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Southern Inland Rugby 2015

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Phantom Stan Wickham (3)

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    Yep fair call Maulalltheway, not a lot of facts going on there. Credit where it is due, Albury were absolutely outstanding, not only there execution but there attention to team play, Manion called the shots and they responded. Can they be beaten? Only by divine intervention it would seem.
  2. Independent Herbert Moran (7)

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    What a disgrace by CSU. Pulling out of a Prelim final. Unheard of in my experience. You'd think you could pull together a side for one, maybe even two more games? Someone has to be answerable for this sideshow.
    In my experience, the lower grades of a university based club is where the heart and soul rests. The students. Hence why Aggies have essentially two 3rd grade squads full of students and are full of club culture and passion whilst CSU are throwing in the towel.

    Time for some big questions to be asked out at CSU by the sounds of it.
  3. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Albury were very good but getting 50 odd points scored against you is terrible defence by Leeton .
    Leeton's discipline also let them down & 3 Yellow Cards against Albury is suicidal
    It will be interesting to see how many Albury players stay around after this season- they have plenty of imports in their ranks and some of them might need a bigger challenge and a few more $$
  4. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    My mail says that they played an ineligible player that resulted in them being disqualified but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

    Do you guys work for the Leeton Irrigator?
  5. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Interesting to see in the buildcorp NRC that "not straight" line out calls are not given if the defending team doesn't contest/jump. Are SIRU open to possible law variation interpretations like this @yourmatesam? Also any predictions for the weekend? Hard to see any team defeat Albury in the GF, but would agree with coach Mitchell that the pressure is on leeton this weekend. Maybe tahs finals experience will be beneficial. Did hear CSU field an illegitimate player and was glad to see Siru come down hard on this. I hope Griiffiths team sheet is in order this weekend and City's third grade video analysis from CSU vs Junee pays off #whofilmsthirstythirds?
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  6. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    RF, it's been a while between drinks for you mate! The above situation is the perfect example of a referee having empathy with the game. This should be the case in all instances and the key question is - What is the material effect? Zero. Play on.

    No predictions for me thanks, i'm just here for the comments.
  7. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2015 Finals Week Three Preview:

    Plenty of rugby on offer this weekend at two different venues, does anyone have a pitch report from Cranfield Oval? (hint, hint @nipnipnip) An interesting side note to this weekend’s first grade games is that in both instances, one team has beaten the other in all previous encounters during the season – will that factor play a role in the result today?


    1st Grade:

    Leeton v Waratahs, Leeton #1 Oval @ 3:30pm, Referee: P Dean

    From what I’ve seen in recent weeks, I expect this match to be a pretty tight affair and a game that will test both teams in preparation for the big dance next weekend.

    Playing an uncompromising style of football is fine as long as it’s within the spirit of the game; the biggest task facing the Phantom’s this weekend is to focus on the game. There is an opportunity for Waratahs in that space as well, particularly when they are under pressure.

    Waratahs have really ground out their last two victories but will want to be a little more in control of things this weekend. They played some solid patches of rugby last week and have the ability to really put it to the stronger teams of the competition; they need to continue holding pressure on when it counts though.

    The Phantom’s strong defensive record took a bit of a battering last week against the Steamers but should be a highlight again in this match. Waratahs will need to work hard to get around the Phantoms and may need to apply a more strategic game plan to this match that would bring their forwards into this game more effectively.

    Both teams are capable of playing good solid rugby when they put their minds to it and the battle for both of them is to focus on their own responsibilities, control what they can control and let their rugby do the talking.

    Keep an eye out for: Tino Semeti vs Dave Armstrong and Stuart Dyer vs Euan Bonner

    2nd Grade:

    Waratahs v Leeton, Leeton #1 Oval @ 2:00pm, Referee: M Ryan

    Should be a good pre-cursor to the main game at Leeton, there will be some older heads out there combined with some younger, pacier players. My scouts tell me that both teams play a similar structure to their First Grade teams which will be good to watch. The Phantoms should have a slight edge with some fresh reserves for this one.

    3rd Grade:

    Waratahs v Griffith, Leeton #1 Oval @ 12noon, Referee: M Del Gigante

    Aaron Lawrence has led his team around very well in recent weeks and is a strong communicator for the Blacks. His matchup against another seasoned campaigner in George Last at Waratahs will be a key to this game as these two players both lead from the front.


    Leeton v Ag College, Leeton #1 Oval @ 1:15pm, Referee: T Reneker

    The Diana’s will be spurred on by the recent news of Remi Wilton making the Wallaroos squad, the Diana’s have had a strong women’s team for a number of seasons now which is really providing a platform for local talent. Aggies have their fair share of handy players in their team too with Brumbies Provincial players in their ranks also which will make for an exciting game of rugby.


    1st Grade:

    City v Temora, Cranfield Oval Young @ 3:30pm, Referee: S Donelan

    These two have had some epic encounters in recent years and this year has been no different. The Tuskers are two from two this season against the Boiled Lollies which will motivate both teams here.

    The evergreen Rambo Lagaali has come out of retirement for this game which shows you the level of importance this game holds to the City Men. Rambo has been a central figure for City this season and some would say there is a direct correlation in City’s form in relation to Rambo’s mid-season retirement.

    The Tuskers have been the quiet achievers of the First Division this season, they’ve just been plugging away and bit by bit, they have been progressing through the season and have a genuine opportunity to play in a Grand Final here. They also know what it takes to play in a Grand Final and will be keen to get on that train tomorrow.

    This game will be defined by the attacking flair of the speedy City backs trying to get on the outside of the uncompromising Temora defensive line. Forward packs should be even, although Temora probably play a more ranging forward pack in comparison to City’s traditional forwards.

    Not sure which team will be suited to the wet and greasy track at Cranfield Park, there’s no doubt that the surface will be choppy by the end of the day and the team that adapts best to this will go a long way to deciding the outcome of the game.

    Keep an eye out for: Rambo Lagaali vs Tex Ratuva and James Curgenven vs Nathan Philp

    2nd Grade:

    CSU v Coota, Cranfield Oval Young @ 2:00pm, Referee: L Gunn

    Cootamundra have seen a form resurgence since the finals series kicked off three weeks ago and have managed to string together some fine form in recent weeks. There are a number of players in this team who have been playing two games a week for a while now. Reddies will need to work hard and stick together to produce the goods here but have the ability to do so.

    3rd Grade:

    Junee v City, Cranfield Oval Young @ 12noon, Referee: B Reynolds

    This game has been absolutely surrounded by controversy in the lead up to this match, all types of skullduggery have been happening behind the scenes. Let’s put that behind us though and let the football do the talking on game day! The Junee Rams were impressive in their first round win over CSU and should be confident coming into this game. Wagga City have a level of depth in this team and may use that to their advantage against the stand alone club.


    City v CSU, Cranfield Oval Young @ 1:15pm, Referee: M Dwyer

    City will be without Commonwealth Seven’s Star Sammy Maxwell who is in training with the National Team in preparation for a trip to Samoa shortly – will this have an impact on the result today? The Reddies have some Speedy Gonzales pace out wide that may be able to break this game open.
  8. nipnipnip Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Pitch report from Cranfield Oval - Young; Slightly greasy last week with the effects of winter being fully felt. No teams have been on it all week and we have had sunshine and warm days for the past few so should have dried up a touch. I'd avoid the cricket pitch at all costs though. The council do a fantastic job getting these fields up to scratch though so kudos to them.

    Bit sad for the Yabbies to be hosting a final for the first time since I've been at the club, yet not have a team competing. It will be fantastic for everyone to enjoy what I see as the best clubhouse in SIRU though. Hopefully we can turn the day on and see some cracking rugby played.

    My predictions are City in the womens, Junee, CSU (don't be shy with those cards in your pocket Gunny) and Temora in a tight contest.
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  9. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    The DA Coverage again focuses on Rambo Lagaali coming out of Retirement - Agree with Whistel Happy last week it is a boring coverage when there are so many other players the DA could talk about - particularly the Players who helped City get into tomorrows Final(Curgenven, Wrafter, Blackmore, Lally, Uhr, Palframan etc etc)
    Come on Tuskers - put the Retiring player & Coach into a Retirement Village
  10. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2015 Finals Week Two Scores:

    First Grade:
    Waratahs 31 bt Leeton 28

    First Grade :
    Temora 34 bt City 30

    Second Grade:
    Coota bt CSU

    Third Grade:
    Junee 26 bt City 0

    Women's :
    CSU 19 bt City 7

    Other results to follow.
  11. Independent Herbert Moran (7)

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    A couple of good stories going into GF week.
    Waratahs coming from 5th place to secure a shot at Albury. A rivalry that will allow the gap to narrow on Saturday. I suspect that it will be closer than most punters assume. I'm sure the tahs coach will trot out the cliche "no pressure on us" again.
    The Tuskers. Other than the temora faithful, who expected this?It wasn't that long ago they were turning up with 9 players. Really come good in the last month. Momentum & club spirit will ensure a genuine tussle in the Plastic Cup.
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  12. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    SIRU Week 3 Preliminary Finals Results at No. 1 Oval, Leeton

    Premier Division

    1st Grade;
    Waratah 31 d Leeton 28

    2nd Grade;
    Leeton 13 d Waratahs 10

    3rd Grade;
    Griffith 17 d Waratahs 14

    Women's 7-A-Side;
    Leeton 14 d Ag College 12

    SIRU Week 3 Preliminary Finals Results at Cranfield Oval, Young

    1st Division

    1st Grade;
    Temora 34 d Wagga City 30

    2nd Grade;
    Cootamundra 32 d CSU 17

    Women's 7-A-Side ;
    CSU 19 d Wagga City 12

    3rd Grade;
    Junee 26 d Wagga City 0


    SIRU GRAND FINALS at Conolly Rugby Complex, Wagga


    1st Grade;

    Albury v Waratahs

    2nd Grade;

    Hay v Leeton

    1st DIVISION

    1st Grade;

    CSU v Temora

    2nd Grade;

    Wagga City v Cootamundra

    3rd Grade- (McMullen Cup)

    Junee v Griffith

    Women's 7-A-Side;

    Cup Final -
    Leeton v CSU

    Plate Final-
    Ag College v Wagga City
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  13. nipnipnip Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Got a question for you yourmatesam or anyone else with a lot of on field decision experience. There was a player in the Junee team red carded for a dangerous tackle, the card was justified by any standard. My question is the tackle occurred with around a minute left and Junee up 26-0. Is there anyway the player will be able to avoid a week off? As it is the grand final next week and a lot of work goes into seasons only to miss it for a silly mistake.

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  14. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Good question mate and one that will no doubt generate some emotive discussion for Junee and the player.

    The process will be that the judiciary will receive the report on the card and make a decision based on the relevant information at their disposal.

    It's an emotive topic and I'm sure we'll hear more about this during the week.

    I don't know that I can offer much more than that on this topic mate.

  15. Independent Herbert Moran (7)

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    If the tackle was serious enough to be issued a red card, then there can be no escaping at least week off. The fact the GF is the game he will miss is irrelevant. A harsh reality and certainly a lesson learned, but it is what it is.
  16. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    1 minute into the game or 1 minute from full time - it doesn't matter
    Junee get their chance to defend the Charge when they get it tomorrow.
    Video evidence could help or might not help
    Griffith will be watching carefully
  17. nipnipnip Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I know it is what it is and it's disappointing. It'll be a big dent in their team as he is in my opinion Junees best player.

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  18. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    I would second that. Don't tell him though, his scone is big enough as it is. :)
  19. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Righto, back to the footy and some quick Grand Final stats;
    * There are 11 of SIRU's 14 clubs represented on #SIRU2015 GF Day with only Young, Tumut and Deniliquin missing out on a spot this year.
    * CSU, Leeton and Wagga City are the only clubs with more than one team on the field this weekend. All three clubs have a senior's grade and their women's teams represented on GF Day.
    * A quick review of the GF day First Grade Teams in recent years will show you that Albury or Waratahs have featured in every Grand Final in the Premier Division since 2011 which is a wrap to both clubs.
    * 2015 is the third time in the past five Premier Division Grand Finals which will see Albury and Waratahs face each other and they wonder why they're called "glamour clubs". :)
    * The Albury Steamers are playing off in the big one for the fourth year in a row and are hunting their second win from those four appearances.

    SIRU Grand Finalists (and results) since 2011:
    2015 Albury v Waratahs
    2014 Griffith 16 bt Albury 11
    2013 Albury 41 bt Waratahs 7
    2012 AgCollege 26 bt Albury 25
    2011 Waratahs 31 bt Ag College 8
  20. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Bahahaha it is pretty big. The rams can definitely win the GF without him, average at best.

    oh the irony of that comment.

    really interesting to see Albury steamers in 4 of the last 5 grand finals. fantastic club effort. My predictions for saturday are

    womens: Leeton
    3rds: Junee
    2nds: cootamundra
    1st: Temora

    Walsh and blair
    2nds: Hay
    1sts: Waratahs

    Good luck to all teams, refs and assistants involved. I feel its been an exciting year of rugby with plenty of twists and upsets. Great to see Tumut Bulls competing so strongly. Will be interesting to see how the regional town comp shapes up and how it subsequently effects the major centre teams. interesting times ahead for siru.
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