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Wallabies 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by A mutterer, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Silverado Trevor Allan (34)

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    No, Slipper would be my pick over Sio (see previous post) I should really have my coffee before posting:)
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  2. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Happens to us all mate, haha.

    Definitely would be starting Slipper and AAA as it stands, simply because of their form from last year and how they haven't dropped off at the start of this season. Sio is still good enough to be the reserve LHP, but JP could push him if their respective forms continue. Tupou will be reserve THP, injuries notwithstanding.
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  3. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Absolutely - but it's only a matter of time I think. Tupou is just a different athlete. Great to have such quality in the heavy lads for a change.
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  4. Adam84 Desmond Connor (43)

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    That’s my point, they are the benchmark or have been up until now, and were outscrummed owned by the Reds. that counts pretty significantly for JP Smith, hence it’s not ridiculous to throw his name about for Wallabies honours.
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  5. Adam84 Desmond Connor (43)

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    AAA is more consistent then Tupou still and earns less penalties around the field, so that counts for a lot when it comes to test rugby. But between them, they’re the clear favourites for the THP positions in the 23.

    LHP is more debatable at this stage, Sio, Slipper and Smith the three favourites, and consistency and form at the pointy end of the season will win that debate.

    HJH and R Smith are probably the two smokeys, HJH is suffering from swapping positions, so it’ll be interesting to see how the Tahs handle that. And R Smith could finish the season as the 3rd ranked THP IMO.
  6. Up the Guts Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Big boys up front should be fine. Locks are where our depth looks most thin in the pack. Rodda and Lukhan probably our best bet, Swain, Philip, and Hockings are promising but lacking experience. Not sure where Simmons fits into things, maybe he will come good after a slow start.
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  7. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    On history and on form, there's no doubt our locks should be LSL and Rodda. Philip and Neville have the ability, but they're not going to get there without some standout performances (and, in Neville's case, he isn't even starting yet).
  8. Brumbieman John Solomon (38)

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    Still need a forwards coach, and I read quite recently that Fischer has said he's not been approached abut the role.

    That can't seriously be true?

    Saw this today too -
    Fucken kidding me?
  9. wamberal Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Neville has been around for a long while, which is not to say that he won't make the grade. But he reminds me a bit of Luke Jones, and they both played for Manly Marlins. Jones was always a bit more committed and went harder, it seemed to me.
  10. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Brumbies use the two-person model. Dan Palmer manages the set pieces, Laurie Fisher manages the forwards generally. Rory Murphy is still an understudy to both as far as we know.

    Back in 2012, it was widely reported that Mowen and Kimlin ran the lineout without much input from the coaches, and that Palmer ran the scrum. Not unusual to have an effective set piece which isn't run by the forwards coach.
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  11. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Rob Simmons seems very likely to still be in the frame at least this year (behind Rodda and LSL).

    I can't really see Caderyn Neville featuring and I also think Matt Philip has a fair bit of improvement to do to get there.

    I think the field is quite open for a fourth or fifth lock and Darcy Swain and Harry Hockings would have to be solid chances there. I'm certainly becoming more impressed with Swain and am looking forward to Brumby Runner's I told you so posts :D
  12. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    If we're going to bring youngsters into the Wallabies squad at Lock, then we'd be stupid to not have Simmons there to mentor and support them.

    I know we're big believers in "if they're good enough, they're old enough", but I'd really like to see us be patient with the guys we have coming through in Canberra and Queensland. Let them cut their teeth at Super level for a few years while some of the older talented players plug the gap if LSL and Rodda aren't available. Bring the locks in at 24/25 when they're physically, mentally, and technically ready for the rigours of test footy.
  13. wamberal Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Etsebeth and Retallick did okay, both 19 on debut. If they're good enough, and mentally and physically developed enough, they are old enough.
  14. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    "If two of the best locks of the professional era could do it, why not some youngsters just beginning to show promise?" is one hell of a take, haha.

    Agreed that if they're good enough, and mentally and physically developed enough, they are old enough. Disagree that we've seen enough from them to say that they are mentally and physically developed enough.
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  15. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    We are playing Fiji in Townsville on July 18.

    It will be the first time the Wallabies have ever played in North Queensland.
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  16. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Don't deal in them BH. Others seem to remind us generally when my predictions/prognostications come to fruition. I seem to recall even you might have come back on one occasion with acknowledgement of my suggestions that Marnus Labuschagne should have been in the Aussie team prior to the Ashes tour. :):rolleyes:
  17. Micheal Colin Windon (37)

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    Have you seen photos of Etzebeth at 19 years old?

    At that size, he'd be playing Number 5 AND Number 8 for us, simultaneously.

    I'd happily have a 17 year old Etzebeth playing for the Wallabies at this stage.
  18. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    Retallick was 21 on debut and Etzebeth 20 almost 21.
  19. formerflanker Dick Tooth (41)

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    [quote="RoffsChoice, post: 1120126, member: 7262"

    Agreed that if they're good enough, and mentally and physically developed enough, they are old enough..[/quote]
    Two words.
    Mark Loane.
  20. Silverado Trevor Allan (34)

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    What's the rules on imported players in SR? Rebels had too many so had to drop Lomani, who judging by his accent is a Saffa? So one of our 4 franchies has no Australins in tne mix st 9. Hoe many foreigners aee allowed? Does the Giteau law still exist or can players get picked for the Wallabies from OS because they can't get a look in at home?

    Edit. Perhaps wrong thread but I find it annoying

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