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RWC 2015 Final - Australia v New Zealand, Twickenham, Sunday 1 November, 3:00 AEDT

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by Hugh Jarse, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    I have 3 major concerns for this game.

    1. Lineouts - we have had an average line-out all tourney, certainly not poor but the All Blacks have teared apart better line-outs then ours all year. I can see the All Blacks attacking the corners with kicks, then attacking our line-outs, like they did against SA but with more success.
    2. Goalkicking - Foley is very inconsistent and struggles with technique especially those which are any more then 25metres out. I expect the All Blacks to be more disciplined after the poor Bok game so points will need to be taken when on offer.
    3. Folau / Highball - The All Blacks have always successfully used the high ball as a weapon against us, targeting Foley and to a lesser extent AAC in the back. If Folau is playing at 80% they will target him too, or Beale. Beale and AAC have been good but Ben Smith is better and will probably win the air contest against those 2 most of the time.
  2. Froggy Bill McLean (32)

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    A couple of thoughts (most of which have no doubt already been expressed)
    Firstly, Slipper hasn't looked like his 2014 version all year, I think there is a real possibility he's playing injured. Makes the return of Sio v. important.
    Likewise, Folau is way below his best, either we leave him out, or play him on the wing if he's 100% fit.
    We seem to be leaking in defence 2 out from the ruck. It isn't any particular player, watching this morning it seemed to be a whole range of different people, but in the same area. The cover was excellent, but it is an area the AB's will exploit.
    TPN is a better scrummager than Moore, and I think that was clear this morning. Not suggesting we change anything, that's just a fact.
    While there is no doubt Pocock was MOTM, how good was Douglas? Nothing flashy, just hard, tight footy, hitting rucks and malls hard, getting off the line and tackling hard, just going at it for 80 minutes game after game. Saw him about 2 minutes from full time, he looked absolutely fucked. I was one who couldn't understand why he was selected ahead of Horwill, but Cheika obviously knew exactly what he was getting.
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  3. Never Was Frank Row (1)

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    Off-topic, sorry (I don't know how to start/suggest a new thread - please relocate this as appropriate) but does anyone else think the 3rd/4th place play-off should be scrapped? I can only imagine the teams involved do not want to play it, and I know that when the Wallabies played in it last time around, as a fan I would have been quite happy for it to be ditched. There just seems something wrong about requiring teams that are bitterly disappointed from losing semi-finals to very shortly thereafter play what is largely a meaningless game.
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  4. biggsy Chilla Wilson (44)

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    What ever the wallabies were channeling in the England and Wales games need to found again and add another 50% to that and Bill will heading home to Australia.
  5. Dctarget Tony Shaw (54)

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    I'm fairly sure this is the defensive structure that's been taught to the team. In every game there always seems to be an overlap when we're defending, but somehow we scramble in time to catch them. It's all part of the rush defence, massive reliance on the boys completing those cover tackles though.

    Another defensive feature I've noticed is where all the line breaks happen against us. It seems our structure changes depending on where we are on the field. Every team we play has had their fair share of line breaks, but never in our 22. Not too sure if that's intentional and trained or just pure luck.
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  6. Froggy Bill McLean (32)

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    Big job getting the heads exactly right for this match for Cheika. This is the biggest game of rugby most of these fellows will ever play in their career, that can do all sorts of things with the mind, positive and negative.
  7. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    I noticed after the hooter (this morning) there was zero celebration for a bit whilst the players caught the breath (to undersell what the were going through). They all looked completely f'd. This time around there need to be 0 Wobs standing after the hooter.
  8. jollyswagman Ron Walden (29)

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    Ok..I need to get this off my chest as it seems that there are quite a few Kiwis out there that didn't get the memo for some reason.

    1. When the world cup final is played at Twickenham, Australia win. It's your turn next time you host the tournament and the final is played in your backyard. Until then, chill the f**k out and let nature take its course!

    2. There is no double dipping you greedy bastards. You won the last one and have enjoyed yourselves for the last four years now piss off and get to the back of the queue. Its been 16 years for us.it's our time now!

    3. When Heneke Meyer and his fat f**k buddy Hansen have finished stroking each others knobs, and Gregor Paul has wiped Senor Hansen's nuts clean, can one of them please let them know that Michael Cheika is holding a free seminar on humility, humbleness and respect. As much as Hansen and the Kiwi media love to jump up and down on the "Arrogant Aussie Bouncy House" they need shelve the "best team in the world" bullshit..just for this week at least.

    Done.rant over......for now anyway! :mad:
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  9. jollyswagman Ron Walden (29)

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    Yes and no on that one...go ask the Argies as I am pretty sure they will be going hard at the bronze final. I believe one of the players has already stated that they really want to finish third.
  10. cornetto Peter Burge (5)

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    2014\2015 Wallabies AB Games:

    AB's at home: results favour AB's 92-33 (2 games)
    AB's away: results favour Wallabies 67 - 60 (3 games)

    Given this is at our home away from home Im expecting a 2-3 point win to the men in gold and me needing defibrillation at the 81 minute mark as Hooper grasses Sir GOAT around the legs and Pocock pounces to get his 8th turnover for the match.

    At least we all get Sunday to recover - not sure if I can do another work Monday in the state Im in right now.
  11. Bullrush Jim Lenehan (48)

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    I don't think I've read anywhere that Hansen has said the ABs are the best in the world. It comes from pretty much every other team but all the interviews etc that I have heard, the ABs have talked about earning the right to play next week.
  12. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    I think Mr Jolly might be on the wind up there mate ;)
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  13. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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  14. Bullrush Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Lol - the angry face confused me!
  15. Hawko Geoff Shaw (53)

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    His tackle completion % was at some stage under 50% in SR this year and I think ended up about 55% by the end. If you think that's good you must follow the Blues!
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  16. terry j Ron Walden (29)

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    watching the replays on the computer monitor it did seem a bit iffy. However, when they replayed it on TV during cup run over, it was as clear as day that McCaw actually moved his elbow deliberately around the head and made absolutely no contact at all.
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  17. pissedoffihavetoregister Ward Prentice (10)

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    The darkness are using their 3rd drop openside front rower. With SIO back we should be able to take advantage of that and mother their scrum.
  18. Bullrush Jim Lenehan (48)

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    And itz been 75% in the RWC. Mitchell's has been 65% so for every one-on-one advantage you may think you get against Savea, I'd fancy the same against him - eapecially if he has to mark NMS
  19. terry j Ron Walden (29)

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    I'm sure this thread will be looked at a bit over the next few days :), so this is as good a place as any to ask.

    If my back is up to it I am thinking of heading into sydney to watch the game with a few mates. Specifically balmain, but that is not too important.

    Does anyone know of the available venues/pubs/watering holes that will be playing the game live? No doubt a few drinks will be consumed, so taxis are our friend hence it does not have to be balmain specifically.

    Is there any ARU initiative for a 'big screen venue' for example?

    Anyways, would be great for the sydneysiders in the know to let us (all) know what is available and where.

    perhaps for melbourne/bris etc etc might be good for others.
  20. Dctarget Tony Shaw (54)

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    You know what Terry? You and your mates can come on round to mine.

    Actually, fuck it, all of you beautiful bastards on here are invited.

    Party pies will be served at HT and I'll be in charge of the remote.
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