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The Wallabies Thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by KOB1987, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    Duly noted with his skills under the high ball, but that's only one aspect of his game. It's his attacking capabilities that are most appealing as a 13. I think his defensive reads are fine, but as an example if Horne were the winger you could switch them in defence. Or assuming KB is 15 you could put him on the wing and drop izzy back to fullback in defence, and put his high ball skills to use.
    Named positions are merely numbers on the jerseys for the backs, not so for the forwards.

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  2. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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    I'd rather move Horne to 13. Folau to the wing.
  3. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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    If that's the case then why not keep the number 15 on his back to save the confusion.
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  4. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    You could do that too, but you'd swap them in attack.

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  5. Lorenzo Arch Winning (36)

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    Folau cant kick well enough to be a test 15 if we want to beat the ABs.
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  6. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Ben McC puts his hand up for work time after time, but it seemed to me that in the final he didn't carry over the gain line at all. Back to his workhorse best, but with little impact.
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  7. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Just like Retallick and Whitelock (and Etsebeth and De Jager) are invisible. Not.
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  8. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    6. Fardy
    13. Kuridrani
    15. Folau

    Looks perfectly fine to me.....
  9. Marcelo Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Who would be the new guys for u?

    3 Sam Talakai
    4-5 Cadeyrn Neville
    4-5-6 Luke Jones
    4-5-6-8 Lopeti Timani
    8 Ita Vaea
    9 Nic Stirzacker
    12-13 Samu Kerevi
  10. upthereds#! Bob Davidson (42)

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    Without picking o/s players - 2016 31 squad

    Hk - Moore, Tpn, Hanson
    Prop - Sio, Slipper, Smith, Holmes, Taavao/Talakai
    Lock - Simmons, Douglas, Skelton, Carter
    BR - Fardy, Mccalman, Mcmahon, Poey, Hoops, Vaea
    SH - phipps, stirzaker, frisby
    FH - foley, CLF
    CEN - Toomua, Beale, Kerevi, Kuridrani
    OB - Tomane, Horne, Folau, Naivalu

    might see some others
    Alexander, Mumm, Timani, Gill & Debrazcini
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  11. stevotop Frank Row (1)

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    I think there's a bunch of Super Rugby and even NRC guys floating around with good talent that may benefit from a year of being in a Wallaby extended squad environment/ getting some of Cheika et al's coaching.

    My (Australian-based) Wallabies for 2016 and onwards:
    1. Sio, Slipper, Alaatoa, Smith
    2. Moore (C), TPN, Hanson. Roach/Mafi as bolters/to get experience?
    3. Holmes, Smith, Talakai, Tupou
    4. Douglas, Arnold, Staniforth, Coleman, Skelton
    5. Simmons, Mumm, Enever
    6. Fardy, Jones, Timani, Holloway, McMahon (Any youngsters coming through that look and play like Kaino that anyone knows about?)
    7. Pocock, Hooper, Gill, Butler
    8. Vaea, McCalman
    9. Phipps, Stirzaker, Frisby
    10. Foley, Lealiifano, Debreczini
    11. Horne, Tomane, Kellaway
    12. Toomua, Kerevi, Godwin
    13. Kuridrani, English
    14. Folau, Speight
    15. Beale

    Anyone glaringly obvious I've missed? It is the end of a night shift, brain is not 100%.

    I've not listed some players twice as it gets too busy, even though Pocock could be playing 7 or 8, depending on injuries/selection choices etc.

    Additional thoughts:
    Will Sio and Alaatoa both stay as LHPs or will one switch to THP?
    Will one of the several 'project' locks improve enough to pressure Simmons and/or Douglas?
    Can Skelton become a better scrummaging lock?
    Do we have anyone coming through that can be good enough to force Pocock back to 7?
    Will Stirzaker be our first choice 9 in 2016?
    Do we persist with a second ballplayer at 12, or go with a more direct Nonu-style player?
    Does Beale belong to be a starter (on RWC form I say yes) and is it at 12, wing or fullback?
    Will Folau move to 13 for the Tahs, and does that force Kuridrani to the wing?
    Will Kellaway become a regular SuperRugby player in 2016?
  12. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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  13. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    I still think Sam Lousi has the potential to be a real weapon. Big, strong runner, soft hands - a "real" project lock if he can own say 2 in the lineout at Super level

    I also think Frisby has more sheer talent and threat than any of our other nines, but needs a "Gregan" finishing school on decision making

    Vaea needs a strong off season, he needs to trim down and improve his workrate
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  14. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    I'd also consider Latu at Hooker. He was definitely in Cheika's sights earlier and I can't see that he would have dropped off the radar despite the Stars playing him at prop.

    Like the look of your lock candidates. Really hoping one or two of the younger ones come(s) good and adds a bit of starch to our second row.

    I'd also add Cottrill to the list of potential 6s. Think Holloway could be closest to a Kaino/Read hybrid. Otherwise, Haylett-Petty from WA should also be considered.

    I'd keep Pocock at 8 where atm he is the standout in Aus rugby. Enough 7 coverage with Hooper and Gill, but maybe Colby Faingaa could also come in.

    8s would be Pocock, Vaea, Holloway and McCalman

    I don't agree with shifting Folau to wing. He and Beale cover No 15. Wing actually looks to be the area most in need of newcomers coming through. Is Naivalu eligible? I'm not a fan of English in any position.
  15. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Engo has dropped off massively since early 2014. Shouldn't be considered. Shipperly is playing fairly well though.

    Sefa becomes eligible end of October '16, so looking at Nov Internationals.
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  16. Omar Comin' Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Possibly. Fair bit of talk about the residency requirement changing to 5 or 6 years.
  17. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    I'd think there'd be some sort of grandfathering rule in place, so that those already in the process would remain under 3 year rule.

    Optimistic perhaps, and selfishly motivated yes. Sefa has the look of a Wallaby about him, while Nasi Manu and Anton Bresler would be quality backup for Denton/Strauss and Gray/Gray/Gilchrist/Toolis in the Navy Blue.
  18. Tallaganda83 Frank Row (1)

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  19. Tallaganda83 Frank Row (1)

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    I think they should look at raiding the League ranks a bit more, but not for established superstars, more so the Holden Cup or NSW/Qld cup, there are so many players playing in those comps, that cant quite make NRL more due to their position being flooded with talent in the NRL, that are still young and have time to learn the game, they will have just watched the WC and will be open to a switch, plus at that age they are more worried about making 1st grade than a huge contract, a George Jennings has speed to burn but cant make the panthers team due to too much talent in the outside backs there, a bloke i know personally Jack Ahearn from the Raiders, is a fullback/half with and excellent kicking game and great ballskills/vision, he cant get a spot at he raiders due to there being a few blokes in front of him there, but his skills could translate really well in Rugby, another bloke that will be off contract before the next WC is Tyson Frizell, he was an Australian Schoolboy in Rugby, and is on the cusp of NSW selection, he has said that he is open to a switch at some stage, he would make a powerhouse 8. Sorry about the League inspired post, but love it or hate it, the reason we dont have the depth NZ has is because players are lost to NRL and AFL, and the skills, at least in the backs are fairly transferrable, so i dont see why they cant try to identify some talent and get them over, depth is only a good thing, and they have already bought some players such as Reece Robinson and Eto Nabuli, and im telling you now there are a lot more promising players than those two floating around.
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  20. Seb V Geoff Shaw (53)

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    As long as we get them young enough I have absolutely no problem with this. But signing guys who are already established in the NRL with no rugby background is a waste of money.

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