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Schoolboy Rugby Violence

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Man on the hill Alex Ross (28)

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    HUGH J - having 2 ground marshalls only works if they know what they are required to do and are willing to do it – many fail this 2 part test!

    As to visibility – ha – I laugh in your face. I overheard one the other week tell his team manager – I don’t want to wear it – it makes me a target, then the same guy ignored the large dad from his side who thought hanging crap on a 15 year old referee was part of his “afternoon of fun”!

    Now you ask – where are the SJRU power brokers to enforce their competition rules? One would think that with 8 – count them - 8 dedicated club officials at each fixture, 2 coaches, 2 managers 2 ground marshalls & 2 TJs; that the adults might get it sorted – ha again!

    BTW – whilst many might argue that it should be, booze is not outlawed at SJRU fixtures – you were obviously part of the “pre-unification” west where they actually did ban grog at junior fixtures – enjoy in moderation I say!
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  2. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Sounds like a big fuck you from the judiciary and that the punishment should have been for nobody but the parent/s.

    Should have just given the parent (and perhaps some others involved) some compulsary reffing hours in order for the team to be aloud to compete the following season.

    Solves both the ref shortage and lets him see it from the other side.
  3. kbw Banned

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    You aren't far wrong Mr Hill. I know parents from both sides and although most a good decent people, there are a few that aren't. Including a pork chop from that starting harrassing a parent well after the game when they were stopped at a red light, 1 KM from the ground.

    I have heard a few stories of the day at Sylvania, including some fairly inappropriate behaviour from a touch judge, but taking alot with a grain of salt.

    I will say that experience and from what I have heard, a lot of it came out of Sylvania just not being happy by being beaten by a team they "expected" to beat
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    What an absolute dropkick?.. What happens on the field stays on the field? Yeah Right.

    1 km from the oval. This must be some sort of record distance for disgraceful behaviour to still be evident.

    Even with a skinful on a packed train on the way back from our annual towelling by the bloody Darkness at Oly Park, I can manage to be nice to equally sauced up jubilant Darknessers.

    And lily (vvvvvv) thinks some of the posters on the ISA thread may be a little too passionate about a schoolboy game of footy? ISA supporters have nothing on the pork chop at the lights.

    For MOTH from above,
    The measures implemented by SJRU will only work if they are actually followed. You have outlined situations where the measures are observed in the breach more than the application, and this may be common practice at many venues that I do not attend.

    I can only speak for the juniors games I attend. I do know of a certain Ground Marshall with large buttocks that takes their job very seriously, or maybe I have just been lucky?

    If others are not complying with these measures then Sydney Juniors need to do some navel gazing and get serious about ensuring clubs comply with their competition rules.

    You are right that the 8 match officials should have been able to control things. This is obviously bigger than a couple of kids too high on adrenaline and testosterone.

    I would presume (PIGS HAVE BEEN CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF) that SJRU parent bodies will also be asking for a please explain, not only from the kids involved, but also the ground and club officials who were present as well as the measures that SJRU have in place to assure clubs comply with the Ground safety rules and codes of conduct.

    This is a serious wake up call.
  5. Wood Rat Alfred Walker (16)

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    "Now you ask – where are the SJRU power brokers to enforce their competition rules? One would think that with 8 – count them - 8 dedicated club officials at each fixture, 2 coaches, 2 managers 2 ground marshalls & 2 TJs; that the adults might get it sorted – ha again!" MOTH

    I have seen one of these short staffed clubs officials mannage to wear the coach, waterboy/mannager and ground marshal vests all on his own, apparently the 18 players were there without support, poor sausages, and only he could wear the hats. the 40 or so spectators on the side were just passing?

    strangely he mannaged to wear the objectionable spectator vest as well as he was excited and confused regularly when the referee mannaged both teams

    it must be that club/area with a shortage of helpers as I saw an ex wallaby doing the same at this ground
  6. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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    Disgusting behaviour and no place for it, but what does one do when the Intimidation and Bullying comes from the organising groups, parents and kids witness it first hand making it ok to filter through. It goes on everywhere and so it makes it ok? I like the comment Whatever "Evil will triumph if good men look away." and in the long run Rugby suffers.
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  7. southsider Arch Winning (36)

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    not disputing your claim but just wondering how is that possible? the sheds are a good 10 metres or so away from the dead ball line and there may even be one of those small wooden log fence things there from memory?
  8. Sydneybra Banned

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    The shed would be close to 10 metres away but getting a nudge in the back whilst sprinting can stumble you that far, there is really nothing left of the fence, lots of boys were wondering about it at half time but it is far from new and its run down state offered no source of stoppage for the poor Coogee boys
  9. CTPE Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Anyone aware of the penalties the Scots boys received?
  10. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Not as yet. Anyone?
  11. CTPE Nev Cottrell (35)

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    It will be interesting to see whether either of them run out against Joeys on the weekend given Scots bye last weekend.
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    A previous poster indicated that there is an AAGPS judiciary. The scots (and any other send offs) will theoretically appear in front of them to have their case heard.
  13. smokinjoe Ward Prentice (10)

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    If they run out then the Joeys forwards will be politely explain correct rugby etiquette.
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  14. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    It will be interesting to say the least. What is going on with all the indiscretions? So far, Scots and Riverview having players sent off. What is happening out in the rugby world?
  15. Man on the hill Alex Ross (28)

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    You say that as if a red card is new for a GPS player! Even a few team coaches have been invited in "for a chat" (if my snout is on the mark), and not as observers or to offer moral support, but more to answer allegations of match official abuse.
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  16. thecow Ward Prentice (10)

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    what was the riverview player sent off for?
  17. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    You will have to ask him.
  18. CTPE Nev Cottrell (35)

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    There's probably a couple of other Scots boys from the game in question that are lucky that there's no video review process in GPS.
  19. Leicester Tiger Herbert Moran (7)

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    Not just school boys. Following the debacle at Sylvania, the Southern Barbarians 17B's, i am lead to believe, have been disbanded due to discipline issues throughout the season culminating in a red card against Norwest for a brawl. I believe officials and parents were on the field to "break things up" and the game was abandoned early.
  20. Man on the hill Alex Ross (28)

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    Don't be surprised if a few other teams are "disbanded" or the recipients of significant sanctions for the judiciary business they are generating at SJRU.

    One of my snouts tells me that “around a game every weekend” ends in being abandoned; although what is unclear is just how many of those are because the referee says enough (foul play, abuse etc.) versus technical reasons (player numbers, mercy rule, a significant injury or other than “poor behaviour”).

    At any rate – 1 per weekend still sounds like a lot – even considering the number of games being played.

    A different snout also tells me that the melee that lead to 2 x red cards at Trinity Vs Cranbrook last Saturday looked like it may have included the schoolboys in the stands behind the field as the boundaries between the 2 groups became blurred. No doubt they were also trying to break it up!

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