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Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by TOCC, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. SOLE334 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    JJ, you have a huge block on your shoulder wearing you down mate .you might need Thor's hammer to knock it off.
    A FACT of footy : Just because you were a star of the U/18's doesnt mean you are entitled to higher honours.
    Just to give you an example.again .
    1. Will Eadie a star for Aust schoolboys. Currently playing 1st grade for Qld Uni didnt get picked, defense perhaps.but would be an awesome 7's player imo.
    2. Leni Ikitau Dint make schoolboys but started and starred for Vikings in NRC finals last year against Qld country.
    3. Patrick Tafa didnt make schoolboys 2016 but started a few games for the National champions Qld U/20's last year. .really challenging ASY(current REDS player) for the #8 spot.
    Time to put your schoolboy hat in the bygone draw and perhaps pick up or go and buy a National Jnr Wallabies hat. These boys are not playing politics but appreciating the honour .so stop whinging and talk about how we are going to win the and gain some much needed experience before JWC :)
  2. Gary Owen III Syd Malcolm (24)

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    NSW I:

    David Tifa (Ashcroft HS; CHS), Southern Districts 2017 - not sure 2018?
    Jack Ongosia (St Augustine’s; ISA), year off 2017 - not sure 2018?
    Opeti Helu (Newington; GPS), Mormon 2 year break
    Nick Brown (Kings; GPS), Gordon 1st Grade
    Nicholas Frost (Knox; CAS), Crusaders NZ
    Josh Kemeny (Cranbrook; CAS), - in squad
    Dylan Pietsch (Kings; GPS), - Aussie 7s squad / Randwick 2nd Grade
    Michael Fenn (Riverview; GPS), Manly RL
    Will Haskins (Shore; GPS) , Manly 1sts Colts
    Adam Doueihi (St Patrick’s; ISA), Souths RL
    Jackson Mohi (Waverley; CAS) - 1sts Colts Randwick
    Nick Wilkinson (Joeys; GPS), - Randwick 2nd grade
    Will Terry (Riverview; GPS) , Syd Uni 1sts Colts
    Yirribi Jaffer-Williams (Joeys; GPS) , Randwick 2nd grade (now year off?)
    Ryan Longville (Trinity; CAS). Southern Districts 1st colts

    Reserves: Charlie Jaevons-Fellows (Scots; GPS), Norths 1st colts Connor Grindal (Knox; CAS), Syd Uni 2017 - not sure 2018?Cameron Prince (St Augustine’s; ISA), Randwick 2nd colts Hugh Margin (Knox; CAS) - in 23, N.Lawson (GPS), Southern Districts 1st colts Terry Fanolua (Westfields SHS; CHS), Parramatta 1st colts Tyrone Taukamo (Newington; GPS), Souths RL Luke Osborne (Kings; GPS). Eastwood 3rd Grade / 1st colts

    NSW II:

    Darcy Breen (Scots; GPS), - 1sts Colts Sydney Uni
    Jacob Bristowe (Westfields SHS; CHS), Parra 1st colts 2017 - Eastwood 1st Colts 2018
    Dan Matthew (Kariong Mt HS; CHS), - 1sts Colts Randwick
    Liam Rasch (Trinity; CAS), ACT Brumbies
    Rory Suttor (Shore; GPS), Syd Uni 1st colts
    Charles Rorke (Riverview; GPS), Canberra RL
    Mila Hingano (St Augustine’s; ISA), Syd Uni colts 2017 - Eastwood 1st colts 2018
    Ben Gleeson (NBSC Cromer; CHS), ??
    Tyzak Jordan (Waverley; CAS), - Randwick colts (injured)
    Kieren Hayman (Hills SHS; CHS), Bulldogs RL
    Jack Veitch (St Stanislaus; ISA), Manly 1st colts
    Jordan Morris (Trinity; CAS), Southern Districts 2nd Grade
    James Armstrong (Knox; CAS), Syd Uni 2nd grade / Aust 7s
    Luke Rixon (Shore; GPS), 2017 Cooma RL - 2018 Murrimbullah RL
    Matthew McTaggart (Joeys; GPS). - in starting XV

    Reserves: Jack Upton (Knox; CAS), 1sts Colts Randwick T.Osborne GPS - 1sts Colts Sydney Uni, Frank Cutler (Riverview; GPS), 1sts Colts Gordon Tom Silk (Riverview; GPS), 1sts Colts Gordon Willy Manu (St Augustine’s; ISA), ?? Kyle Brown (Kings; GPS), 2017 1sts Colts Gordon - 2018 overseas William Harrison (Marcellin College; CCC) - 1sts Colts Randwick, Oliver Smeallie (Riverview; GPS).1sts Colts Gordon

    Shadow Squad:

    Tim Anstey (Barker; CAS), 1sts Colts Warringah Matt Coghill (Barker; CAS), 2nd Colts Gordon Bo Abra (St Augustine’s; ISA), 1sts Colts Easts Sam Ridley (Scots; GPS), - 1sts Colts Sydney Uni Max Douglas (St Augustine’s; ISA) , 1sts Colts Manly Edward Fry (NBSC Freshwater; CHS), 1sts Colts Warringah Ben O’Sullivan (Waverley; CAS),3rd Colts Randwick Milan Basson (Knox; CAS),2nd Colts Sydney Uni Dimitry Chipizubov (Oakhill; ISA), 3rd Colts Randwick Bayley Kuenzle (Newington; GPS) - in squad, Byron Hollingsworth-Dessent (Trinity; CAS), ?? Matthew Orpen (Kings; GPS), 2nd Colts Randwick Charles Shepherd (Asquith HS; CHS), 1sts Colts Eastwood Lachie Day (St Joseph’s; GPS), 1sts Colts Randwick Bailey McAndrew (St Augustine’s; ISA) ??

    there you go Honey Badger. and Weet-Bix
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  3. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Pretty impressive, 2 years later nearly all those boys are still playing and playing at a high level.

    Cheers GOIII, great work

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  4. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    New Zealand scoring at a point a minute vs Tonga.

    47-Nil after 45 mins

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  5. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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  6. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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  7. HJ Nelson Cyril Towers (30)

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  8. TSR Ken Catchpole (46)

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  9. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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  10. SOLE334 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Jnr AB's look ominous with every raid throughout their opening game, resulting in the merciless slaughtering of Tonga. I thought the Jnr Wallabies started off extremely well and set the platform for another huge score against Fiji. Apart from the fact some of the boys didnt get down til Wednesday(eg. T McDermott,), I think its a good start, and it looks great with set pieces esp the lineout options.Nice to have some tall timber winning lineouts at will. We could do with less aimless kicking from #10 when their were better options to run the ball. Well done lads :) !! great start.
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  11. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Yep, jittery. Wasn't great.

    Only watched the fist half and a bit.

    Thought they went OK.

    Fiji struggled at set piece.

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  12. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Only went to it for last 5 minutes: the aimless kick which went out on the full to end the game seemed to reflect someone’s comment about the game generally.
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  13. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I thought Lucas was pretty good.

    There were quite a few kicks in behind, and that must have been a tactic to keep someone out of the defensive line.

    13 was a standout. Ramm and McTaggart also good.

    One of the locks Hosea I think? Also very involved.

    Aus set piece, very good.

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  14. pundit Herbert Moran (7)

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    In my opinion #10 Lawson Creighton had an outstanding kicking game. He showed respect to the Fiji defence and played for field position appropriately. This will hold them in good stead when they play the NZ. Massive boot too. Yes, the last cross field kick didn’t come off but that was clearly a last play roll of the dice when the team is up by 50 points
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  15. Rebel with a cause Bob McCowan (2)

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    To Ben Whitaker ARU
    How did Phoenix Hunt, an 18 year old Nudgee college QLD boy in 2017 get the call up for the U20s National side.
    1. Only 6 months ago he was picked as the 4th best halfback in the 2017 National schoolboys behind Seamus Smith ACT (starting half back Australian schoolboys), Marco Bell NSW (reserve Australian schoolboys halfback) and Dylan Dowling NSW (starting halfback Australian Barbarians)
    Phoenix Hunt was reserve half back for Australian Barbarians.

    2. With no 20s tournament this year how has he managed to leapfrog these boys into a National U 20s team where he now has the reputation as the incumbent for next year having played in the team already.

    3. What about the 2016 halfbacks in other states programs. Were they even considered?
    This is another blatant example of the U20s Qld coach picking, unchecked, his own players above other states.

    4. There is no transparency in these National selections, no opportunity for comparison which has left the selection process a joke to be hijacked by Qld.

    Ben Whittaker, you are in charge of the U20s ARU program.
    There should be a system in place where a selection panel is chosen with a representative from each state – (the coaches of the U20s programs)? These coaches know and can push for their own boys so that we get a balanced strong National side
    Seems a pretty simple answer??????
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  16. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    What is the situation with Loneragan?

    Is he injured? Head knock?

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  17. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Two players on the above list I can confirm are Eastwood Colts

    NSWII: Jacob Bristowe - Eastwood 1st Colts
    NSW Shadows: Charles Shepard
    Eastwood 1st Colts

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  18. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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  19. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    If Gilmore has indeed selected a poor squad and does so for the U20 World Cup he'll pay for it in his results and won't last long in the job.

    His prerogative as coach is that he gets to select his players. I don't for a second believe that a selection committee of the state coaches will come up with a better result. Coaches will largely push for their own players and will it end up with a better team? What are they basing their judgement on?

    This is a transition year where we don't have the Super 20s but are moving to the NRC 19s at the end of the year which will hopefully give a better guide to which players should be involved in a better time frame for preparing for the Under 20 World Cup.
  20. Up the Guts Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Was Suttor injured before this and added to the squad? Haven't seen him on any Uni team sheet for a while so I presume he was.

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