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  1. Ballboy

    Rebels 2021

    where is Link ,,he is/was a Melbourne person IIRC
  2. Ballboy

    NSW AAGPS 2021

    When did Waverley change the firsts jumper ?
  3. Ballboy

    Rebels 2021

    Justin Harrison for new coach of Rebels , someone has to be able to make the team " click " as swingpass says ,, has my vote
  4. Ballboy

    Round 5: Rebels v Tahs - Friday 19/3, AAMI Park, 7:45pm AEDT

    Ili needs to stand up and be counted this week, as far as far as i have seen he has just been making up the numbers , ok in defence but needs to be another threat in attack
  5. Ballboy

    NSW CAS Rugby 2021

    To be fair i only asked for the QP games ,, would be interested in trials at QP as well though
  6. Ballboy

    NSW CAS Rugby 2021

    great thanks for that V Knox is always a good game i was in Sydney a few years ago and got to see Waverley destroy them to win the comp ,, the Knox supporters near me were tut tutting about the behavior of the old boys on the sideline , ha ha
  7. Ballboy

    NSW CAS Rugby 2021

    is the Waverley schedule known yet ? am considering meeting my brother from Qld ( also an ob ) in Sydney and going to a match at QP ,, if not yet would someone advise when known to help with planning ,, thank you
  8. Ballboy

    Bledisloe #4 New Zealand vs Australia Nov 7 2020

    form his performance in the first go i dont think Tom Banks is up to it at this level he really didnt do anything ,, DHP is much better in my opinion , i do think though this centers pairing could develop into something good ,,
  9. Ballboy

    Bledisloe # 3 - Saturday 31st October, ANZ Stadium

    The Blacks make very good inroads and stretch defenses by using the offload brilliantly , it commits defenders , creates momentum and creates space for fast , straight runners .. it is my thought that to combat it the Wallabies need to change the way they tackle, in close up front in hard with...
  10. Ballboy

    Super Rugby AU Round 10 - Rebels v Force, 3.00pm AEST Sat 5th September

    Just hope the Rebels take field goals / penalties when in range and not getting through the defense , against Reds was ridiculous ,plenty of points on offer we scored none
  11. Ballboy

    Highlanders v Rebels, RD 5 - 28th Feb

    Great and historic win , but without wanting to be dismal dora , Rebels could have done a lot better , just scraped in with two intercepts ,, the amount of ball we dropped and mostly in their 22 and some of the penalties were terrible ,, Koriobete seems prone to give away penalties recently ...
  12. Ballboy

    Super Rugby Rd2 2020: Brumbies v Rebels

    The Rebels serving up the same old rubbish from the past few years , will struggle to win a match ,, Brumbies should give them a hiding ,, I say this with tears running down my legs they have the list and the coach came with good form but we get nothing,, very sad
  13. Ballboy

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    FWIW i would have DHP rather than AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) ,, Genia off the bench last week brought great momentum could be his go from now on ,, there are not many bigger games to make your debut , Eden Park , Darkness down 1 zip and out for Wallaby blood ,, great test wish him every success
  14. Ballboy

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    Darkness will come with revenge in their hearts and we will need to have our defence to gold standard , no more letting them slice through without a hand laid on them ,, plus dont give them the ball ,, dont kick it away all night , dont drop it in silly handling errors , when we held the ball...
  15. Ballboy

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    From history we will get thrashed by 50 points in NZ ,, just the way it goes , my simple minded suggestion is dont give them the fkn ball , if you keep turning it over or kicking it to them they will beat you , plus the referees will always ( mostly ) penalise the defenders .. did you see Beale...