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All Blacks v Springboks - Eden Park, Sept 14th 2013

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Ted Fahey (11)
Random facts about the ref - ex-cop and it's his birthday today (38), handed out 9 yellow cards in the 8 matches he has refereed, not including today.


Ted Fahey (11)
well a saffa or kiwi ref would do me

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Yeah, there are 4 countries in the comp, wouldn't be too difficult to have every game reff'd by a neutral Southern hemisphere ref...probably cheaper as well.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
That should be a Yellow Card against the Saffers for lifting their mate beyond the horizontal and not bringing him to ground safely.

Do the Laws allow someone to be penalised for being unsafe against their own team?


Jim Lenehan (48)
I have to say that Poite is usually good. Not today. I'd say he owes South Africa 14 points an a world class hooker.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Well the saffas have crashed heavy back to earth after this drumming... Looking at the score line like most folk do outside GNG

AB's are just to good, from there quick clean out, to there perfect body height.
I think mid week training video for the rest of the comp should not be analysing how to beat them but how they play the game.
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