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Qld Country - official NRC thread

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by saulih, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. TOCC Guest

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    Queensland Country side to face Canberra Vikings:

    1. Sef Fa’agase - University of Queensland, Beaudesert

    2. Alex Mafi - Bond University, Mt. Isa

    3. Fred Burke - GPS

    4. Izack Rodda (VC) - Easts

    5. Harry Hockings - University of Queensland, Bowen*

    6. Angus Scott-Young - University of Queensland

    7. Liam Wright - Easts

    8. Caleb Timu – Souths*

    9. James Tuttle - GPS

    10. Hamish Stewart - Bond University, Toowoomba*

    11. Eto Nabuli - GPS

    12. Duncan Paia’aua (C) - Norths, Rockhampton

    13. Chris Feauai-Sautia - Souths

    14. Izaia Perese - Easts

    15. Patrick James – Brothers***


    16. Alex Casey - Souths

    17. Richie Asiata - Easts

    18. Taniela Tupou - Brothers

    19. Angus Blyth - Bond University, Gold Coast**

    20. Ted Postal - Brothers, Townsville

    21. Scott Malolua - Souths

    22. Teti Tela - Souths

    23. Veresa Mataitini - Norths **

    *Denotes NRC and Queensland Country debut

    **Denotes potential NRC and Queensland Country debut
  2. TSR Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Has the makings of a strong side - although I thought last years team looked strong at first too. Vickings will be a big challenge first up. Hopefully that all the talk of Thorn's focus on defence shows up on the field.

    It'll be good to see Hamish Stewart & Caleb Timu get some time.

    Biggest questions will be how the youngsters like Hockings, Wright & Scott-Young step up & which CFS will turn up.
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  3. Sully John Eales (66)

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    I'm looking forward to see an improved defencive effort from them. It should be easy geven their performance last year.
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  4. TOCC Guest

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    4 of those backs aren't renowned defenders, so yeah will require a bit improvement, but it's needed. il be happy if they only improve their defensive technique and nothing else this season
  5. Runhardhithard Frank Row (1)

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    4th highest point scorer in premier div for the dogs the go to man and defensively aggressive and safe , experience in premier div 8+ years according to sauce and no run? WOW
    Eddie Fidow makes his debut for city runs in 3 tries, Filipo Daugunu possibly hardest runner and defender about still training? WOW
  6. Runhardhithard Frank Row (1)

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    OOPS left out lynchy Jeremiah never seen a more versatile and mobile backrower still training? WOW
  7. TOCC Guest

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  8. Runhardhithard Frank Row (1)

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    Great depth for this competition making NRC stronger with the experience of new recruits to the comp should we lose some to Wallabies duties
  9. Warpath Bill Watson (15)

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    Rodda should be with the Wobblies , not here :/
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  10. Scrubber2050 Mark Ella (57)

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    Let's hope big Brad Thorn coaches them to a win this week.

    It is important for him, moving forward in the professional coaching ranks to have a successful team.
  11. TOCC Guest

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    Good to see even our Russian friends support Queensland Country

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  12. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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    They are big fans of Thorn in Russia.

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  13. TOCC Guest

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    Bond Uni won’t be hosting a QLD Country NRC semi-final, QRU dictate where the finals matches are held and are apparently leaning towards Ballymore

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  14. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    Toowoomba apparently an option too but, yes, Ballymore is the likely option
  15. HJ Nelson Cyril Towers (30)

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  16. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Richie Arnold is looking the goods, I believe. Has excellent ball skills, seems to love the tough stuff, and most importantly really looks to be enjoying himself out on the pitch. Don't think he is far behind Rory atm.
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  17. TOCC Guest

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    Toowoomba it is
  18. SouthernX Colin Windon (37)

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    Congrats to Queensland Country on a magnificent year.

    Tongan Thor and Daugunu were easily my best forward/best back combo in a team full of players who excelled.

    lets hope Brad Thorns magic rubs over on the Queensland Reds in 2018
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  19. TSR Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Nothing wrong with your picks SouthernX - but why stop there.

    For mine Paia’aua was the most influential guy on the field most games I saw. He really does seem to have found his groove.

    And very keen to see Timu turn out in Red next year. There is plenty to like about guys like Naisarani, Valetini & Dempsey but I wonder if Timu might not just be the pick of them.

    Must say I like the look of Blythe too. I know he got pulled up a couple of times yesterday for a couple of penalties. But he looks a real goer.
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