. But gee its good when NSW play 1 and 2 in the final.
    And yes it is a smug comment, but if you look to history, it has been the last couple of years, not just the last.
    I will await the abuse from the usual suspects :) :) :)

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