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Wallabies 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by A mutterer, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    You would think the Wallabies preference would be to stay in Australia until the week of the first game and travel with substantially less than 46 players.
  2. Wilson Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I believe I saw a quote from Brad Thorn about Salakaia-Loto calling lineouts in the past week or two, but yes I don't think he's too experienced there. They should be working on it with him as much as possible though, I'm not sure it's ever really workable to have your main lineout caller playing outside the system, given the amount of training and preperation they miss.
  3. waiopehu oldboy David Wilson (68)

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    I'm sure it would be, but I don't think that's going to happen. It'll still be 14 days but I think everyone who's returned a negative test will be allowed into the training bubble & that tests carried out pre-departure may be deemed sufficient.
  4. rugboy Darby Loudon (17)

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    According to Wayne Smith in the OZ today the 2 /OS players wont be here for the Bledisloes, just TRC so it seems 44 players (potentially less, maybe no "development players") will presumably head to NZ and then be joined by the extra 2 once they return home to OZ.
  5. Number 7 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Good post, makes some sense. I too think Hannigan played well this year.
  6. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I'm fairly certain Arnold called the lineouts for the Brumbies a couple of seasons ago when Carter missed some games through injury....
  7. Zero_Cool Trevor Allan (34)

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    I agree with the general concencious re Ned. He's an odd development player. Had a good season, but not good enough to justify selection on merit. We probably have at least 3 other guys just in the squad I'd have ahead of him as a 6. The one thing he might bring is lineout work -- although Wright has been VERY good in that regard too.

    I can't believe I'm saying this -- but I'd have Simmons and LSL starting in the locks. Then you'd likely have Wright and Samu in the back row, so you would have genuine 4 jumpers, even if you pick Hooper at 7. Heck you could go wild and pick Wright at 7 and Samu at 6 and Willson at 8 and have 5 jumpers in the 15!

    So I'm not clear on why Hanigan is in the 23.
  8. Derpus Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Pretty sure its as bench cover for lock/6.

    I think he is unlikely to make the 23 initially. He's a good player to have in a squad that has to play 8 games where we could suddenly be very short in a position with a couple of injuries to key men.
  9. Derpus Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Probably want a full-time lineout caller for the Wallabies, though?

    I reckon Philip/LSL is the go.
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  10. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    He's neither of these things.
  11. Rebels3 Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Philip was arguably the best lock all SRAU. Absolutely superb. 2nd most carries in the comp, called the best lineout and a clear leader in the group he played in. I’d be happy with LSL and him for the Bledisloe games.

    Was named Rebels players player for the year yesterday which is always a good indication on value when peers vote for you.
  12. drewprint Vay Wilson (31)

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    Angry, abrasive man too. I’d have him in there.
  13. Purce Alfred Walker (16)

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    Hannigan is there off the back of his form this year which has been very good. I've been quite critical of him in the past(not his fault Chiek kept selecting him i suppose) but he deserves his spot IMO. If he can take that form into test footy he will not let anyone down. Having someone who can cover lock and backrow is a massive boost. Fair play to him, I think a lot of people are letting their past prejudices affect their opinion of his inclusion.

    I get Isi's non inclusion. His work rate off the ball has been pretty poor at times this year. Rennie obviously wants people who reload quickly and stay in the fight. That isn't what Isi has shown this year. Wilson and Samu have fit that mold better this year.

    Swinton over Dempsey is the one I really do not get. I thought Dempsey was a shoe in. Finally getting back to that form he showed when he debuted for Wallabies. Has been very dynamic this year.

    No TK was a bit of a shock but understandable with some of the young ones coming through. He has rarely let us down at test level. Big props to him.

    Ikitau is another head scratcher. There for development I suppose. as are a few others.

    Campbell unlucky not to make the squad. I'm not sure if he will ever be a test player, size is the thing holding him back IMO. His form should have gotten him a gig to at least be around the squad and continue his development.
  14. Purce Alfred Walker (16)

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    Philip and LSL starters for sure. I'd select them over any OS locks they bring back initially as well. I think Philip's game will suit Test match footy quite well.
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  15. sendit Alfred Walker (16)

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    I think a few people are forgetting the context that alot of these guys will be playing in these Australia A games. Hanigan i would have no where near a game day squad, however would be perfect for a A team, possibly even as captain. You cant stack that sort of team purely with uncapped/young talent, it's just as important to have older more experienced guys in that sort of team leading them around and setting standards even though realistically, they'll probably never play for the wallabies again
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  16. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    He's up against it behind three far more entrenched players, at least two of which can also play on the wing.
  17. sendit Alfred Walker (16)

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    Don't get the Campbell love, ill admit i haven't watched him specifically but from my general observations tends to make a few mistakes and doesn't seem to have the x-factor to make up for it - Not to say he wont be worthy in the future, just don't understand anyone advocating for him now when there's clearly better options
  18. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    He is a bit small/light for test rugby @ 15 at the moment
  19. Try-ranosaurus Rex Darby Loudon (17)

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    Just watched the YouTube clip of Dave Rennie posted by Rugby Pass on youtube. Good 7 minute video.

    A few call-outs:

    - A lot of video analysis has gone into reviewing games - particular emphasis on work ethic
    - The coaching team had originally selected a smaller squad, but increased the number off the back of SANZAAR's annoucement of 46 per team. I suspect (reading the tea leaves here), but many of the more 'controversial' selections such as Ikitau, Fa'aumusili, Horton, Hannigan et al were the additional players added.
    - He specifically mentioned that they will have the opportunity to add in replacements. There is a chance for redemption.
    - Noah Lolesio is fit and ready to play. They see a massive upside in him.
    - They like what they see with Ikitau and are keen to work with him over the next three months (he all but said "project player").
    - JOC has given them confidence that he can run the ship at 10. Similarly Toomua.
    - A number of players impressed late (including Force players) who weren't in discussion three months ago
    - Isi, Dempsey, Jock and Kuridrani were all offered feedback throughout the year. It sounds like the changes that they wanted to see weren't made.
    - Called out Brad Thorn for giving the young kids a crack.
    - Mentioned that Harry Wilson has some work to do polishing rough edges, but sees potential
  20. Zero_Cool Trevor Allan (34)

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    Sorry regarding Ned I meant in the 46 squad not 23.

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