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Waratah Shield/Cup 2015

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Boof Ward Prentice (10)

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    Redfield 24 def HVGS 22

    A thriller of a game with 4 tries a piece and only kicks making the difference. The lead changing numerous times but the HVGS boys made many uncharacteristic handling errors that probably cost them the game and Redfield took all opportunities that came off the back of them. Red had some strong running backs while HVGS were much more dominant in the forwards at the breakdown and scum, over powing Red in every scrum and there were lots! due to poor handling errors. HVGS defence was fantastic as Redfield threw everything at them, a rusty prep letting them down in attack, having not trained or played regularly for 6 weeks with holidays and trials. A very lop sided penalty count favoring Redfield was also frustrating even mentioned by Red supporters and players after the game, but the Hunter lads had the chance to seal the match with a long range penalty on full time unfortunately falling short.
    If Redfield are a bench mark in ISA 2, HVGS ( an AICES school ) would certainly be competitive in that comp.
  2. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Kinross are also an AICES School but play in ISA Competitions.

    It sounds like they have a good rugby culture at HVGS, and would be ready to give ISA Div 2 a go. AFAIK in ISA Div 2 a school only needs a 1st XV, and one team in each of the following age groups - 16, 15, 14 and 13.
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  3. CB Set Peter Burge (5)

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    Any predictions for the 2015 Waratah shield final score and who will be important players for each of the teams
  4. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    without having seen either team play, I'd simply observe that this St Augustine's team don't seem as strong as some from the recent past. IIRC Hills Sports High defeated Augs a few years back in this match?

    I suspect this will be close and it wouldn't surprise me to see Hills win.
  5. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Lets hope the ref is strong as last time Hills got away with two vey cheap shots that injured player.
  6. Ben Dover Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Havent seen either teams play ? You seem to have your nose out of joint …. When this auggies team turns up they seem almost unstoppable… Set for a high quality final ! Good Luck to both teams :)
  7. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    What would give you that impression???????:confused:
  8. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    From what I have read heere Hill won a sevens comp the same week they beat Oak Hill I guess they like an open game
    Next Wednesday forecast 30% rain may not be enough to make the game a forwards Match. I doubt the hills pack will be of the dimensions of the last hills team to win the Shield ( i believe with will skelton in the team) it was around 30kg heavier than the waratahs pack that year

    It could end up like the Shute shield final match attacking team v defensive team
  9. Phill Mcgroin Frank Row (1)

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    Match ups.
    The Forwards-
    Hills with size through 1-8 with some power runners and good defenders.
    5 will lead the pack IF he plays. Set piece however, could be exploited and more variation in their line-out is crucial if they want to win their own ball against the Augustines pack.
    St Augustines will match Hills' size with the way they play in terms of physicality and skill. St Augs seem to pride themselves on their set piece and from what I've seen, they rarely loose their own ball and they pick off position ball numerous times.

    The Backs-
    Hills have speed combined with powerful running especially at 13. They seem a very slick back line who will need some shutting down.
    St Augustines #10 creates opportunity for his side and will have to play a big role in getting his side to victory.. A few mistakes early in the semi by augs backs led to an early try to Stannies but quickly made up for it in their defence and attack in the back end of the match.

    Tip.. St Augustines by 8

    First try scorer
    13 @ 5.50
    11 @ 8.20
    5 @ 10.00
    9 @ 13.90

    St Augustines-
    14 @ 6.00
    10 @ 7.50
    4 @ 12.25
  10. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Sounds like it could be a great game. St Augustines are always hard to beat in these finals - no doubt they'll turn up well prepared and ready to play.
  11. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Will any media besides Lee Grant turn up to see the game?
  12. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Where's it played at this year?

    This thread brings back memories of my two Waratah shield campaigns in the 90's. Love it.

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  13. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Is lough injured? No mention of him ? If he's playing he'd be a short fav for first try..
  14. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    AFAIK the final is at TG Milner Field today at 2.15pm.
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  15. Shane Smeltz Fred Wood (13)

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    Shield final kicks off at 2.45pm.
    I believe Lough is fit and playing.

    A wet muddy game - exactly the same as last year. Amazing it can be the same weather to the day, one year later.

    I heard a suggestion that perhaps if it had been hot like it was on Saturday the Hills boys may have suffered with their fitness..but it will not be hot today at 2.45pm.
    Looking forward to a great game!
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  16. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    What game was erindale v redfield then? What's the difference between the Waratah Shield & Cup?

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  17. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Waratah Cup is the most popular, it's targeted at your local school, public or private which doesn't have a big rugby programme. Typically these are local state comprehensives, smaller private schools and local catholic high schools.

    Waratah Shield only gets about 10-12 schools compete these days. Only state sports high schools and ISA div 1 schools and similar schools in Canberra go in it.
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  18. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Ah cool, thanks mate. Much appreciated!
    We played in the Waratah shield in the mid 90s and that was for everyone back then. Mostly CHS schools tho from memory. (We made quarter finals both years FWIW - CHS school too!). I guess these days we probably would've entered the Cup.
    Thanks again mate.

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  19. 10to12 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Auggies by 7. 23-16 IIRC.Exciting game till the end. Auggies stronger across the park but seemed to drop a lot of ball especially in the first half.
  20. Wood Rat Alfred Walker (16)

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    24-16 (hills needed to score twice for last 12 minutes)
    Hills were ahead 16-5 at one point. I think it was that time Augies settled into playing rugby union, winning the set pieces and controlling the breakdowns, they managed to score 3 unanswered tries. A fifth was foiled when the ref caught site of a forward final pass. As has been the nature of this years team the pigs provided enough ball to win two games. The back chose to show how good their pigs were by making them do it again.

    Hills outside backs always looked threatening but we're well shut down by the augies hard back line defence, as an augies supporter I didn't feel comfortable until the last two minutes.
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