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Sydney Colts - 2015

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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  2. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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    If weather continues as is and grounds unavailable to play a match what happens?? Norths and Easts Colts games.
  3. Sideline Eye Darby Loudon (17)

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    Randwick colts 1s scored just before oranges. Great game. Full time score: Eastwood 19 - Randwick 29. Eastwood 2s also lost by 10 points, and 3rds lost by a lot to not much.
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Round 17 Results

    W. McMahon Memorial Shield - Colts 1
    West Harbour 22 Parramatta 33
    Eastern Suburbs 36 Northern Suburbs 10 (Postponed and played on 21 July)
    Eastwood 19 Randwick 29
    Southern Districts 28 The Bye 0
    Manly 23 Gordon 36
    Sydney University 24 Warringah 0

    Shell Trophy - Colts 2
    West Harbour 48 Parramatta 34
    Eastern Suburbs 7 Northern Suburbs 22 (Postponed and played on 21 July)
    Eastwood 17 Randwick 27
    Penrith 24 Southern Districts 22
    Manly 5 Gordon 27
    Sydney University 67 Warringah 0

    Bill Simpson Shield - Colts 3
    West Harbour 22 Parramatta 0
    Eastern Suburbs 24 Northern Suburbs 28 (Postponed and played on 21 July)
    Eastwood 7 Randwick 69
    Penrith 14 Southern Districts 55
    Manly 15 Gordon 19
    Sydney University 33 Warringah 10

    Round 18 Games - 25 July
    Northern Suburbs v Sydney University
    Randwick v Manly
    Gordon v Penrith (Bye in Colts 1)
    Parramatta v Eastern Suburbs
    Southern Districts v West Harbour
    Warringah v Eastwood

    Edit: Results from postponed games added.
  5. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Eric Spilsted Shield (Colts Club Championship) Watch:
    The Gallopers maintain a lead of more than 1 round of maximum points on The Corporation and these two will take Gold and Silver. The Shoremen appear to have locked in the Bronze Medal with their Round 17 games yet to be played (probably mid-week).

    Predicted mid table jockeying occurred but with most clubs ahead of the club behind them by at least 55 points (less Beasts, Hobbits, Woodies, MP2B and Marlins), I reckon that the final positions are nearly locked in.

    There are a maximum of 55 points available to a club each week, based on all 3 colts teams winning with a 4 try BP.

    Randwick, 867 points
    Sydney University, 810 points
    Northern Suburbs, 695 points (after postponed Round 17 games have been played)
    Gordon, 615 points
    Eastern Suburbs, 505 points (after postponed Round 17 games have been played)
    Southern Districts, 459 points (up 1 place)
    Eastwood, 428 points (down 1 place)
    Parramatta, 399 points (up 1 place)
    Manly, 385 points (down 1 place)
    West Harbour, 316 points
    Warringah, 181 points#
    Penrith, 154 points

    How the Colts Club Championship table is calculated.
    The competition points from the individual competitions are multiplied by the following factors and then added together.
    Colts 1 - 6
    Colts 2 - 3
    Colts 3 - 2

    # Warringah deducted 4 points for a Late Forfeit in Round 1 Colts 3, and 2 Points for a Forfeit in Round 2 Colts 3.

    Edit: Table adjusted following mid week catch up games.
  6. Mr Hector Frank Row (1)

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    Sydney University 24 Warringah 0
  7. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    NSWRU Web Site shows 34 - 0, but wouldn't be the first time they have got it wrong on Saturday night.

    The Corporation's twitter feed says 24-0 in Colts 1. OP will be edited.

    Thanks @Mr Hector.
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  8. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Finals Watch Update:

    If the finals were held this coming weekend, the games would be:
    Colts 1:
    Randwick vs Parramatta
    Sydney University vs Gordon
    Northern Suburbs vs Eastern Suburbs

    Top 3 teams seem fairly settled with either Parramatta or Eastwood taking the last slot although Southern Districts have a slim chance if the above don't achieve at least a bonus point.

    The Run Home:
    Randwick 82 points - Manly (A)
    Sydney University 72 points - Northern Suburbs (H)
    Northern Suburbs 58 points - Sydney University (A)
    Eastern Suburbs 54 points - Parramatta (A)
    Gordon 51 points - The Bye (Guaranteed 5 points to finish on 56 points)
    Eastwood 47 points - Warringah (A)
    Parramatta 47 points - Eastern Suburbs (H)
    Southern Districts 43 points - West Harbour (H)
    Manly 38 points - Randwick (H)

    Using the previous 2015 results & BP allocation for these remaining fixtures (no guarantee these will repeat in all instances) the final points could be:
    Randwick: 87 points
    Sydney University: 73 points
    Northern Suburbs: 63 points
    Eastern Suburbs: 59 points
    Gordon: 56 points
    Eastwood: 52 points
    Parramatta: 48 points
    Southern Districts: 48 points
    Manly: 38 points

    50+ points seems to be the cut off for making the Final 6.

    Colts 2:
    Sydney University vs Penrith
    Northern Suburbs vs Southern Districts
    Randwick vs Gordon

    Top 5 seem fairly comfortable and there is intense competition between Beasts and Emus for the 6th qualifying slot.

    Colts 3:
    Randwick vs Southern Districts
    Sydney University vs West Harbour
    Gordon vs Northern Suburbs

    Positions 1-4 are comfortable although there may be movements between 2 & 3. Currently 4 teams are in hot competition for the last 2 slots.

    Edit: Eastern Suburbs vs Northern Suburbs games in Colts 1-3 have now be played and the above post adjusted.

    Breaking News Edit: The Corporation may be docked up to 15 points depending on the outcome of the Francis Brown Saga.
    Hobbits, Rats and Highlanders may be awarded 5 points for those games which would change the shape of the final 6.

    If this were to eventuate, the table at the end of round 17 would look like this: Randwick 78, Gordon 71, Northern Suburbs 58, Sydney University 54, Southern Districts 41, West Harbour 38. Finals for Colts 3 (on Round 17 positions) would then be:
    Randwick vs West Harbour
    Gordon vs Southern Districts
    Northern Suburbs vs Sydney University
  9. GPSrow Watty Friend (18)

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    Fellas, just like to make note of the ol Gordon Highlanders.. this time last year, they had two gordon Colts teams struggling in the comp and with a "building on next year" attitude and building a stronger culture for the club. Nek year, Gordon has 3 Colts teams with all teams in the top 6 and all teams making it into the finals. What a turnaround and what a great club to be apart of at this time. Thanks go to the coaching staff who really stood by the club and the players coming through. We only hope this platform has been set and it will only strengthen Gordon's grade teams and colts teams in years to come.
  10. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    Well Done Grasshopper! :)
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  11. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    Easts to Play Norths in catch up game - tomorrow night, all 3 grades.
  12. BillyBlack Allen Oxlade (6)

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    3rd Grade Colts
    How many reserves are you permitted (to run on) ??

    Syd Uni vs Gordon a couple of weeks ago.
    Uni ran on "what seemed like 100s"
    Their team sheet shows 10 reserves

    O'Connor, Billy-Jacob
    Docking, Samuel
    3. Reserve
    Brown, Francis
    Willson, Thomas J
    Blair, Jack A
    Fenwicke, Peter J
    Mill, Stuart I
    Mulipola, Calvin
    Halmarick , Ben
    Travers, Banjo L
    Elbatoory, Ahmad
    Cross, Sean
    Porter, Guy
    Muller, Patrick
    Faavae-Eli, Jaydon P
    Vaihu, Lisiate
    19. Reserve
    Pavitt, Thomas H
    11. Reserve
    Roebuck, Brae P
    6. Reserve
    Iosefa, Solomona
    10. Reserve
    Renton, Samuel G
    5. Reserve
    O'Byrne, Sean T
    19. Reserve
    McFadyen, Thomas G
    12. Reserve
    Maxwell, Oliver J
    5. Reserve
    Miller, Jacob
    22. Reserve
    Messara, Alex
  13. BillyBlack Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Here's a prediction for the first week of the finals
    Gordon versus Norths in all 3 grades with 3rd versus 4th.
  14. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    Pretty sure threes can have 10 subs.
    but I'm pretty sure Francis brown played Aust schools, and thus he cannot play threes. If so, uni will lose points for each game he has played
  15. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Is there actually rules on this and if so where do you find them? Is there a handbook?
  16. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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    Possibly competition rules.
  17. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Francis Brown was on the bench for Aust A against Fiji at Knox in 2013. I don't think he made Schoolboys in 2014, and there was no Aust A team in 2014.

    It is my understanding of the SRU comp rules that Schoolboys can't play Colts 3rds. Given that Colts is a 2 year programme (for most players) I think that ruling would apply for Aust Schoolboys from 2013 as well as 2014. I'll have to get a snout to dig up a copy of their rules to see if Aust A are excluded from Colts 3 as well as Schoolboys, but I assume it would be the case.

    If that is the case, then I would imagine that The Corporation may have got a dispensation to the ruling. They are usually very canny in how they administer their roster. It seems that for every hard and fast rule in the SRU rules, that there is provision to apply for dispensation (like the "Players can't change Clubs after round 5", or "A player must play Finals in the grade where the player has played the majority of their last 7 games").

    Here is another beauty of "administrative lag" in the comp rules. The rules haven't caught up with the concept of State Under 20's yet (We have had State Under 20's for 2 years so far), and there is no restriction on State or Australian Under 20 players in Colts 3. Nor any mention of State U20 players carrying a Player Points burden, or similar for Under 20 Selection for another nation (Typically Tonga, Samoa or Fiji). Go figure.

    In terms of the number of bench players, Colts 3 and 4th Grade are allowed to make 10 substitutions from the bench while all other grades are limited to 8 subs.

    Competition rules are like some sort of masonic secret, as are judiciary findings. One would think that both Comp rules, Player points calculations, and judiciary summaries would be readily available on the SRU web site.

    Oh Yeah, that's right, there is no SRU web site.

    We should thank our lucky stars that there is any information at all on the NSW RU web site, and Rugby Link although the latter information is incomplete and I suspect a little inaccurate.
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  18. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    ^^^I can't help but notice that rugby administrators just love exemptions and dispensations to their apparently strict rules. Know the right types, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, what rule, say no more.:)
  19. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    Heaven forbid the fans actually having access to the competition rules :rolleyes:
  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Gotta be careful letting the public get access to the secrets of the empire. Sydney Juniors publish their competition rules on their web site.

    Their rules on have this little gem at 7.3.(D) iii regarding eligibility for the SJRU Finals series:
    the Registered Player must have played 50% or more of the Regular Season Matches scheduled while the Registered Player was not attending a long term school event and have written documentation from their school that the Registered Player had attended a long term school event (such as Glengarry at The Scots College) during the Regular Season Matches.
    http://juniors.rugby.com.au/Portals/1/Images/Sydney Juniors - Competition Playing Rules - 2014 - Version 11 - 20140303 - Final.pdf

    Wonder if there are similar gems in the SRU rules? If they are never made available to the masses, then we will never know.
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