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Sydney Colts - 2014

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. GPSrow Watty Friend (18)

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    At the moment, Gordon is doing well with numbers for two grades, its more the 1-2 week injuries that put a strain on key positions and areas. We also have had 3 new players join in the past week.
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  2. GPSrow Watty Friend (18)

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  3. footyfan001 Frank Row (1)

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    Something doesn't seem to be adding up at Gordon. I Managed to make it to the colts games on the weekend and hearing this playing group has only won 1 game between them this season I was expecting to to see Norths towel up a week disjointed outfit. Boy was I wrong. I saw 2 competitive Gordon sides punch away at 2 star studded Norths teams and i'm sure that Norths knew that they had played a game of footy at the end of both. Clearly the difference in the 1s was the scrum with Norths scoring at least 3 tries from dominating the set piece. In all other aspects Gordon matched it well with Norths and in many aspects were the better of the 2. With equal scrums the result would have been very different. It also appears that Gordon have a long injury list and some of there best are still unavailable.

    It was post match that the stood out at Chatswood oval with most of the Gordon players staying around for the after function. There appears to be a very happy and positive vibe around the Gordon players and despite not winning any games they are enjoying their footy and the time with their mates. Not that easy to achieve when you are sitting at the bottom of the table.The club has clearly made some very positive changes that is seeing them retain their players and also continue to see new players join mid season.

    For this old rugby follower, that is what separates our game from the rest. It is the game for all and game played with your mates, and even more importantly, for your mates. Many of our clubs seem to have lost sight of this and focus only on the the elite playing group at the expense of the rest with too much pandering to the individuals that think they are bigger than the team.

    i would say that if Gordon can maintain this spirit and jag a few wins they will continue to rebuild back to a position of strength in the comp over the next few years.

    Hats off to the admin and coaches over there as clearly you guys are doing something right. I suspect we will see plenty of good players evolve out of this program over the next few years and maybe even just as many up and coming stars join looking to be part of some real rugby culture!!
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  4. The Butts Herbert Moran (7)

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    Good comments ff001 (sounds like a rugby player - fafoohy) ;) There is actually more to it than that.

    Because the vast majority of this colts squad is made up of players who have simply played the game for the games sake, they tend to bond together against the "rock stars". Each of them looks after the other.

    Just looking at the "player points" in First Grade (for example) you can see that 26 v 40 means that Gordon were on a hiding to nothing. And then having a prop and lock sin-binned certainly hurt their scrum.

    The Seconds are a great bunch of players who are still pulling themselves up off the ground and getting back into the contest.

    A lot of players are still fairly young, and I think that just about the entire squad will still be in Colts next year - and will enjoy the experience of playing against players who aren't so "battle tough" and older. The fact that there is tremendous club spirit means that the admin and coaches are certainly doing something right.
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  5. GPSrow Watty Friend (18)

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    What is the U19s Sydney Colts Squad, I know 2 Gordon boys are in it.
  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^ Last heard of such a beast was two years ago, and I think it was called the NSW under 19 squad. It had a game against a Queensland selection, and it included some of that years Schoolboy (non-colts) talent like Horwitz.

    I think they played on the same weekend as the inaugural (and only) AJRU Championships involving NSW U17's and NSW U15's against QLD, ACT and VIC age group teams.
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  7. supporter Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Watch the game as well. Very competitive teams from Gordon and it's good to see they enjoyed their game despite the result. Well done Gordon!
  8. supporter Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Ahosivi played 4 games in 2013 and then out of injury for the rest of the season.
  9. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    So of the 5 mentioned,4 actually played in colts 2's?
    That was pretty much his point I thought.

    The fact that Norths think they have some one better to play in the 1's doesn't detract from the fact that a Handful of Schoolboy stars from 2013 was playing against them in colts 2's.
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  10. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    Exactamundo!!! Summed up by GPSrow's reply : "still.." :)
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  11. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Discipline Summary so far:

    Club Discipline Record
    Send Off (Red Card)
    Randwick: 3, (Colts1: 1, Colts2: 2, Colts3: 0)
    Southern Districts: 2, (Colts1: 0, Colts2: 1, Colts3: 1) (1 RC is for second YC in the same game)
    Penrith: 2, (Colts1: 1, Colts2: 1) Note: Both cards to the same player who has been sacked.
    Warringah: 1, (Colts1: 1, Colts2: 0, Colts3: 0)
    Gordon: 1, (Colts1: 1, Colts2: 0, Colts3: ) (Second YC in the same game)
    Eastwood: 1, (Colts1: 0, Colts2: 1, Colts3: 0)
    Eastern Suburbs: 1, (Colts1: 0, Colts2: 1, Colts3: 0)

    Sin Bin (Yellow Card)
    Southern Districts: 21, (Colts1: 10, Colts2: 7, Colts3: 4)
    Eastern Suburbs: 21, (Colts1: 8, Colts2: 8, Colts3: 5)
    West Harbour: 19, (Colts1: 8, Colts2: 9, Colts3: 2)
    Eastwood: 16, (Colts1: 5, Colts2: 7, Colts3: 4)
    Northern Suburbs: 14, (Colts1: 4, Colts2: 7, Colts3: 3)
    Parramatta: 12, (Colts1: 3, Colts2: 7, Colts3: 2)
    Randwick: 11, (Colts1: 6, Colts2: 3, Colts3: 2)
    Penrith: 11, (Colts1: 4, Colts2: 7)
    Manly: 10, (Colts1: 6, Colts2: 3, Colts3: 1)
    Gordon: 8, (Colts1: 6, Colts2: 2)
    Warringah: 7, (Colts1: 4, Colts2: 3, Colts3: 0)
    Sydney University: 4, (Colts1: 0, Colts2: 3, Colts3: 1)

    Individual Discipline Record:
    154 Yellow cards have been issued to 135 players. (out of 897 players)
    1 player have received 4 Yellow Cards.
    16 players have received 2 Yellow Cards.
    118 players have received 1 Yellow Card.

    11 Red Cards have been issued to 10 Players.
    1 Player has received 2 Red Cards. (He has been let go by his club)
    9 Players have received 1 Red Card.
    2 Players have received their Red Card because of their second Yellow Card in the game.

    Discipline by Grade:
    64 Yellow Cards and 4 Red Cards have been issued in Colts 1
    66 Yellow Cards and 6 Red Cards have been issued in Colts 2
    24 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Cards have been issued in Colts 3
    Note: In Colts 3's, there are 2 less games each week due to the Bye.

    Discipline by Round:
    12 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Cards were issued in Round 1 (YC: 3 Colts1, 7 Colts2, 2 Colts3 RC: Colts1)
    15 Yellow Cards and 0 Red Cards were issued in Round 2 (YC: 8 Colts1, 6 Colts2, 1 Colts3)
    19 Yellow Cards and 3 Red Cards were issued in Round 3 (YC: 7 Colts1,10 Colts2, 2 Colts3 RC: 2 Colts1, 1 Colts2)
    14 Yellow Cards and 0 Red Cards were issued in Round 4 (YC: 5 Colts1, 6 Colts2, 3 Colts3)
    20 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Cards were issued in Round 5 (YC: 9 Colts1, 7 Colts2, 4 Colts3 RC: Colts2)
    17 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Cards were issued in Round 6 (YC: 6 Colts1, 7 Colts2, 4 Colts3 RC: Colts3)
    10 Yellow Cards and 1 Red Cards were issued in Round 7 (YC: 5 Colts1, 3 Colts2, 2 Colts3 RC: Colts2)
    9 Yellow Cards and 0 Red Cards were issued in Round 8 (YC: 4 Colts1, 5 Colts2, 0 Colts3)
    13 Yellow Cards and 3 Red Cards were issued in Round 9 (YC: 5 Colts1, 6 Colts2, 2 Colts3 RC: Colts1, 2 Colts2)
    25 Yellow Cardsand1Red Cardswere issued in Round 10(YC: 12 Colts1, 9 Colts2, 4 Colts3RC: Colts2)

    Who pushes the Laws?
    87 Yellow Cards have been issued to Forwards
    19 = Front Row, 24 = Second Row, 44 = Loose Forwards
    46 Yellow Cards have been issued to Backs
    16= Halfback/Flyhalf, 11 = Centres, 19 = Back Three
    21 Yellow Cards have been issued to Bench Players
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Who has been hassling the Scoreboard Attendants?

    Top 10 Point Scorers
    Christian KAGIASSIS, Sydney University, 117 points (9T 36C)
    Christian YASSMIN, Sydney University, 115 points (23T)
    Justin FOURIE, Sydney University, 100 points (16T 10C)
    Chris O'DONNELL, Sydney University, 93 points (3T 36C 2PG)
    Ellis ABRAHAMS, Manly, 81 points (4T 26C 3PG)
    Austin OSAGIE, Manly, 80 points (16T)
    Kevin WEEKS, Southern Districts, 80 points (3T 25C 5PG)
    Alex NEWSOME, Eastern Suburbs, 80 points (3T 16C 11PG)
    Ben HUGHES, Sydney University, 78 points (14T 4C)
    Anthony MANASSA, Eastwood, 77 points (4T 24C 3PG)

    Top 10 Golden Boots
    Chris O'DONNELL, Sydney University, 78 points (36C 2PG)
    Christian KAGIASSIS, Sydney University, 72 points (36C)
    Kevin WEEKS, Southern Districts, 65 points (25C 5PG) (Second Row)
    Alex NEWSOME, Eastern Suburbs, 65 points (16C 11PG)
    Ellis ABRAHAMS, Manly, 61 points (26C 3PG)
    Kieran KNIGHT, Randwick, 60 points (21C 6PG)
    James BENTON, Parramatta, 60 points (21C 6PG) (Front Row)
    Anthony MANASSA, Eastwood, 57 points (24C 3PG)
    Christopher EBELING, West Harbour, 55 points (17C 7PG)
    Matthew TEKI, Southern Districts, 53 points (19C 5PG) (missed 6 rounds through Injury)

    Meat Pies
    1194 tries have been scored by 478 players (out of 897 players).
    419 players are yet to bag a meat pie.
    271 players have scored 2 or more tries.
    166 players have scored 3 or more tries.
    111 players have scored 4 or more tries.
    65 Players are averaging better than 1 try per fortnight.

    Top Individual Try Scorers
    Christian YASSMIN, Sydney University, 23 tries
    Austin OSAGIE, Manly, 16 tries
    Justin FOURIE, Sydney University, 16 tries
    Ben HUGHES, Sydney University, 14 tries
    Harrison BLAKE, Manly, 11 tries
    Josh PETERO, Southern Districts, 9 tries
    Christian KAGIASSIS, Sydney University, 9 tries
    Matthew GONZALEZ, Eastwood, 8 tries
    Edward ELLWOOD-HALL, Warringah, 8 tries

    Club Try Scoring
    Sydney University, 194 Tries: (92 Colts1, 64 Colts2, 38 Colts3)
    Northern Suburbs, 147 Tries: (44 Colts1, 55 Colts2, 48 Colts3)
    Manly, 126 Tries: (55 Colts1, 44 Colts2, 27 Colts3)
    Southern Districts, 122 Tries: (60 Colts1, 40 Colts2, 22 Colts3)
    Eastwood, 117 Tries: (43 Colts1, 47 Colts2, 27 Colts3)
    Randwick, 101 Tries: (48 Colts1, 40 Colts2, 13 Colts3)
    Parramatta, 97 Tries: (43 Colts1, 31 Colts2, 23 Colts3)
    West Harbour, 84 Tries: (33 Colts1, 33 Colts2, 18 Colts3)
    Eastern Suburbs, 71 Tries: (40 Colts1, 18 Colts2, 13 Colts3)
    Warringah, 65 Tries: (32 Colts1, 23 Colts2, 10 Colts3)
    Gordon, 45 Tries: (27 Colts1, 18 Colts2)
    Penrith, 25 Tries: (11 Colts1, 14 Colts2)

    Best Attacks or Worst Defences?
    528 Tries in 60 Colts1 games (44 average per team) [Average of 8.8 tries per game]
    427 Tries in 60 Colts2 games (35.58 average per team) [Average of 7.1 tries per game]
    239 Tries in 40 Colts3 games (23.9 average per team) [Average of 5.9 tries per game]

    Players used so far.
    Manly: 85 players used
    Sydney University: 85 players used
    Parramatta: 83 players used
    Randwick: 83 players used
    Eastern Suburbs: 80 players used
    Southern Districts: 79 players used
    West Harbour: 78 players used
    Eastwood: 76 players used
    Warringah: 74 players used
    Northern Suburbs: 63 players used
    Penrith: 59 players used
    Gordon: 52 players used
  13. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    HJ - any way you can distill this info further so that the "Nigel Nobodies" can be separated from the "Rockstars"?
    Or do we need a separate thread?

    Wreckless ;)
  14. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    Or do North's "Rockstars" still fit in with the Nigels? ( when they're playing in the Nigel's - 2nd's & 3rds )?
  15. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Alas,they are now former rockstars.
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  16. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Whether it be a Neville (no body), or a Nigel (no friends), its a team sport and its now possibly time bunker in with your team mates and play / talk rugby because there's better things to read.

    Tahs have had Rock stars in the past. - no tittles.
    The Nevilles or Nigels ended up at the Brumbies. - tittles.

    Team & Attitude & HARD WORK - how about we give it a rest hey.
  17. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    whats the issue with norths wreckless? I thought they are all there to play footy.
  18. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    And the winner was Sportsmanship..Young Rats become Emus for all the right reasons by: Jon Geddes
    • From: Manly Daily
    • June 03, 2014 3:46PM

    Warringah Colts turned Penrith Emu Nick Condon is tackled by Rats teammate Conor Milham. Source: Supplied

    WARRINGAH Rats and Penrith Emus Colts players linked arms for a prayer of thanks after an extraordinary game on the weekend.

    It was a match where the result will quickly disappear from memory but the spirit displayed will not be forgotten.

    Penrith arrived at Pittwater Rugby Park with 18 players for two grades with a number of their squad having rugby league commitments.
    After going down to Warringah 35-19 in second grade, the gusty Penrith players backed up immediately to play first grade. When they started getting injuries early on, something very special happened.

    The Warringah reserves went over, pulled on Penrith jumpers and played for the opposition so they would not have to forfeit. In the end, five players in Warringah shorts and socks were running around in Penrith jumpers against their mates.

    “Our first grade coach Mark Fargus said in the spirit of rugby, let’s help out a club who are battling,” Rats second grade coach Murray Pitts said.
    Penrith coach Fila Tauangakava was moved by the selfless gesture of the Warringah players. “All of a sudden five Warringah players came over and offered to give us a hand,” he said. “I have never seen anything like it before in Sydney club rugby, there was plenty of good sportsmanship ,even afterwards.”

    Rats second-rower Nick Condon, who wore the Emus jumper, paid the price of sportsmanship and fractured his ankle. But he had no regrets.
    “I was happy to play and volunteered to do it,” Condon said.

    The bond that grew between the two rival teams was demonstrated when they knelt down, linked arms and said a prayer led by Penrith captain David Isopo. Warringah ended up winning 71-0, but all agreed the score was irrelevant.

    Tauangakava had a simple message for Warringah. “If they show that sort of attitude they will be successful in whatever they choose to do,” he said.


    In conclusion i'd just like to add that all the lads who helped penrith out last weekend were presented with a training shirt by way of thanks and both teams celebrated with post match drinks whilst watching First Grade.

    Also Penrith brought out the esky at the end of the game for both teams but were told by the Rats to put it away for the bus trip. The Rats then hosted the Penrith lads with fantastic hospitality and were a crdit to the SRU and the best traditions of the Warringah Rugby Club.

    In the return fixture on the 28th of June at Nepean Rugby Park the Colts games will again be held early to allow all colts players to gather on the Hill to watch First Grade & for a complimentary BBQ and beverages hosted by the PDJRU.

    Cheers & beers

  19. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    @the baz - no issue with Norths ( or anyone else )! They just happened to be the ones in the spotlight when GPSrow posed his original question. :)

    It all goes back to a "throw away" comment back at post #640 or thereabouts which I took to be mildly disparaging of the Colts 2's and 3's - referring to them as "Nigel Nobodies" and the 1st's as rockstars. My point was that they are all "somebodies"! ( like Cattledog's Sione Sumbodi! :))

    Cheers, Wreckless
  20. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    With the rain set in, This weeks games will be interesting, as the rain is a good leveller.
    gordon v wests - wests in a tight one (this will be a cracker)
    Norths v penrith - norths but dont think this will be a blowout
    warringah v eastwood - woodies in a tight one
    manly v randwick - wicks in a tight one - (another cracker)
    uni v souths - uni (1v2 so this will be good)
    easts v parra - parra in a tight one.
    Some solid games of rugby to watch so get amongst it.
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