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Where to for Twiggy Rugby?

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by dru, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Thinking about this, if the Force join a new Indo pacific competition, what is different from the two sa teams cut who joined pro 12 and was sanctioned by saru and hence those players still eligible for springbok selection. No brainer that Force team as part of new Indo pacific Comp would have to be sanctioned by the ARU.

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  2. Omar Comin' Desmond Connor (43)

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    Presumably the same players for the Force in the Indo-Pacific tournament can play for the Spirit (or some other team) in the NRC as well. And anyone playing in the NRC would be eligible for selection, right?
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  3. Blazing Saddles Chris McKivat (8)

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    [q. Daily telegraph saying no way players who play for the rebel league will ARU allow them to be eligible for wallabies.

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    No different now to the 100s of players who are fleeing the ARU ship to ply their trade overseas. Unfortunately if you are not connected to 1 or 2 clubs on the East Coast your chances are very limited. Not enough quality for 5 teams??
    Maybe the ARU have lost the dressing room. I for 1 have switched allegiance from the Sorrytahs to the might of the Force.
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  4. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Thinking this through I think the telegraph is wrong as given Force and wa as a region no longer part of super rugby they are like the two sa teams who have every right to join a new competition and still be eligible for wallaby selection. As given saru provided the two sa teams with a soft landing could you imagine the outcry if the ARU denied the Force and wa rugby their own soft landing. As if they did that would have to be the final nail in the ARU coffin. The ARU will sanction the force's involvement and players involved in a new rugby competition as would not make any sense not to.

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  5. dru Paul McLean (56)

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  6. Strewthcobber Paul McLean (56)

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    Under the current eligibility rules you have to have a commitment with a Super Rugby side to be eligible for the Wallabies. NRC isn't enough.

    Easy enough to make those changes though to what is a pretty arbitrary rule at the moment.

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  7. dru Paul McLean (56)

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    That's sort of the way that it is working in SA - Kings missed the Premier Division of Currie Cup on previous qualification basis ()they were no longer protected in the top flight). Cheetahs continue to play in the Currie Cup. Of course they started well, but now that there A team is in Europe we can expect their success to wane in CC.

    As I understand it, the Saffer Pro14 players are also available for the Boks. Nothing from the Kings at present, and I don't think there are many (any?) Cheetahs at the moment, but in theory they are available.
  8. chibimatty Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    If the ARU have foresight, they won't view this as a breakaway, but rather a new way to establish an Australian-based "domestic" or "national" competition.
  9. Tex Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Wallabies eligibility isn't going to be a barrier to the club and its performance, per se. They won't be facing NZ/SA teams so the exodus of blokes with national ambitions probably won't cruel them in the long run. Sure, the top players will probably head to another Super Rugby 'franchise' (spew in my mouth typing that), but Perth will have semi-pro rugby with huge international exposure in new markets.

    ARU would be so monumentally stupid not to leverage any advantage re. player availability that they can. They've won their way in the worst possible manner, I really hope they don't bulldoze the bridges they burnt along the way.

    Start by changing the eligibility rules to allow anyone based in an Australian club to be available - bring a bit of romance back and give a broader local pathway.
  10. TOCC Guest

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    Unfortunately that's not how the egoes at the ARU operate.
    Even if this competition is determined to have benefits for Australian Rugby, the ARU will see the lack of control over the new comp and reduced power as a threat to their own existence and egoes, and will subsequently present roadblocks and attempt to make life difficult for it at all turns.

    ARU haven't being the custodian of the game with best vested interests for a long time.
  11. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    If they're not idiots, what you do is say:

    "Beginning in 2018, To be Eligible to play for the Wallabies in Year 20XX, you must sign/be assigned to an NRC side, and make yourself available to train and play in the event you are both uninjured and not selected for International duty."

    And that wraps up everything in a nice little package.

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  12. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Well where is the ARU's soft landing for the Western Force like the two saffa teams cut from Super Rugby were given. Unless the ARU provides an alternative soft landing for the WA region imo they have no choice but to sanction the Force and WA region joining another competition. Otherwise is effectively a restraint of trade. Particularly as looks like in region SANZAAR does not represent. If the ARU don't sanction it given the SA precedent with how their two teams were cut and found a soft landing, it would have to be the final straw for many to try and find how they can support the ARU.
  13. TOCC Guest

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    They don't have one. SARU played ARU and SANZAAR for fools, ARU are too incompetent to effectively plan.

    I don't think they will stand in the way of sanctioning it, but they certainly won't be going out of their way to accomodate anything which challenges their power and influence
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  14. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Exactly and hence why they can't deny TF creating one for WA and the Force. WA Rugby and the Western Force have every right to enter a new team in a new competition that is played in regions outside of SANZAAR current SR regions. The ARU should applaud such an initiative and not provide any roadblocks which includes denying wallaby eligibility for any player who plays for the new WA team involved in this competition.
  15. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    The plans to set up this new comp look very real..do some research on people TF got involved to set this up with his administrative structure.

    Eugenie Buckley, Stuart Taggert, Ian Alker, Rob Mcquade.

    Pretty exciting times for rugby with seeing what might transpire with this new competition as looks more than pipedream but real planning with some heavy hitters behind it to make it happen.

    Surprised the press not cottoned onto who is involved etc.
  16. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    From what I'm hearing this comp will be interesting, but very hard to sustain due to geographic spread. There are some significant backers interested though.
  17. Rugbynutter39 Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Yes travel and logistics is major challenge to my mind which could be the hurdle that needs to overcome as we know how much damage this has done to SR..
  18. kiap Paul McLean (56)

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    via Burgs@TWF
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  19. Ignoto Dick Tooth (41)

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    Maybe it has something to do with over a decade of mediocirty in all facets of Rugby in Australia. From results and the way the game was/is run, people have just grown up expecting the worse and being surprised when something good happens.

    It's probably best summarised from this line in Shawshank

    In any event, I have my own reservations about Twiggy. I hope he isn't just blowing hot air, but something feels like this is just pure speculation by him. When something actually concrete comes around, I'll start believing!
  20. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    A convicted white collar criminal looking after governance. Great start.

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