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Sydney Subbies 2018

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by Ozzie Bob, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Mate very early call on this. BOB's have the trip to Dural this weekend. Redfield got up at home to HAC by 5 points and BOBs got a draw at HAC. This weekend will give us a great insight!!!!

    BOBs have a slight advantage in playing both HAC and Redfield at home in the second round. Shame they play in the final regular season game as based on current table they would be playing the major semi a week latter.

    Very pleased for KNOBs to have gotten up at Petersham. Great result for them!
  2. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Mate how have you found the step in divisions? I notice in 1st grade you have had a lot of close losses. After only losing once last year what has been the difference this year?

  3. The Real Big Bopper Allen Oxlade (6)

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    We have been heartbreakingly close in so many games across the season.. we're just waiting for that slice of luck. But we can't keep waiting because we're running out of games quick smart. I'm hoping that a good run of home games in the back half of the season will see us storm home.

    Our 2s side has lost 2 games by 2 points.

    Our colts have lost 2 games by 2 and 3 points respectively.

    1st grade has been super close in every match. We've held a lead in each match.

    As a club we played the mountains at late kick off times and lost 5 grades. sounds horrible but in reality, we lost all games by a combined total of 38.. that's hardly a shellacking but it was 5 losses nonethless. Hurts the club championship points.

    I think a few clubs may have tagged us as the easy beats this year.. we've had St Pat's on their ladies day, Hills this weekend on their memorial day and Back to Beecroft day.. but they're finding we're competitive in every grade.

    It's a great comp and with no disrespect to div 3, with the forefits and score blow-outs, I'm happy we made the move up

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  4. The Real Big Bopper Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I can also appreciate the luck we've had and the close games we've won. first grade have won games by 1 and 2 points and our 2s won on Saturday with a try on full time. it does go both ways

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  5. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Good to hear. Picked up one of your guys who moved out this way. Young, hits hard, trains well.

    Shame I won't see him in action on Saturday as I'll be out of town.
  6. The Real Big Bopper Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Who is that?

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  7. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Good to hear. Its always interesting when you move up a division you get some extra players and the club gets on a bit of a roll. I must say it seems like the quality of Div 2 is very high this year with a lot of strong first grade teams. It will be interesting to see with your home games in the second round if you can push for the finals!

  8. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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  9. Mangoman Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Speaking as a Dukes player and committee member, we were really looking forward to this weekend to play against you guys in the first place (45-50 min commute = bus trip.try keeping the guys from getting excited about that!). Now that this is added to the mix, we're really keen on coming out to the Hills district to take on the Renegades for the Indianna Cup. Fantastic idea guys.
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  10. Sydney Rugby Fan Allen Oxlade (6)

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    The Indianna Cup typifies Subbies rugby at its best, well done to both teams, and good luck to you both on the weekend.
  11. Bernie Peter Burge (5)

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    Yes kudos to Rouse Hill. Top stuff.

    Ah yes, the bus trip. Cultural highlight of the year.
    Mangoman, enjoy the penguining..
  12. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Yep mate I'm genuinely filthy that the wife booked some shit out of town so I'll miss it :(

    However it should be a good afternoon's footy. Both clubs looking for that first win, but more importantly the first beer after it.

    Young bloke by the name of Tyrone. Apparently has a little (bigger) brother as well who might be keen. Nice guy who we netted while doing our regular raffle down the Ettamogah.
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  13. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Jezz there are some good clashes coming up this weekend.

    Mosman vs Knox (At Knox) will be a great one in Div 1. Knox coming off knocking over Petersham will be pumped for this one.

    UNSW (3) vs Forest (1) at Daceyville will be a cracker. Can Forest get through the first round undefeated? UNSW have been giant killers the last couple of weeks.

    Redfield (1) vs BOBs (2) at Dural. The battle of the two undefeated teams. I expect home ground advantage will be too much in this one!

    Cant wait to see the experts tips! Its going to be a great round.
  14. Heavyd Alex Ross (28)

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    DIV 1
    KNOBs vs Mosman – The battle of the north shore pretty boys and am going to go with momentum and hope last week’s upset hasn’t taken to much of an injury toll on KNOBs. KNOBS by 7
    Drummoyne vs PETERSHAM – Was thinking of favouring the Dirty Reds after they almost toppled the whales but I think a smarting Shammies outfit will get over the line in a tough tussle. Shammies by 12
    BALMAIN vs Hunters – Hunters will view this as one of the teams they can beat……….I don’t share their thinking and will go with the muzzled wolves at home by 12.
    COLLEAGUES vs Waverley – the local derby will be closer than the ladder may suggest, Colleagues spluttering a little at present but should have the cattle to overcome the Waverley boys. Colleagues by 18

    DIV 2
    Unsw vs FOREST: Have tipped against the men in green a couple of times this year and got it wrong but this time think they will be a little too solid for UNSW even at Daceyville. Could this be the kiss of death that stops their winning run? Forest by 13
    Lindfield vs Mountains: Old Solider should give the big boys a scare but Mountains to get home late as size does matter! Mountains by 10
    ST PATS vs Beecroft: ST PATs too strong at home for DIV 3 bound Beecroft. St Pats by 18
    HILLs vs Epping: Sorry big bopper but think Hills will get over the top of the RAMs in a tight one. HILLs by 9

    DIV 3
    NEWPORT vs Brothers: Is it a case of déjà vu? Brothers struggled early last year then some mid-season recruiting saw them land 6 or 7 islanders that took them to the semi’s. Have they done it again? Will go with the Breakers at home but this could go either way. Newport by 3
    Redfield vs BOBs: MOTR Two very similar teams face off. Efficient forward packs with skilful backlines. The BOBs 5/8th dislocated his knee cap last week but they didn’t seem to miss a step with his replacement. Important battle for Club champ points as well. Will go with BOBs by 7 in this ball tearer.
    VALLEY vs St Ives: The Valley boys to have a big win over a struggling Saints doing their 2nd consecutive trip out west. Valley by 40+
    Old Ignations vs HAC: Iggies will enjoy being home after last week’s travels but they won’t much enjoy the thumping HAC will give them. HAC by 30
  15. Seagull Butler Herbert Moran (7)

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    OI! We view every team as a team we can beat, we just haven't yet.
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  16. Heavyd Alex Ross (28)

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    Seagull Butler I would be interested in your thoughts on Div 1 standard across the grades compared with DIv 2?
  17. Seagull Butler Herbert Moran (7)

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    Main thing is Fitness - Seriously half these guys must eat & sleep in the gym
    Away from 1st Grade:
    Div 1 teams also seem to have more skilled players in the lower grades than Div 2
    And to add to that Colleagues 4's & Waverley 3's both had second rowers taller/heavier than me.
    Colts standard seems to be roughly the same except they are all way to young ;)
  18. meatpie Allen Oxlade (6)

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    DIV 3
    NEWPORT vs Brothers: Newport will relish being back at Home but can see a second half resurgence for Brothers. Must win game for Newport to stay in finals hunt and lower grades will tail Brothers. Newport by 3.
    ROBS vs Barker: MOTR. Two undefeateds go head to head. Should be an entertaining battle but ROBS to edge Barker in a thriller by 4.
    VALLEY vs St Ives: Valley at home far to strong for St Ives. Hopefully Saints first graders dont have to back up for 3s and 2s.Wont be the 100 point thrashing a predicted last week by a gallant Saints to go down by 40.
    Old Ignations vs HAC: Real litmus test for Iggies. HAC will get stronger as the season progresses and have picked up a couple of Shute shield players. Clear favourites now to take out the title. HAC by 40.
  19. Heavyd Alex Ross (28)

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    Whilst the timing could never work it would be good to see a mid week Wednesday night FA Cup style Colts comp. It is the only grade in which the top 4 from each DIV would be evenly matched and would make for great mid week viewing.
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  20. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    DIV 4:
    BLACKTOWN v Canterbury - The Warriors demolished Oatley at home last week. No reason they can't do it again against the Berries.
    Briars v SYDNEY IRISH - close loss last week for the paddies. They'll go to Rothwell with bloody thoughts.
    SYDNEY HARLEQUINS v Oatley - Quins did well to get up in the first round clash. I reckon this time around they'll do better.

    DIV 5:
    MERRYLANDS v Lane Cove - Merrylands at home are impressive, with an average home winning margin of 37. Covies are fit and young so it'll be a fascinating clash, but I don't think the men from Tantallon have quite enough firepower.
    Manly Savers v SYDNEY CONVICTS - visitors are fit and well drilled. Savers a bit inconsistent this year.
    ROUSE HILL v Alexandria Dukes - c'mon lads!
    MENAI v Maccabi - Menai, comfortably.

    DIV 6:
    CHATSWOOD v Dee Why - should be a close game at Beauchamp, with Chatswood finding a few good performances recently.
    COLLAROY v Wakehurst - backing the Cougars on their away performance (draw v Burraneer) last week.
    Dundas Valley v BURRANEER - the Vikings are surely close to collapse. No team sheets, 2 forfeits in 6 rounds. The strain of travel in this division must be a killer.
    NORTH CRONULLA v Engadine - backing the undefeated leaders to continue, if not quite as convincingly as last week.

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