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Qld Country - official NRC thread

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by saulih, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    remember for NRC (and pre-season games) the local union basically has to cover all costs. It's a big ask.

    Would be great to see Tonwsville host a Reds game, perhaps once the new stadium is built and rugby is a little more popular.
  2. Scrubber2050 Mark Ella (57)

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    Reg ^^^^^^
    Both provisos may take a lot of time (unfortunately) but I love the idea of the Reds playing in the deep north
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  3. TOCC Guest

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    Reds played a Super Rugby match in Townsville back in 2006, from memory it was the first and last time a Super Rugby match has been taken outside of an Australian Capital City.

    Edit: Crowd was only 10'000 and the QRU mentioned in the Annual Report that it fell below expectations and was a commercial loss
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  4. TOCC Guest

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    Brad Thorn confirmed as head coach
  5. The Eagle Stan Wickham (3)

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    That sums up why Rugby in Australia is at crisis point. The small minded attitudes of the people on the boards. For the short term loss
  6. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    So what previous head coach, attack or defence roles has BT had? Not a great message for our coaching pathways.. If you do great in club land you can be assistant to someone with less experience.

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  7. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Was assistant coach with QLD 20s and QLD Country NRC last year.

    Was Head Coach for QLD 20s (national champs) this year, and involved in Reds set up
  8. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    QLD Country named:

    Sef Fa'agase
    Richie Asiata
    Taniela Tupou
    Kirwan Sanday
    Fred Burke
    Alex Mafi
    Alex Casey
    Efi Ma'afu
    Stephen Moore
    (Wallabies allocated player)
    Izack Rodda
    Rob Simmons
    Philip Potgieter
    Harry Hockings
    Angus Scott-Young
    Liam Wright
    Caleb Timu
    Ted Postal
    Fraser McReight
    Tainui Ford
    Tyrone Pritchard
    James Tuttle
    Tate McDermott
    Scott Malolua
    Hamish Stewart
    Teti Tela
    Duncan Paia'aua
    Patrick James
    Conor Chittenden
    Campbell Magnay
    Izaia Perese
    Eto Nabuli (Wallabies allocated player)
    Jock Campbell
    Filipo Daugunu
    Byron Hutchinson
    Veresa Mataitini

    2017 Bond University Queensland Country Team Staff
    Head Coach: Brad Thorn (QRU)
    Assistant Coach: Paul Carozza (QRU)
    Strength and Conditioning Coach: Sean Yoshiura (QRU)
    Team Manager: Nico Andrade (QRU)
    Physiotherapist: Gina Nelson (QRU)
    Team Doctor: Peter Stickler (GPS)
    Video Analyst: Michael Todd (QRU)
    Media Manager: Brendan Hertel (QRU)
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  9. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    My post was a year late.

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  10. SouthernX John Solomon (38)

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    The criticism of brad Thorn coaching pedigree is wrong and unfair.

    That qld u20 side was very very dominate.

    Sometimes you gotta take a gamble on somebody showing a lot of promise and see what you have in them. I think Brad Thorn has the respect of the locker room and has seen more on the battlefield then any coach in clubland has.

    I love the Brad Thorn hire and he is my prediction to be the next reds coach
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  11. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    Being a great respected player doesn't mean a great coach. Maybe he is a great coach, but soldiers don't do tactics/strategy. I'm just stating that their must've been frustration in club land.

    If he's already filling the reds and u20s roles. Give someone else a crack at NRC. $ can't be huge for a 10 week gig.

    What is Carozzas back story??

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  12. fo!!ower Chris McKivat (8)

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    That's a very good squad, I think QCountry will be the better of the the two Qld teams this year.

    Simmons and Hocking lining up at 4 & 5 will make life tough for the commentators!

    Great opportunity for Tuttle, Stewart and Paia'aua to work on their combinations, plus Izzy Perese outside them - deadly!

    Can't wait for NRC to start now!
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  13. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    Looking at coaching line ups. All the city team are club land and none of qld country??

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  14. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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  15. Jets Mark Loane (55)

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    Carozza has been part of the talent ID pathway at the Reds/QRU for a long time. Was an Academy coach in that role too before the U20's came into existence.

    I'm happy to see him stepping up into a team coaching role.

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  16. TOCC Guest

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    I like Brad Thorn as a coach, personally don't see what tee issue is.. Heenan is coaching Brisbane City, seems like two pretty decent coaches..
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  17. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    I thought NRC would be a great pathway for players and coaches alike. The latter which is particularly lacking in Oz. My issue is parachuting ex players into senior coaching roles.and commentating but I digress.

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  18. TOCC Guest

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    I agree that there is an issue parachuting coaches into senior coaching roles in Australian rugby.. but that doesn't mean that the NRC shouldn't be used to develop coaches like Brad Thorn. He has demonstrated success as the QLD U20s head coach and all the players speak highly of him, seems like a reasonable option IMO.

    I'm expecting a much improved season from QLD Country in 2017
  19. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    Don't know who is ready and willing but wouldn't it make sense for city and country to have a QPR and qru coach each?? E.g. Carozza under heenan and vice versa. I just thought the instagram announcement looked funny when all the players are in club gear, the club names are next to them and the coaches and for qld country it say qru next to all (bar the doc iirc).

    Thorn is probably a terrible example but recent coaches in Aru: larkham, grey, blades (or whoever the tahs scrum coach who got booted).

    In recent years those to progress have been Gilmore, Hilton, Arnold, now Heenan any others??
    Which isn't bad I suppose.

    It would appear it's my Aru frustration boiling over by the above examples!!!!

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  20. Ash Michael Lynagh (62)

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    Interesting, I like Country more than City this year.

    A team like:
    1. Faagase
    2. Mafi
    3. Tupou
    4. Rodda
    5. Simmons
    6. Timu
    7. Wright
    8. ASY / Postal (?)
    9. Tuttle
    10. Stewart
    11. Nabuli
    12. Paia'aua
    13. Magnay
    14. Perese
    15. ?

    A very strong starting team on paper (edit: likely none of those to be missing on Wallabies duty too). Maybe potentially missing a bit of size in the backrow.
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