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All Blacks v Springboks - Eden Park, Sept 14th 2013

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Alfred Walker (16)
first card was an absolute joke. second card, well he's been doing that shit for a while and i am very happy someone has carded him for it.

Can someone explain how this guy is even reffing this game though? Why in Internationals do we have muppets who never ref a super rugby game all of sudden being in control of #1 vs #2. Its mind boggling.

The Rant

Fred Wood (13)
how is clown still on contract. as long as he's not making decisions against ABs he'll get away with this


Peter Sullivan (51)
Anyone else see thr ball feed to the locks feet in that last scrum fuck me poite u are a disgrace

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First yellow not a shoulder charge? Second keep it down fend with the hand... careless. ..gone

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
This will be a real test of Saffer character.

M. Poite will overtake Bryce Lawrence as the most unwelcome visitor to the Republic.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Poite, you are an absolute clown! Congratulations on ruining what could have been a great game of rugby.


Dave Cowper (27)
What a crying shame.. Was so excited about this game and it's been ruined.

They couldn't find an Australian ref better than this French clown??

IRB are amateurs.

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Cyril Towers (30)
If the ABs hang on to win, do they get any more points in the irb rankings? My IBM supercomputer can't work out the IRB convoluted system
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