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The Wallabies Thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by KOB1987, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Looking forward to seeing what TGC can do with the Men In Gold (and Australian Rugby in general) when he is doing the gig full time, and able to concentrate on the task at hand with no Super Rugby distractions.
  2. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Normal service will be resumed by about week 4 of Super Rugby 2016.
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  3. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Malone is there right now. The improvement in Foley was noticeable.
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  4. KOB1987 Andrew Slack (58)

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    Re kuridrani, there is a bit of an expectation that izzy will be tried at 13 at the tahs. 12. Toomua or kerevi, 13. Folau and 15. Beale has a fair bit of appeal going forward

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  5. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I doubt Kuridrani will be shifted from 13.....

    Wasn't as dynamic as last year but he's still been pretty damn good....

    Making metres with the ball, scoring important tries, makes his tackles and does a lot of work off the ball.
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  6. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    He needs his confidence back. He is dithering (propping and checking) into contact with the ball a bit, where he used to just smash through. His defence has been pretty good, but a tad passive at times. It all looks like confidence, so a minor tweak is all, not a big deal. Good pre-season and hopefully bigger and better again next year. I wouldn't move him, but I do think he could have the makings of a Nonu-style 12 down the track. That's all rumination for a later time.
  7. KOB1987 Andrew Slack (58)

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    I like him generally but he has definitely lost some effectiveness, especially in attack. Hopefully he will regain some form, I actually think he is a bit slow for a 13 though. Bob might be right but I don't see him as a test 12, he'd handle soup there no probs though.

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  8. p.Tah John Thornett (49)

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    Any idea when the Wallabies arrive back in Australia. I haven't done this before but I'm keen to go out and welcome them home if they come via Sydney.
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  9. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    He was definitely rushed back from the injury this year and looked very poor in Super Rugby afterwards....

    Hopefully an off season will do him some good.
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  10. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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    No. But Fardy has.
  11. Gnostic Mark Ella (57)

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    I agree and hopefully it is a permanent gig. Moving forward attention has to be given to other players and upskill them as well. For instance Genia's box kicking, the age that Folau takes to get the ball to boot, Now that AAC is gone and Mitchell likely to be as well some wingers that can kick. This shouldn't be a responsibility of just the Wallaby set up though and it should be plain to players like Tomane and Speight that they really have to work hard on this aspect.
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  12. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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    We left out cleaning out attacking rucks. I thought we were poor at this last night and generally every time we play the All Blacks. Defensive rucks we are right up there with the best with Pocock, Hooper and Fardy slowing down opposition ball.

    But how many bloody times did one of our players get over the gain-line only to find himself isolated with support too far away, Richie and co had a ball at slowing the ball down.

    I don't think technique is an issue either, as when our players are there they are very effective, but sometimes they just aren't there fast enough and most of the time that is when we make breaks.

    Our support play needs works.

    That and our line-out is probably our biggest issue in my opinion. Individual players efforts like Kuridrani, Genia, Moore, Simmons who have been mentioned I believe have little effect in the overall result, our biggest issues are collective ones as I believe we have the cattle to get the job done.

    We just needed more time with Cheika to in-still the finer details.

    On a positive note, how bloody good are the teams efforts, passion and culture. Real positive signs coming out of the wallaby camp.
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  13. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Stopped you there. Buts have no place where we're going.

    Unless you've packed a few hundred scrums at second row, you can't really appreciate what an energy-sapping, sweaty, c***stack of a gig it is. For the next couple of phases you're just trying to move as fast as possible to get the lactic acid out of your legs, and hoping the blood pounding in your ears will subside soon and not start leaking out your eyeballs. And that's just park footy from someone who played second row when we had too many props!

    I found prop a shitload easier, and most front rowers do. When you understand that the power of the second row is what gives your scrum momentum, you get a picture of what pushing a truck up a slope feels like.

    This is not a scenario into which you want your niggliest, best blindside thrown for any reason.

    Firstly, he's not big enough.

    Secondly, he's not powerful enough.

    Guys like Simmons meet these criteria, even if his impact around the park is limited. Simmons is the kind of slow-burn athlete who has endurance style power delivery, but not impact or explosiveness. That's why he's rubbish at carrying the ball into contact, but can hold up a scrum.

    Third, Fards is so fucking good at what he does now, why would you fuck with it? Why shorten his career by trying to make him something he's not?

    No, we shall not put Fardy in the second row. Not unless the entirety of second row players in Australia are attacked by rabid lemurs and forced to escape into a pit of quicksand made from acid.

    Pfitzy has spoken.
  14. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    Fardy has regained his 2013 form.... Arguably the Wobs best player after Pocock the past few weeks.....

    Let's not ruin that by shoving him into the second row.
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  15. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Holy fuckballs, Pfitzy agrees with me a bit.
  16. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    For at least the next 12 months, the World Cup Wallabies still based in Australia should basically make up the squad. Depending on Douglas's injury, the starting 15 looks like

    1. Sio
    2. Moore
    3. Holmes
    4. Douglas
    5. Simmons
    6. Fardy
    7. Hooper
    8. Pocock
    9. Phipps
    10. Foley
    11. Horne
    12. Toomua
    13. Kuridrani
    14. Tomane/Speight
    15. Folau

    As flr the bench, it'll depend. Hanson or TPN and Slipper or Smith are easy, tighthead a bit harder. One of Skelton or Vaea alongside Mumm, or Carter or McCalman. Stirzaker backup scrummie. Beale gets one bench spot, the other could easily be a playmaker, whether it's Lilo or a youngster like Debreczeni, or it could be the other one of Tomane/Speight, it could be Kerevi or CFS, could be a bolter like Dargaville, or come October, Sefa.
  17. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    I've played lock and each position in the back row and flanker vs lock is chalk and cheese. I'd much rather see Fardy on the side of the scrum than in the middle. He'd lose all his dynamism around the park and at the breakdown if he had his head in scrums all the time. Better to develop depth in the lock position than reduce a strength in my view.
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  18. drewprint Ron Walden (29)

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    I'll put my hand up and say I was one of many who laughed at Bob Dwyer's suggestion of playing Beale on the wing. But now, after the world cup he's just had, I'm not so sure it's such a bad idea.

    (This is of course assuming the Folau-to-13-Beale-to-15 thing doesn't happen).
  19. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    I was the same but have to concede the same. I can at least see where it might work with KB playing a roving commission rather than as a traditional winger.
  20. hammertimethere Bill McLean (32)

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    Current SR talent that may possibly earn squad representation and/or a debut (if the haven't already) in 2016






    Anyone else?

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