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The Wallabies Thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by KOB1987, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Slim 293 Jason Little (69)

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    If Fardy was back in Australia he would easily be the best 6 we have, but pretty much agreed - there's too many issues with the Wallabies that one or two quality players will instantly fix.....

    Having said that, our current backrow options are not great.
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  2. Brumby Runner Phil Kearns (64)

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    Yeah, self inflicted by the head hocho axe murderer The Cheik.
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  3. Derpus Paul McLean (56)

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    Cheika isn't responsible for the dearth of Australian talent, the bullshit systems that produce no talent or the fact that there is way more money and prestige in Europe.

    It would be great if he was because that would be an easy fix.

    But no.
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  4. A mutterer Trevor Allan (34)

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    I get where you're coming from but at some point you need to take a punt on young talent. I think Flanders gets a rough ing up here unfairly. He got picked and played his best. He certainly wasn't a disgrace to the Jersey. We can't hold it against him that chieka picked him. Hopefully he adds some bulk and grunt and improves.

    I'd love to see fardy back but he has wisely passed that poison chalice back untouched. He knows he's wanted in Ireland.
  5. Tomikin Tony Shaw (54)

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    Exactly come back to be a squad member for the wallabies and play at the Brumbies or play full time in Ireland where they love him, and collect a massive pay packet and travel Europe.

    Fardy was never one of Chieka's favorites, don't see being older and going to Europe going to change that.
  6. kiap Paul McLean (56)

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    No one's saying he is personally a bad guy. He's not a Test-level player. Simple as that.

    As you say, hopefully he improves. With more experience, a guy like Luke Jones became a better player than he was earlier in his career. Hanigan could be similar, just three years back in the cycle.

    Cheika gets sacked and he might've thought about it for at least a few more minutes.
  7. Brumby Runner Phil Kearns (64)

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    I don't know how you manage to do it Derpus. But you are adept at changing a comment on one topic into what you see as an issue involving a much wider audience.

    My comment, facetious as it was, was simply regarding Fardy's move to Europe. You turn it into a wholesale slagging of Cheika's killing off of all Australian talent.

    I'm out.
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  8. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    He is also responsible for global warming ............ but clearly Jake White is the answer to every question (especially if the question is how do I get over my insomnia?)
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  9. tragic Vay Wilson (31)

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    Nope - but he was responsible for axing Fardy who then went overseas. A decision that’s not covering him with glory right now.
    The rest - not so much.
    But I guess if you can’t refute the elephant in the room then a broad swipe is the next best thing..
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  10. Joe Blow Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Jake White would be a good short term option to get our game back to focusing on the basics.
  11. RoffsChoice Peter Johnson (47)

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    Jake White can only adjust his tactics so much to suit the players. His gameplan is built around not being in your half, having at least three men behind the defensive line at all times, and stealing the ball from the opposition set piece. If the team can pull this off, then you can do whatever you want with the ball in the opposition half.

    His tactics work because they're timeless. There's no substitute for making your tackles, winning your set peice, and playing in the right part of the field. As a rather passionate Jake White fan, I'll still say that you don't need him to coach those things.
  12. Brumbieman John Solomon (38)

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    I'll take a more boring style where we play in their half, dominate the set piece, pay smart, have a visible gameplan and actually WIN, over getting routinely skullfucked by NZ, and having a 1-7 record against England, 5-1 against Ireland and such glorious displays of running rugby as the time we shipped 50 points to fucking Scotland.
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  13. Derpus Paul McLean (56)

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    Do you really think he would be able to turn the team around that much? I doubt he'd chance the NZ results at least.

    It's strange, given the for and against above, that we arent lower than 7th.
  14. MarkJ Charlie Fox (21)

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    I think losses to teams ranked above you don't affect your standing too much. It's getting beat by teams ranked lower that sends you hurtling down the rankings.

    By my calculations, if we lose to both South Africa & Argentina (and the loss to Argentina is by more than 15 points) we'll drop down to 8th.
  15. waiopehu oldboy John Eales (66)

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  16. dru Paul McLean (56)

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  17. Strewthcobber Paul McLean (56)

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    Where do we end up if we win both?
  18. waiopehu oldboy John Eales (66)

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    ^^^^^^^ pretty sure 5th: a win by any margin in SA & you go ahead of Scotland with SA dropping to 7th. Backing that up with a win in Argentina gets you closer to but still behind Ringinland, I think.
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  19. Strewthcobber Paul McLean (56)

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    crisis over!
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  20. waiopehu oldboy John Eales (66)

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    Two fine examples of what was once known as gallows humour!
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